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GENERIC E-BOOKS - Advantages
E-Books offer unique functionalities (search and navigation tools)
which are unavailable and inapplicable to the print version, i.e.
full text searching
E-Books make available content to many people at the same time
E-Books are accessible 24/7
E-Books offer remote access outside the physical library
E-Books allow for copying and pasting of texts and images
E-Books provide longer terms of physical use. For example, in
print, popular encyclopedias, professional and reference books
become frayed and fall apart quickly and have to be replaced
(additional copies need to be ordered).
E-Books are never lost, stolen or overdue.
E-Books require no shelf space or reshelving.
Annual Costs of Book Storage and Access
Cost Per
Cost Per Use
Construction, utilities
& maintenance
Equipment & supplies
1. These costs are based on the cost of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the
University of Toronto
2. Construction costs are based on the 1999 library construction project at the
University at Albany
3. The cost per use is derived by dividing the cost by the number of requests for the
D-Lib Magazine, February 2000, Volume 6 Number 2 ISSN 1082-9873 - The Cost of Print, Fiche,
and Digital Access / The Early Canadian Online Project
GENERIC E-BOOKS – Print versus E-Books
In case studies e-books are used more than print versions of the same
title. “In 1999, nearly three times as many scholars clicked on the
average online monograph book as circulated its print version.” [Columbia
University Online Books Evaluation Project, 1995 to 1999]
In an in-depth research study conducted by Duke University Libraries over
a period of 16 moths beginning in 2001, e-books received 11 percent more
usage than comparable print books.
 Of the titles that were used in print or e-book, 39 percent were used
in both formats.
 34 percent were used in e-book only and 27 percent were used in print
only suggesting that some patrons were using e-books and print books
for different purposes, e.g., and e-book for quick reference, but a
print book for intensive reading.
 Both e-books and print books were used in proportion to their subject
representation in the study. Most top subjects, social sciences,
business, and literature were used about as much in print as in e-book
format. Titles in education, medicine, psychology, and computers
were used more in e-format than in print.
Above derived from a report entitled A CIRCULATION ANALYSIS OF PRINT BOOKS AND E-BOOKS
IN AN ACADEMIC RESEARCH LIRARY, Justin Littman-Information Technology Specialist, Library
of Congress, and Lynn Spilipigni Connaway-Consulting Research Scientist III, OCLC Online
Computer Library Center, Inc.
Are a key component of subject area solutions:
There are leading titles in core clinical practice areas (e.g., Harrison’s Principles
of Internal Medicine, Devita’s Cancer, Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Danforth’s
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology)
Growing collection of titles in the Life and Biomedical Sciences area (e.g., Fields
Virology, Manual of Clinical Problems in Infectious Diseases, Biomedical Safety
and Standards, etc.)
Growing collection of titles in the Behavioral & Social Sciences area (Guide to
Neuropsychiatric Therapeutics, Handbook of Cognitive Hypnotherapy for
Depression, etc.)
Offer an easy to use platform for books:
Easy chapter browsing
Natural Language searching
Integration with other institutional resources be they from Ovid or other
publishers and Information Providers
Provide flexible pricing models:
Subscription model, particularly useful for frequently updated titles; Martindale:
The Complete Drug Reference, Goroll’s Primary Care Medicine, A-Z Drug Facts,
Purchase model, particularly useful for an institution’s most used/popular titles,
titles with new editions published every three years or more.
OVID E-BOOKS – Bestsellers
The top 5 books from Ovid for the past three years:
Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice
Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine
Kaplan & Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of
Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology
Martindale’s Complete Drug Reference
Ovid E-Books - Customers
Academic Libraries – Reference
Deakin University (Australia)
Illinois / Wisconsin Consortia
University of Sydney
University of Oslo
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hospitals – Reference sites
Osakidetza- Servicio de Salud
Vasco (Spain)
Consejería Sanidad de la
Comunidad de Madrid
Crozer-Chester Medical Center
Greenwich Hospital (Connecticut)
Florida Hospital-Orlando
Medical Academic Libraries –
Reference sites
Dalhousie University (Canada)
Dicle University (Turkey)
Queen's University--Kingston
Landspitali University Hospital
Northwestern University
University of Witwatersrand
(South Africa)
Hebrew University (Israel)
Aristotle University (Greece)
Pharmas – Reference sites
Clinical Dynamics
OVID E-BOOKS - Specifics
At present over 1150 books available for subscription, of which 796 are available
for purchase.
 Subscription model:
- Concurrent users or site license and access for specific duration
- Includes all updates and new editions released during subscription period
 Purchase model – site license and access for unlimited duration
- Includes current edition, the content is not refreshed
Two new publishers were added in 2007: Humana Press & Springer
Ovid E-Books also include OUP, McGraw-Hill, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins (LWW),
Facts & Comparisons, Pharmaceutical Press, and WEB MD Professional Publishing
Springer & OUP titles have been added to the purchase model list of books which
previously offered only LWW titles
Offers complete integration with journals & databases – citation to full text article
or to book and vice versa
Counter Statistics
OVID E-BOOKS – Benefits
Pages numbered
Easily print sections and subsections within chapters using
PrintPreview to output text along with the book and chapter
identifying information
Email or save sections or chapters of a book
JumpStart(s) for linking to books from your Online catalog,
courseware, intranet and other web enabled applications
Support multiple search styles for experts as well as novices: look
in your favorite titles only, drill down into the TOC, and link from
the back of the book index
Browse books by title and by subject
Search books together with journals and databases
Ovid tools such as document ordering, personal accounts, Ask a
Librarian, and statistics
OVID E-BOOKS – News on New
New Purchase Book collections for LWW titles:
Doody’s All Reviewed Collection 2007 (153 titles) – Star Reviews
Doody’s Core Titles 2007 (117 titles) – Core Titles
Doody’s Essential Titles 2007 (39 titles)– Essential titles
Replacing the late Brandon-Hill Selected Lists, Doody Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1993,
has become the leading source of authoritative, unbiased, and timely evaluations
of newly published books and software in the health sciences. Launched in 2004, Doody’s
Core Titles (DCT) in the Health Sciences covers 121 specialties. Aimed primarily at
medical, nursing, and allied health librarians around the world who are charged with
making the book buying decisions for their libraries within budget guidelines. A core title
is a book or software title that represents essential knowledge needed by professionals or
students in a given discipline and is highly recommended for the collection of
a library that serves health sciences specialists.
Book Review
reviewed by
by Doody’s
Doody’s Book
title that
that represents
Titles– –highly
recognized book
book or
or software
software title
Titles– –seen
as ‘essentail’
‘essential’ purchase
purchase recommendations
a library
an an
recommendationsinina aspecialty
a library
OVID E-BOOKS – News on New
LWW MEDICAL BOOKS COLLECTION - (All non-textbooks from LWW) comprising 343
books. Available for ala carte subscription or purchase, or purchase of the entire
As in the case of the Doody Collections, Ovid is now using the following model for
pricing of the purchase books:
 Book ranking: LWW ranks its books as A+, A, B, or C titles
 A+ titles will be 2.5x print
 A titles will be 2x print
 B titles will be 1x print
 C titles will be 1x print
 Size of institution:
 Small institutions: 1.25x print
 Medium: 2x print
 Large: 3x print
 Small Hospital--less than 250 beds, Universities less than 5000 FTEs (without a
medical school) and Community Colleges in the US/ Further Education in the UK less
than 10,000.
 Medium Hospital --250-999 beds; Universities 5000-14,999 FTEs (without
medical school); Community Colleges in the US/Further Education in the UK 10,000
 Large Hospital-- 1000 plus beds; University more than 14,999 FTEs and any university
with a medical school
OVID E-BOOKS – Coming Soon
Coming soon – Oxford Handbook Collection
New publishers (e.g., Jones & Bartlett - college texts, professional and
reference books )
Hundreds of new & updated titles from Springer, Humana, LWW, OUP,
– NEW: Paediatric Nephrology (OUP), Bennett & Brachman's Hospital
Infections (LWW), Maingot's Abdominal Operations (McGraw-Hill)
– Updated: Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (Q2), Clinical
Anesthesia (Q2), Review of Natural Products (Q4), Fundamental
Immunology (Q2)
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