Pío Pista
El caso de la familia secreta
El caso de la familia secreta
Where did we leave off from the last case?
Do you think María is
Faithful to ORDEN?
A double-agent?
Playin’ for the other team now?
What do you know about Perú?
Do you know any oldies? Classic pop songs?
Capítulo 1, página 8
¿Cómo va Pío a Perú?
Find the line that says: The grandmother knows more
about María Malinche and her connection with
How is Pío supposed to find the grandmother?
How is the letter to be disposed of?
How’d it taste?
Capítulo 2, página 8-10
Have you ever heard “Come fly with me”?
How about “El Condor Pasa”?
What is Quechua?
How does this guitar player know Pío’s name?
What is the secret code now?
The father assumed Pío meant Cerro Azul instead of
Código azul. What is Cerro Azul?
Capítulo 3, página 10
Trick question: What is the grandmother’s name?
The father calls his guinea pig “cena”. What does that
Find the line that says: I need to save the poor animal.
How does Pío get the guinea pig?
Do you think people really eat guinea pigs in Perú?
Capítulo 4, página 11-12
Do you know Surfin’ Safari?
Do you surf? Does Cerro Azul seem like a cool place to
What’s the problem with Pío going to the coast?
What activities does Pío observe at the beach?
Do llamas and guinea pigs really surf?
Do you get the song reference at the end of the
Capítulo 5, página 12
How does Pío try to get María’s attention?
Can someone here act out Pío’s part?
Find the line that says: I breathe quickly
Does Pío drown?
What happened at the paragraph break?
Who saved Pío? Did she also save the guinea pig?
So who is this Marta?
Capítulo 6, página 12-13
Are you suspicious of a possible double-agent who has
an identical twin sister?
How does Pío test to see whether Marta is a doubleagent?
Why won’t Pío tell Marta his name?
Are there any identical twins in your school? Can you
tell them apart? Do they ever switch and attend the
other twin’s classes?
Capítulo 7, página 14
Does Pío actually ride the llama?
So if Pío is walking, what is the llama there for?
What joke does Marta say for the reason behind
blindfolding Pío?
Find the phrase: I go forward
Who is watching Pío while he’s in the living room
What is the threat used to keep Pío from removing the
Capítulo 8, página 15-16
What does Abuela look like?
Has this Code Blue thing gone too far now?
So who is Abuela really?
What other people did María disguise herself as?
Why is María’s life in danger?
Did Pío get enough information?
What made Pío drop to the floor?
Informe, página 16-17
Once again, what information does Pío hold back?
Is the past tense getting easier to read?

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