The World in the Lens of
Global Television
Assoc. Prof. Maria Neykova, PhD
Faculty of Journalism and Mass
Communication, Sofia University
We need news to live our lives, to
defend ourselves, to connect with each
other, and to identify friends and foes.
Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel in “The
Elements of Journalism”
Knowing about the world is not a luxury;
it is an urgent necessity.
A Boston Globe foreign correspondent
As globalisation has intertwined nations,
communities, and businesses ever more
tightly, the number of problems that
cannot be solved by any one country –
not even a superpower – on its own has
soared. […] This gap between the
growing need for joint international
action and the declining ability of
nations to act together may be the
world’s most dangerous deficit.
Moisés Naim in FT
MEDIA: International? Transnational?
Global? Truly global?
One definition of globalisation:
A historical process involving a
fundamental shift of transformation in
the spatial scale of human social
organization that links distant
communities and expands the reach
of power relations across regions and
The Globalization of World Politics, Oxford Univ. Press 2011
Global media Network of public (state) or privately funded
media, broadcasting news that cross
national borders, reaching many parts of
the world and thus forming a global
information flow; as they transport and
globally spread ideas and information,
they create ideas about what other people,
cultures, religions, countries, continents
are, meaning they work for the collective
Global media
Global media are characterized by
simultaneously developing
advanced sense of global
solidarity – they act as agents of
homogenization, and reinforce
disparity – heterogeneity.
International news production is
expensive and especially foreign TV
reporting requires big money.
There is a small group of countries that
maintain a strong investment in
international broadcasting and it includes
the United States, UK, China, Qatar,
Russia, Iran, several Latin American
governments with Venezuela as the
largest shareholder, France, Germany.
• There is no internationally
standardised measuring system
for international broadcasters, so
broadcasters’ own estimates have
to be relied upon.
CNN International
• Website:
• Start: Sept. 1st, 1985
• CNN about itself: “…the only U.S.
cable news organization committed to
worldwide newsgathering and
reporting a broad range of stories
without picking sides”.
CNN International logo
Actual logo
CNN International logo from January 1
2006 to September 21 2009
CNN International logo from February 1
1995 to December 31 2005
CNN International
• Ten years later, the site is launched.
• The popularity of CNN is associated
with the coverage of Operation
"Desert Storm" in 1991.
• CNN reaches 132 million households
globally (as of 2011).
Al Jazeera English
The satellite channel started on 15.11.2006.
The exact budget is not known, but it is
said that Qatar spends “hundreds of
millions of dollars a year” for the channel.
The potential worldwide audience is of over
a billion people that speak English, whose
perspective is not Anglo-American.
• Al Jazeera English website receives 22
million visits every month.
• Al Jazeera Network has
more than 70 bureaus
across the globe, the majority
in the Southern hemisphere,
incl. in Gaza and Harare.
Al Jazeera English
• Mission: To be the voice of the people, the
voice of the Middle East, “the voice of the
• Motivation: to take audience from CNN,
BBC, Sky News and Fox News; to seek
and display the topics ignored by the
West-oriented media.
Al Jazeera English
• Qatar, whose al-Jazeera network has
become a familiar player on the
international broadcasting scene, is
currently rolling out a new U.S.
operation with former ABC
newswoman Kate O’Brian at the
helm. She is the president of Al
Jazeera America which was launched
on August 20, 2013.
BBC World
The BBC’s World Service, long considered
the gold standard of international
broadcasting, has undergone massive
cutbacks in recent years.
(The BBC encompasses both the national
broadcaster, which has an independent
board of governors and a budget based on
license fees for radio and television sets,
and the BBC World Service, which is
underwritten and directed by the British
Foreign Office.)
BBC World
• International commercial news channel,
which appeared in 1991.
Offers news and analysis in 27 languages​​.
BBC World News is the 24-hour
international news channel of the BBC in
English, which could be accessed in more
than 200 countries and territories around
the globe. Weekly audience is estimated
at 74 million, making it the largest
television service of the BBC.
Euronews / euronews
• The channel was created in 1992, but its
start was on Jan. 1, 1993. This is the first
channel that transmits 24 hours a day in 7
languages​:​ French, Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, German, English and
This is the longest existing pan-European
channel which is believed to reach 200
million households worldwide.
Euronews partnerships
France is among several European
nations that have their own international
information services.
France24 started in Dec. 2006 with an annual
budget of 100 million dollars.
It is a global news channel owned by the public
electronic operator and TF1; offers services in
French, English, and Arabic.
France24 is often seen as France's part in the
fight against the global dominance of the U.S.
• Beijing spent a reported £4bn on
expanding state media. CCTV’s budget is
• CCTV is unique in its extensive resources
and its ties to the Chinese government:
the most dynamic economic power in the
world today, and one with an ever-growing
appetite for global influence.
• CCTV’s Washington bureau has a staff of
30 covering its Chinese-language service,
and more than 100 in its English-language
operation, 70 of them non-Chinese. It
currently has 12 Latin American bureaus –
doubled over the period 2012-2013 – at a
time when no U.S. television network has
• The global CCTV was envisioned by
its architects not as a rival to the
Voice of America and the BBC World
Service, but rather as a challenge to
CCTV’s English-language news and
documentaries are dramatically
improving. A new generation of
broadcast journalists has emerged.
These reporters, some trained in
China and some in the US, often
approach their stories with far more
independence and professionalism
than their predecessors – even if they
do have to respect certain “no-go
Iran’s Press TV, launched in July
2007, presents a highly politicized
English-language 24-hour news
• The channel started with the ambition to
offer the West “second look.”
It was funded by former President
Press TV was seen as a political response
of a government under siege by the Bush
junior administration. After the elections in
both countries the situation has changed,
still difficult to tell which direction.
RT (the network formerly known as
Russia Today) was founded in Dec.
2005 to improve the country’s image
abroad. It is financed by the Russian
government and currently broadcasts
in Arabic, English, Russian, and
Spanish. RT America is broadcasting
from a Washington, DC studio.
• It is believed that annually the channel
costs between 30 and 40 million dollars
• RT has 22 bureaus in 19 countries and
territories, with a presence in Washington,
New York, London, Berlin, Gaza, Cairo,
Baghdad and other key cities and employs
over 1000 media professionals around the
• The beginning was on July 24, 2005
with a 4-hour program, which became
24-hour in October the same year.
• This is the first news network that
reaches throughout Latin America.
TeleSur, based in Caracas, is available in
Spanish and Portuguese. It is owned by a
consortium of Latin American
governments, the largest shareholder of
which is Venezuela.
It has served as a mouthpiece for the
policies of late president Hugo Chavez,
and its future will depend on the direction
of post-Chavez Venezuela.
About us: Started from Camerapix in Sept.
2008, Africa24 Media is a Pan-African online
media agency that connects the rest of the
world with content production resources and
information from and about Africa …
Africa24 Media is the place that Africa and the
rest of the world are coming to be able to
cover the entire continent and tell of the magic
that Africa inspires…
Africa 24 Media
• Creator is the photojournalist and
entrepreneur Salim Amin. Headquarters is
in Nairobi, Kenya.
• Mission – to provide news and information
on cross-border issues, mostly related to
health, environment, business, art, music,
while does not avoid the problems of the
Follows the model of Al Jazeera.
Africa Independent Television
Corporate Objective …sharing the African
AIT is motivated by uniquely altruistic aim to promote
and methodically project Africa from an African
perspective. AIT offers the world a new insight into
the African experience. The mission is to enhance
global understanding through an untainted
appreciation of the world and its people.

The World in the Lense of Global Television