Professor Hoswali J. Madu was a wise unknown
scholar from a city not noted on any map, Tuillen.
That same city once contained years ago, a wealthy
king who had a great supply of Gold. The professor
found the place where the Gold is. So he told the
world about his amazing discovery but in order to find
the treasure you have to answer some questions.
Professor Hoswali died before he could tell the
answers to the questions. Can you answers all the
questions and find the treasure. Or will you fail? Let’s
find out.
Capitals Monuments Languages
People Religions
Capitals: 200
What is the capital of Egypt?
A. Delhi
B. Thebes
C. Cairo
D. Paris
Capitals: 400
What is the capital of China?
A. Tokyo
B. Beijing
C. Brasilia
D. Sofia
Capitals: 600
What is the capital of Dominican
A. Santo Domingo
B. Santa Maria
C. Suva
D. Nassau
Capitals: 800
What is the capital of Cape
A. Sarajevo
B. Phnom Penh
C. Ottawa
D. Praia
Capitals : 1000
What is the capital of Swaziland?
A. Bern
B. Honiara
C. Mbabane
D. SiSwati
Monuments: 200
Which monument was originally made in
France, but was a gift to another
country abroad?
A. Arc de Triomphe
B. The Statue of Liberty
C. Colosseum
D. Amphitheatre Flavius
Monuments: 400
Which monument is different from other
buildings and is where Galileo Galleli
tested how mass affects speed?
A. Tower of Pisa
B. Eiffel Tower
C. Colosseum
D.Taj Mahal
Monuments: 600
Which monument was made in prehistoric
time, is in the continent of Europe, and
consist of many stones?
A. Great Wall of China
B. Acropolis in Athens
C. Stonehenge
D. Washington Monument
Monuments: 800
Which monument was made by the Caliphs, is the third
largest monument in the world, and is the the most
beautiful building in all of Spain?
A. Great Mosque of Cordoba
B. Granada’s Alhambra Palace
C. Cathedral in Barcelona
D. Puerta Alcala
Monuments : 1000
Which monument is a treasure of Tibertan
history, religion, culture, and arts?
A. The Dhammakaya Cetiya
B. Shore Temple
C. Potala Palace
D. Statue of Bahubali
Languages: 200
What language do people from Ireland speak?
A. Malay
B. Arabic
C. Irish
D. French
Languages: 400
What language do people from Nigeria speak?
A. Fulani
B. Niamey
C. Oslo
D. Koror
Languages: 600
What language do people from Macedonia speak?
A. Slovak
B. Albanian
C. German
D. Russian
What language do people from Slovakia speak?
A. Hungarian
B. Slovenian
C. Melanesian
D. Siswati
Languages: 1000
What language do people from Malaysia Speak?
A. Malayalam
B. Maltese
C. Chinese Dialects
D. Moldovan
People: 200
I was the last Russian tsar from 1894 to 1917…
A. Wudi
B. Charlemagne
C. Livy
D. Nicholas II
People: 400
I was a U.S. naval officer who sailed to Japan in 1853 with a demand that
Japanese ports be opened to U.S. trade…
A. Lalibela
B. Perry, Matthew
C. Khufu
D. Erasmus
People: 600
I was a navigator and ship captain who explored and claimed land in Australia
for England in 1770…
A. Watt, James
B. Yoritomo
C. Sinan
D. Cook, James
People: 800
I was a Polish labor leader who became the first
president of democratic Poland in 1990…
A. Walesa, Lech
B. Paul
C. Pericles
D. Moses
People: 1000
I was a Italian monk who founded the Franciscan order;
he devoted his life to serving the poor and sick…
A. Elizabeth I
B. Louis XVI
C. Diocletian
D. Francis of Assisi
Religion: 200
What religion does Sapna and Rashi have?
A. Buddism
B. Jainism
C. Christianity
D. Hinduism
Religion: 400
What religion shares a common cultural tradition
whose liturgy is also traditionally conducted in
Korine Greek?
A. Hellenic Polytheistic Reconstructionism
B. Greek Orthodox
C. Hellenistic religion
D. Platonic idealism
Religion: 600
Which religion is based on the teachings of the
prophet Muhammad?
A. Islam
B. Judaism
C. Platonic idealism
D. Hellenistic religion
Religion: 1000
What religion was founded in the early 20th century,
this religion is based around so-called “prophet
healing” churches in Africa.
A. Jainism
B. Aladura
C. Cao Dai
D. Falun Gong
You are getting far from the treasure
You are getting closer to the treasure!
Which religion does not have a founder,
nor does it have sacred scriptures?
A. Zoroastrianism
B. Yoruba
C. Mandaeism
D. Shinto
Oh no! That’s the wrong answer. I
guess you don’t get the treasure now.
Well at least you some of the points you
already got.
Oh no! That’s the wrong answer, I guess you don’t get the treasure. Well, at
least you get some points from answering the question.
P.S.- To the people who are watching this, this was just a game.
So there was no actual treasure! HaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, I forget to tell you. This a game and the treasure is not real.
If you thought it was real you can at least look at it.

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