Exodus 34:10-11 (NIV)
the LORD said: “I am
making a covenant with you.
Before all your people I will do
wonders never before done in any
nation in all the world. The people
you live among will see how
awesome is the work that I, the
LORD, will do for you. 11Obey what
I command you today. I will drive
out before you the Amorites,
Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites,
Hivites and Jebusites.
Éxodo 34:10-11 (NVI)
el pacto que hago contigo —
respondió el SEÑOR—. A la vista de
todo tu pueblo haré maravillas que
ante ninguna nación del mundo han
sido realizadas. El pueblo en medio del
cual vives verá las imponentes obras
que yo, el SEÑOR, haré por ti. 11Por lo
que a ti toca, cumple con lo que hoy te
mando. Echaré de tu presencia a los
amorreos, cananeos, hititas, ferezeos,
heveos y jebuseos.
Exodus 34:12-14 (NIV)
careful not to make a treaty
with those who live in the land
where you are going, or they will
be a snare among you. 13Break
down their altars, smash their
sacred stones and cut down their
Asherah poles. 14Do not worship
any other god, for the LORD,
whose name is Jealous, is a
jealous God.
Éxodo 34:12-14 (NVI)
mucho cuidado de no hacer
ningún pacto con los habitantes de la
tierra que vas a ocupar, pues de lo
contrario serán para ti una trampa.
13Derriba sus altares, y haz pedazos
sus piedras sagradas y sus imágenes
de la diosa Aserá. 14No adores a otros
dioses, porque el SEÑOR es muy
celoso. Su nombre es Dios celoso.
Paul’s three part argument against
eating food offered to idols
in an idol temple
Love’s argument- Chapter 8,9
Argument from History- Chapter 10:1-13
Theological argument- 10:14-22
Theological argument
What we do with our bodies matters- (10:14,15)
The example of the Lord’s Supper and of the OT
sacrificial system- (10:16-18)
There is no middle ground- (10:19, 20)
God is a jealous God- (10:21, 22)
What we do with our bodies matter
The prohibition of 10:14
mirrors the prohibition of 6:18
10:14 “flee from
6:18 “Flee from
10:16,17- The Lord’s
Supper represents
that we are one body
with Christ.
6:15-17- Your bodies
are members of
Christ; you cannot
become one body
with a prostitute.
The example of the Lord’s Supper
and of the OT sacrificial system
“We cannot partake the Lord’s Supper as
detached observers just as we cannot
eat in the idol temple as neutral
“We cannot partake the Lord’s Supper in
isolation of our fellow believers just as
we cannot eat in the idol temple without
being affected by fellow worshippers.”
(David Garland)
There is no middle ground
“When men become so vain in their
imaginations as to render divine honor to
creatures, rather than to the one God, this
punishment is in readiness for them — that
they serve Satan.” “For they do not find that
“middle place” that they are in search of,
but Satan straightway presents himself to
them, as an object of adoration, whenever
they have turned their back upon the true
God.” (John Calvin)
God is a jealous God
“Will you continue eating at both meals,
and thus arouse the Lords’ jealousy, as
Israel did in the desert?” (Gordon Fee)
Paul does not warn the Corinthians
against the power of demons but against
the jealousy of the LORD.

Hebrews 9:24-28 (N.I.V.)