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OPN Specialized
Kimberly Lasseter, Global OPN Programs
Worldwide Alliances & Channels
January, 2011
Partners are Critical to Oracle’s Success
More than 40% of
Oracle Revenue Worldwide
is through partners
More than 80% of
Oracle Transactions Worldwide
are through partners
Oracle + Sun
Complete, Open, Integrated Systems
Customer Benefits:
• Open and standards-based
• Innovation delivered faster
• Better performance, reliability, security
• Shorter deployment times
• Easier to manage and upgrade
• Lower cost of ownership
• Reduced change management risk
• One-stop support
• Reduced down time
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Membership Level and Framework
OPN Specialized
OPN Specialized
Diamond Level
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“In the past, only larger, enterprise resellers were
able to invest in building an Oracle practice. Now,
with the Remarketer Program, the start up costs with
Oracle have been eliminated, so all of my resellers
are able to participate in growing a profitable Oracle
Jodi Honore, Vice President, Ingram Micro
Oracle Remarketer Authorized VAD, USA Egypt
Partners support mid-size customers with
zero barriers to entry
• Resell Oracle’s 1-Click products
• Business support from VAD
• No contract or fees
“The Oracle Partner program provides partners with
sales, marketing an training support that is
unparalleled in the industry. Oracle's Partner
Program supports partners to become specialists in
Oracle products and partner services.”
Frank J. Vukmanic,
Senior Vice President & General Manager, V-Soft
Partners with a desire to invest and grow with
• Resell Oracle’s 1-Click products
• Technical support, demonstration licenses and
educational discounts
• Support from Oracle Partner Business Center
“OPN Specialized addresses the current realities and
needs of Oracle Partners and the market in which they
operate. There are now clear paths to differentiation
through specialization, and incentives to guide partners
to take advantage of these. The new OPN is a good fit
for Oracle’s ever-expanding offering.”
Aydin Ersoz, Co-CEO, iNNOVA Bilisim Cozumleri A.S.
Leveraging Enablement 2.0 to become Specialized
• Resell all Oracle technology & hardware products
• Eligible to resell Oracle Applications
• Eligible for Specialization
“The focus Oracle PartnerNetwork has placed on
Specialization provides us with the ability to select
qualified partners who have demonstrated expertise in
a specific product or solution; this program eliminates
the guesswork and helps ensure we find the right
partner to fit our needs.”
Dave Lyons, Director, Information Technology,
Baptist General Convention of Texas
Premium Level Program representing depth of
skill and breadth of portfolio
• Elite level for Specialized Partners
• Expertise in multiple Oracle Solutions
• Dedicated support from the Oracle Partner Business Center
“With the addition of the new Diamond level program
and Advanced Specializations, we are able to recognize
those partners that have invested and excelled across
the Oracle solution stack and are delivering significant
value to our joint customers around the globe.”
Judson Althoff, Oracle, Senior Vice President of
Worldwide Alliances & Channels and Embedded Sales
Prestigious Level Program representing depth of
skill, breadth of portfolio and global capacity
• Elite level for Specialized Partners
• Expertise in multiple Oracle Solutions
• Highest level of support and investment from Oracle
Level Criteria & Fees
Optional (Max 4)
OPN Enrollment &
Membership Fee
applicable taxes.
Oracle Partner Business Center
oGlobal Network of 150 Consultants
oHelp partner uptake Sun products
oSupport Sun Partner Migration to OPN
oRound the clock availability
o24 Native languages
oTiered support based on levels
Email, phone,
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OPN Specialized
How to become resell authorized
Steps to Become Resell Authorized
Knowledge Zone Specific
Prerequisite for Server and Storage Systems
Need to be Gold, Platinum & Diamond Level
* NOTE - Criteria may vary across products
Example: Flash Storage Knowledge Zone > Join
Example: Flash Storage Knowledge Zone > Sell Tab
Example: Flash Storage Knowledge Zone Resell
OPN Specialized
Why and How to Become Specialized
Specializations Align with Oracle Product
& Industry Focus
Oracle Knowledge Zones
Direct access to partner specific resources
How to Become Specialized
Join Knowledge
& Review
Meet Criteria
& Apply
• Customer Validation
• Transactions
• Resell, Non-Commission
Co-sell, Referral
• Sales Specialists
• Pre-sales Specialists
• Certified Implementation
• Support Specialists
Specialization Delivers Extensive Partner Benefits
More Benefits*
OPN Specialized Logo
50 Free Support service requests
Demo solutions services
Logos and PR
Priority Placement Solutions
Exclusive events and
Free support requests for
Enterprise Linux Basic & Oracle VM
2 Additional exam vouchers
Implementation methodologies
Release control documentation
* For a complete list of benefits check partner.oracle.com
Find the Specialization Guide
Specialization Guide
Quick reference to Specializations
Three-Tier Strategy To Enable Partners
Competency Center: Develop your Skills
More Resources and Information
Call To Action
Join OPN Specialized
Leverage Enablement
Get Specialized
Deliver better solutions to customers
Follow Us
• Oracle.com/partners
• Contact Oracle Partner Business Center
• Follow us on Social Media
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OPN Specialized - Update
Diamond Level
Diamond Level Launch
Executive Summary
New level rewards partners providing
significant value added services
Oracle OpenWorld Launch
Builds on existing OPN Specialized program
• Program architecture
• Global membership contracts
• Specialization criteria
Expected participation: top global partners
• Total of ~10 Globally within first year of program
OPN Specialized
Diamond Level
• New high-value global alliances
• Differentiate global partners with deep
• Officially recognize investments
• Incent emerging partners
• Builds on existing OPN Specialized
• Program Architecture
• Global membership contracts
• Specialization Criteria
• Benefit to Oracle, Customers and
• Extend market reach
• Enhance Customer experience
• Recognize Partners for deep expertise
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Diamond Level Criteria
Quality &
• (20) Specializations*
• Including 5 Advanced Specializations
(>50 OPN Implementation Specialists each)
• (4) Published Customer References / year
• Results from Oracle’s Global Relationship Survey
(Customer Satisfaction) must meet minimum
mean scores.
• Annual combined co-sell and resell license
revenue - across 3 or more regions
• Annual Business Plan
• (15) Diamond Level Qualified Solution Offerings
• Oracle OpenWorld Sponsorship at Gold or above
• Dedicated Partner-Staffed BDM; at least 1 /Region
© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
Advanced Specializations
New Program Element
• Provides additional differentiation for Specialized partners
• Extends capacity of skilled implementation resources on
Oracle’s products and technology.
• Must meet all Specialization requirements
• Plus must have 50 or more Certified Implementation
• Includes standard Business & Competency Criteria
• Tracked through the Specialization Reporting tools
• Leverages process to “Apply” for Specialization
• Globally consistent-- available to all OPN Partners at the
Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels.
© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
Diamond Level Benefits
All Platinum Benefits, plus
• Assigned Oracle Global Alliance Manager
• Exceptional Sponsorship Opportunities
• Annual Global MDF Allocation
• Global Oracle Executive Sponsor
• Once Global member has met criteria, both
Member and Associates will be Diamond
• Exclusive use of ‘Diamond’ logo
• Annual membership fees are the same as
• Follows the current membership fee
structure for Platinum level members and
their Associates.
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Advanced Specialization
Oracle Global Alliances
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OPN Portal – Gateway to Business Growth
Expand your Oracle portfolio
Better serve your customer needs
Drive new revenue streams
Extend footprint in your accounts
Compete more effectively
Monetize Oracle acquisitions
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