New Charter Applicants
April 16, 2015
1:00 pm– 4:30 pm
Agenda Item
Melissa Brady, Director of Charter Schools
Presentation of the Model Florida Charter
School Application
(Subject Matter Experts)
Break (10 minutes)
Presentation of the Model Florida Charter
School Application
(Subject Matter Experts)
Open Forum Q&A
Melissa Brady
Educational Plan
Mission, Guiding Principles and Purposes (p. 3)
– Cornerstone of your application.
– Sets the stage for your program.
Evaluation Criteria:
• A compelling mission statement that defines
the guiding principles and values of the school.
• A set of priorities that are meaningful,
manageable, and focus on improving student
Michelle Townley
Educational Plan
Education Program Design (pp. 4-5)
– What does a day at your school look like?
– What research base is the foundation for your
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for an educational program design that:
• Is clear and coherent;
• Is based on effective, research-based educational practices and teaching
methods, and high standards for student learning;
• Aligns with the school’s mission and responds to the needs of the school’s
target population, and
• Presents evidence that the proposed approach will lead to improved student
performance for the school’s target population.
Michelle Townley
Educational Plan
Curriculum Plan (p. 5)
– What progress monitoring tools will you use to
assess curriculum?
– Curriculum should be research based.
– Reading plan is paramount to your application.
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for a curriculum plan that:
• Provides a clear and coherent framework for teaching and learning;
• Is research-based;
• Is consistent with the school’s mission, educational philosophy and
instructional approach;
• Will enable students to attain Next Generation Sunshine State-Common Core
Standards and receive a year’s worth of learning for each year enrolled, and
• Will be appropriate for all students at all levels.
Michelle Townley
Educational Plan
Student Performance, Assessment, and Evaluation (p. 6)
– Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable,
Realistic, and Time-Bound)
– Understand state graduation requirements and student
promotion plans.
– How will you share student process with parents and students?
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
Measurable educational goals and objectives that set high standards for student performance.
Promotion standards that are based on high expectations and provide clear criteria for promotion
from one level to the next, and for graduation (if applicable).
Evidence that a range of valid and reliable assessments will be used to measure student performance.
An assessment plan that is sufficiently frequent and detailed to determine whether students are
making adequate progress.
Evidence that data will inform decisions about adjustments to the educational program.
Plans for sharing student performance information that will keep students and parents well informed
of academic progress.
Heather Wright
Educational Plan
Exceptional Students (pp. 6-7)
– Refer to Handout
– Understand Equal Opportunity
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
A clear description of the level of service the school will provide to students with disabilities.
A clear description of how the school will ensure students with disabilities will have an equal
opportunity of being selected for enrollment.
An understanding and commitment to collaborating with the sponsor to ensure that placement
decisions for students with disabilities will be made based on each student’s unique needs.
An appropriate plan for evaluating the school’s effectiveness in serving exceptional students, including
A realistic enrollment projection (SWD) and a staffing plan that aligns with the projection.
Nancy Woolcock
Educational Plan
English Language Learners (p. 8)
– Compliance with state and federal requirements for
meeting the needs of speakers of other languages must
be evident in your application.
– How will your school meet these requirements?
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• Demonstrated understanding of state and federal requirements regarding the education
of English language learners.
• Sound plans for educating English language learner students that reflect the full range of
programs and services required to provide all students with a high quality education.
• Demonstrated capacity to meet the school’s obligations under state and federal law
regarding the education of English language learners.
Juan Seda
Diversity and Community Impact
– Does your overall proposal enhance the educational
opportunities for ALL students?
– Does your school meet a need in the community?
– Does the proposal have a targeted audience that allows
the proposed school to attract a diverse student
population, including race and socioeconomic factors?
– Does the proposal include evidence of community
support from all the stakeholders in the community?
Don Brown
Organizational Plan
Governance (pp. 9-10)
– How is your school organized? What does your organizational
chart look like?
– Do you have a method for resolving disputes?
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A governing board that is legally structured, or has a plan to organize in conformity with
the laws of Florida.
• A clear description of the governing board’s obligations and responsibilities.
• Evidence that the proposed governing board will contribute to the wide range of
knowledge and skill needed to oversee a charter school.
• A clear, sensible delineation of roles and responsibilities in relation to governance and
school management.
• A clear, sensible method for resolving disputes between a parent and the school.
Wes Bridges
Organizational Plan
Management (p. 10)
– Describe the management structure of the school.
– How will you select the school’s leader?
– What does your staffing plan look like?
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A management structure that includes clear delineation of roles and
responsibilities for administering the day-to-day activities of the school.
• A sound plan for the recruitment andselection of the school leader.
• A viable and adequate staffing plan.
• A sound plan for recruiting and retaining qualified and capable staff.
Wes Bridges
Organizational Plan
Education Service Providers (pp. 10-11)
– Describe the services to be provided by the ESP.
– Explain the ESP’s roles and responsibility.
– Provide a summary of the ESP’s “track record”.
Evaluation Criteria
• Reviewers will look for:
• A persuasive explanation of the reasons for contracting with an education service
• A persuasive explanation of how the proposed relationship with the ESP will further the
school’s mission.
• A clear description of the services to be provided by the ESP.
• A clear delineation of the roles and responsibilities between the school’s governing board
and the ESP.
• A clearly defined performance-based relationship between the school’s board and ESP.
Wes Bridges
Organizational Plan
Human Resources and Employment (p. 11)
– Publicly or Privately Employed? FRS?
– Policies must be in compliance with district, state,
and federal requirements.
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A compensation plan that will attract and retain quality staff.
• Policies and procedures that hold staff to high professional standards or
a plan to develop policies and procedures.
Brian Warren
Business Plan
Facilities (p. 13)
– Financial Plan should align with facilities related costs
– Facilities must in compliance with laws, regulations, and policies.
– What’s your back-up plan?
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A realistic plan for securing a facility that is appropriate and adequate
for the school’s program and targeted population.
• Evidence that the school has the necessary resources to fund the
facilities plan.
Greg Rivers
Business Plan
Transportation Service (p. 14)
– School Plan for transportation
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A transportation plan that serves all eligible students and specifies in
sufficient detail the responsibilities of all parties (the sponsor, the
charter school, and other applicable service providers).
Rob Davis
Business Plan
Food Service (p. 14)
– What your school’s plan to provide food
service to your students?
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A food service plan that will serve all students.
Jason Pitts
Business Plan
Budget (pp. 14-15)
– Start Up and Operating Funds (Use Revenue Estimate Worksheet –
– Promised gifted funds – Include letters from guarantors of funds.
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• Budgetary projections which are consistent with all parts of the
application, including the school’s mission, educational program,
staffing plan and facility.
• A realistic assessment of projected sources of revenue and expenses
that ensure the financial viability of the school.
• A sound plan to monitor the budget and make adjustments as
Jason Pitts
Business Plan
Financial Management and Oversight (p. 15)
Who will manage the school’s finances?
What safeguards are in place?
How will accounting records be maintained?
Describe insurance coverage the school with obtain.
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A clear description of how the school’s finances will be managed. The
description must include assurances that the governing board retains
ultimate control over the school’s finances.
• A clear description of strong internal controls. The system of internal
controls must be sufficient to safeguard finances.
Jason Pitts
Educational Plan
Target Population (p. 4)
– Describe the anticipated target population to be served.
– What grades will the school will serve, what’s the projected number
of students to be served in each grade, what’s the number of
students expected in each class, and the total number of students
– Provide a description of how the student population projections were
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• An understanding of the students the charter school intends to serve.
• If the applicant proposes to target certain populations, the projected student
body should align with the overall mission of the school.
Melissa Brady
Educational Plan
School Climate and Discipline (p. 9)
– Describe the school’s planned approach to classroom
management and student discipline.
– Describe the school’s Code of Conduct, including the
school’s policies for discipline, suspension, and
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A sound approach to classroom management and student discipline.
• Legally sound policies for student discipline, suspension, and dismissal,
including the school’s code of conduct.
Melissa Brady
Organizational Plan
Student Recruitment and Enrollment (p. 12)
– Describe the plan for recruiting students
– How the school will achieve a racial/ethnic balance reflective of the community.
– Describe the school’s proposed enrollment policies and procedures, including an
explanation of the enrollment timeline, criteria and/or any preferences for
enrollment, and lottery process.
– Explain any student and/or family contracts that will be used as a requisite for initial
and continued enrollment in the school. Describe if and how the school will enforce
such contracts.
Evaluation Criteria
Reviewers will look for:
• A student recruitment plan that will enable the school to attract its targeted
• An enrollment and admissions process that is open, fair, and in accordance with
applicable law.
Melissa Brady
Business Plan
Action Plan (p. 16)
– Present a projected timetable for the school’s start-up
– Activities included should align with the start-up budget
described earlier in the application.
Evaluation Criteria
• Reviewers will look for an action plan that:
• Provides a thoughtful and realistic implementation plan that covers major
operational items and provides flexibility for addressing unanticipated events.
Melissa Brady
Other Documents
• Charter Policy
• Charter Legislation
• Online Documentation
Melissa Brady
Draft Applications
• Accepting draft applications on May 1, 2015 until
5:00 pm.
– 8 bound copies
– $500 fee payable to Polk County School Board
• Draft is reviewed using the DOE approved
Evaluation Instrument by district staff
• Feedback on material deficiencies provided to the
applicant by July 1, 2015
Melissa Brady
Projected Timeline
July 1, 2015
Submit Letter of Intent to district.
August 3, 2015 by 5:00 pm
40 copies of your charter application, and an
electronic copy of the entire application in
either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF (no scanned
copies please).
Week of August 10, 2015
Applicant Presentations
Week of September 14, 2015
Applicant Interviews
Week of September 21, 2015
Superintendent Review
October, 2015
Board Meeting
Report to Applicant and DOE approval or denial within 10 days.
Melissa Brady
More Information
• Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice
(FLDOE) (850)245-0502
• Office of Charter Schools, Melissa Brady (863) 534-0625
• Florida Charter School Alliance (954) 881-5792
• Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (954) 4639595
Melissa Brady

Charter Principal’s Meeting