IAQG Sanctioned Training Review
Rick Downs
July 21, 2010
Company Confidential
In 2009 the IAQG OPMT recommended the
development of an auditor training course
to be sanctioned by the IAQG. The goals of
this effort were:
Reduce variation in training by having the same
training content and same training methodology
for all training courses.
Improve auditor competency by improving the
effectiveness of auditor training.
Improvement in the effectiveness of CB audits
through the improvement of auditor competency.
This initiative was approved by the IAQG
Council as one of the key ICOP improvement
With the release of the 2009 versions of
9100/9110/9120 it was also decided to use
this sanctioned training as the sole training
course for transition training for all CB
In October the OPMT determined the
transition training course would replace the
9104/3 foundation course.
Based on these decisions the OPMT
chartered an SME (Subject Matter Expert)
team to go forward and select a training
Twenty one (21) training developers
responded to an RFQ for the development of
the sanctioned training. All proposals were
reviewed and Plexus International was
selected as the training developer.
After the contract between the IAQG and
Plexus was finalized the SME team
continued to provide technical guidance and
review of the training development.
Course Content
The developed Aerospace Auditor Transition
Training (AATT) course has two
Online Modules
These modules provide training on the technical
content of the AQMS standards and related standards
in an online environment
These modules are required to be completed before
attending the class room training
There is a “test out” feature that allows trainees to
bypass the online modules by demonstrating a solid
understanding of the standards through an online
exam. The modules are still available for use if a
trainee tests out.
Online modules remain available for 1 year as an
ongoing resource to the trainee.
Course Content
Instructor Led Course
For 9100 this four (4) day course provides three
key elements of the AATT Course
Bridging of technical training from online modules to
the class room
Application training of the technical content of the
AQMS standards and process based auditing as
defined in 9101
Examination which is made up of a knowledge exam,
an application exam, and an interview and review of
the case study materials completed by the trainee
For 9110 there is an additional one day instructor
led course.
For 9120 all training is online.
Train the Trainer
In addition to the auditor training courses a
train the trainer course the Aviation, Space,
and Defense Evaluator (ASDE) course was
developed to ensure consistent delivery of
the course by any training provider.
This five (5) day course provides trainers with
the understanding of how to conduct training and
how to complete the trainee evaluation exams
All Trainers must attend the AATT course to
ensure a basic understanding of the course prior
to attending the ASDE course.
All trainers receive a feedback report that must
be used by training providers as part of their
trainer approval process.
Planning Guidelines
For Auditors
Trainees can register for both the online and
instructor led course at the same time.
Trainees can select a training provider other then
Plexus. The information about other training
providers will be available on the IAQG training site.
Trainees are accepted on a first come first served
After registration trainees should complete the
online modules. The estimated time to complete
the 9100 modules is 11 hours. To date only 3
trainees have successfully tested out of the
online modules so planning should include the
completion of all modules.
Planning Guidelines
For Trainers
Trainees can register for both the online course,
the instructor led course and the ASDE course at
the same time
Trainees can take the AATT instructor led course
from any approved training provider.
Trainees are accepted on a first come first served
Trainees that do not initially pass the AATT
course can complete the ASDE course but are
required to retake and pass the AATT exams prior
to conducting any training. Exam retake
guidelines are posted in the FAQs on the Plexus
Planning Guidelines
Setting up classes in addition to those
posted on the Plexus website to support
specific training needs and demand is
supported by training providers. Demand
must be clear to make this happen.
In planning for additional classes the
following requirement needs to be
Classes are not fixed until a min of 8 students
sign up and register with the training provider. If
a class does not have 8 students the class can not
be held.
The IAQG Sanctioned Training Course was
launched on May 1, 2010 for 9100 in English.
Course registration is available through Plexus.
9100 Courses in French, Italian and Japanese
are available as of July 1, 2010. This includes
the online modules. Spanish and German will be
available in August.
The 9110 and 9120 courses are available in
English starting as of July 1. The 9110 course
includes a one (1) day instructor led course.
9120 is completely online.
9110 and 9120 Courses in other languages will
be available September 1, 2010 based on
demand. This includes the online modules.
Metrics as of the end of June 2010
199 trainees are registered for online modules
3 trainees have tested out of the online modules for 9100
65 trainees have completed the online modules
54 trainees have completed instructor led course
45 trainees have passed the AATT course
10 trainees have completed the ASDE course

OPMT Report - SAE International