What is Geography?
Give three facts about Montrose Colorado
What tool do Geographers use to describe the
exact location of a place?
You will be turning your bellringers in today
What is the name of the parallel lines running
north and south of the equator
What is a scale (in Geography)?
What does a political map show?
Besides political units (states, countries, etc.)
and physical features, what else might a map
What is a thematic map?
Are you an immigrant or the descendent of
No Bellringer today
Get ready to turn in your bellringers
Do you believe that people are naturally good
or evil?
Define the word “anarchy”
What did we study this unit?
No Bellringer today
Are you ready for the test?
The statement “Mexico is South of the United
States” would be an example of what?
If you are studying an area’s history, what
theme of Geography are you working with the
What European country conquered most of
Latin America?
What is an Empire?
Identify the
highlighted country
Identify the
highlighted country
What is Communism?
What is culture?
If you were comparing how similar or different
weather patterns in different areas are, what
theme of geography would you be working with
the most?
What is a desert?
If you were talking about how people are changing
the land, what theme of geography would you be
working with the most?
What is a natural resource?
What problems do you think would occur if a
country had a small number of extremely wealthy
people and a large number of extremely poor
What is an income gap?
No Bellringer
Are you ready for the test?
What is a religion?
Name three countries in Europe
How has Europe affected the rest of the world?
Should your main loyalty be to your nation? Why or
why not?
Identify the
highlighted country
How was Germany divided during the Cold War?
If you were talking about the languages spoken in
different parts of Europe, what two themes of
Geography would you be working with the most?
What part of Europe do you think has the greatest
potential for ethnic conflicts?
If you were looking at the trading and economic
relationships between different countries, what
type of region would you be dealing with?
What were Europe’s goals after World War II?
What basic rights should every human being be
entitled to?
If you are examining the art and architecture of an
area, what theme of geography are you using the
What is GDP?

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