Figurative Language
Kitty Tripp
Duncan Chapel Elementary
March 28, 2003
Figurative Language is:
Speech or written language
Creates images in a listener’s mind
Describes something
Uses unusual comparisons or
Make things clearer
Results  the creation of
interesting images.
Types of
Figurative Language
• Similes
• Metaphors
• Hyperboles
• Idioms
Figurative Language in
Everyday Use:
• Letters
• Poetry
• Advertisement
Helen Keller
• Letter to
Graham Bell
• Poem,
Helen Keller states in
her letter:
“I had a contest with a pirate,
most redoubtable bronchitis.
The attack was not severe and I
soon got the upper hand.”
--a hyperbole
Helen Keller states in
her poem, “Autumn”:
“The little birds southward going
Linger, like traveler at an inn.”
--a simile
Abraham Lincoln
• His poem, “My
Home I See
As President Lincoln remembers
his past, he says in his poem:
“Oh memory! Thou mid-way world
Twixt Earth and Paradise
Where things decayed, and loved
ones lost
In dreamy shadows rise…”
--a metaphor
Advertisement for
Lexington Motor
Connersville, Indiana
“The motor car is the magic
carpet of modern times.”
--a metaphor
All these examples bring to
life images that
communicate the author’s
thoughts and feelings.
Examples of Idioms
Don’t you be a couch potato
Stop dragging your feet
Jump into action
let’s learn some more about
figurative language!
All pictures used with permission from:
• Library of Congress
• Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and
Special Collections Library-Advertising Ephemera Collection Database #A0160
Emergence of Advertising On-Line Project
John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising &
Marketing History

Figurative Language