Geography Day
Sign out a computer and find a seat. Keep your
computer closed. I will hand out a pasaportes in a
Pick up a country handout and flip open to page
xxxvi-iii in your book to the map of Central and South
America and start to label your map with country
names (on the back of your handout)
Nuestra Meta
Students will be able to identify SpanishSpeaking countries, and understand basic facts
and information about them.
Today we are going to be taking a
crash-course on the geography of
Spanish-speaking countries.
There are 21 Spanish-Speaking
countries and we are going to be
researching and talking about the
most important facts about them.
El país: The country
El capital: The capital
Los Estados Unidos (Los EEUU): The United States
Most Spanish-speaking countries are in Latin
America (central and south america)... all except
Spain, which is in Europe!
A few facts to start…
Guinea Ecuatorial is Africa’s only Spanish-speaking
There are three groups of native people to Latin
America, the Incans, the Mayans, and the Aztecs.
The BIG land features in Latin America are:
-Andes Mountains (South America on left side)
-Amazon Rainforest
-Amazon River
How to complete the chart...
You will have 3 minutes per country, with a total of
an hour. I will tell you when to switch countries…
You are looking for ~3 MOST important facts about
the country. Just look up MAIN facts… wikipedia is a
great resource. Google things like “most important
facts Argentina”. Don’t spend more than the amount
of time for each country. Write in pencil in case we
need to make changes later! You will only be
graded for what you complete in one hour.
Let’s do the first one together...
Take three minutes to look up main facts about
Argentina and we will come back together and
see how we did. Remember, focus on things
like capital, foods, famous landmarks, or any
REALLY important facts… I don’t want you to
focus on small details for right now!
Now fill in your whole chart…
You have 57 minutes left…
When you finish, raise your hand for credit and
check your computer back in.
Remember, focus on MAJOR facts… nothing
too specific or unimportant.
Discutir: Palabras Importantes
Let’s look at some key words… Copy next to
your notes.
These facts (including the capital) will help you
recognize these countries in a listening or
reading activity.
Listen to the following few passages and write
which country we are talking about. Even if you
don’t understand every word, listen for KEY
Billete de Salida
Name the country that goes with each sentence.
1. This country has a canal.
2. Mayan history is big in this country.
3. Este país es parte de los Estados Unidos.
4. Este país es un parte de Europa.
5. Angel Falls están en este país.
1. Panama
2. México, Guatemala
3. Puerto Rico
4. España
5. Venezuela.