My 5 favorite Animes
Enrique Alejandro
 In 1972, there was a certain
student named Misaki
Yomiyama school, in class 33. Misaki was very popular
among his peers, and
teachers, so when he died
suddenly from a fire, the 3-3
class decided to continue
acting as if he had died.
However, when they went to
take graduation photo was a
member over there, in the
picture they saw someone
who should not be there "Misaki".
Sword art online
In 2022, the massively multiplayer roleplaying game online virtual reality
(VRMMORPG) Sword Art Online (SAO) is
offered for sale. With the Nerve Gear,
virtual reality helmet that stimulates the
senses of the user through his brain,
players can experience and control their
characters in the game with their minds.
But an unexpected event occurs on
November 6, 2022 (first day of starting
the server) when Akihiko Kayaba, creator
of ODS, prevents players log out (close
session). Akihiko proposes a challenge, if
you want to be free and out of the game,
should reach the 100th floor of the tower
of the game and defeat the final boss.
However, if their avatars die in the game,
so will their bodies in the real world, the
same happens if you remove the Nerve
Gear for any player to force. Kirito, a
"BetaTester", ie, a player who tested the
beta version of the game, is determined to
get to floor 100 and achieve freedom. You
now need to pass each level and each floor
without dying, with the help of friends who
meet as the story is developed.
Death note
The story is starring Yagami Light, one of the
most outstanding students from Japan who
wanted to kill all the criminals around him.
One day, his life undergoes a radical change
when he finds a strange supernatural
notebook called the Death Note, lying on the
suelo.6 Behind the booklet had instructions
for use, which said that if you write the name
of a person and was visualized mentally the
face of it, would die of a stroke corazón.23
initially suspicious of the authenticity Light
notebook, but after trying twice, he realizes
that his power was real.23 After five days,
receive the visit the real owner of the Death
Note, a shinigami named Ryuk, who tells him
that he had dropped the Death Note to Earth
because he was bored, in July and in turn tells
Light that his goal was to kill all criminals,
thereby cleanse the world of evil and become
the god of the new world.7 later unexplained
deaths number of criminals called the
attention of the FBI and of a famous private
detective known as L L.24 quickly deduces
that the murderer in series, dubbed by the
public as Kira (キラ? derived from the typical
Japanese pronunciation of the English word
killer, lit. murderer) - was in Japan. Also
realizes that Kira could kill people without
putting a finger on them. Light discovers that
L will be one of their biggest rivals, and there
will be a psychological game between the two
Mirai nikki
Amano Yukiteru es un chico
solitario que gasta todo su tiempo
escribiendo un diario en su
teléfono móvil desde el punto de
vista de un espectador y hablando
con su "amigo imaginario", Deus Ex
Machina, el dios del Tiempo y el
Espacio. Un día, Deus, resulta no
ser solo un amigo imaginario sino
un dios que no solo Amano
Yukiteru podía ver y escuchar,
también otras 11 personas; este
dios crea un juego de
supervivencia, en el cual le ha dado
un diario a cada uno de estas
personas que predicen el futuro.
Las reglas del juego son simples,
los 12 dueños de los diarios deben
matarse entre ellos y el último que
sobreviva se convertirá en el
nuevo sucesor de este.
Dragon ball,Z y GT
At first, the plot centers on Son Goku
after the death of his grandfather he
meets a girl named Bulma, who invited
him to do a search for the legendary
Dragon Balls, a total of seven areas to
be reunited lead the appearance of the
sacred dragon that can grant any wish.
Young people find other people who will
be joined with the passage of history,
Son Goku will delve into searching for
the Dragon Balls and challenge all kinds
of villains to become the strongest man
in the world. At various points in the
series will turn the Tenkaichi Budokai,
a great world martial arts tournament
where the best fighters from around
the world will gather, dueling to prove
who is the strongest fighter on Earth.
Later, from the fight against Piccolo
Daimaō, the argument given a radical
change: the Dragon Balls are in the
background and the argument will be
set to protect the Earth and the entire
universe, through continuous battles
against of increasingly powerful villains
and investigating the origin of Goku and
the Dragon Balls.

My 5 anime favorite Animes