Look at examples of blog entries.
What should you include?
Nora Zarate-Dulwich College Beijing
Nora Zarate-Dulwich College Beijing
Nora Zarate-Dulwich College Beijing
What to include in a blog!
• The date
• A Name for your Blog
• Title
• Headings & Subheadings throughout
• Intro (state your purpose)
• Body
• Conclusion (logical ending)
Some specifics to include in each section on the
following slides:
Introduction: Say your purpose for writing. E.g. My nephews/nieces (sobrinos)
recently asked about my childhood. I’m writing this blog to tell them! Here are some
questions they asked that I will answer…
Language to use:
Les escribo para +infinitive verb… I’m writing to them/you all (formal) in order
Os escribo para +infinitive…I’m writing to you all (informal) in order to…
Or you can just use the tú form…
Te escribo para +infinitive verb.. I’m writing to you in order to….
Acabo de + infinitive… I just….
Escribo este blog para contarte de mi niñez- I’m writing to you all in order to tell
you all about my childhood
Escribo este blog porque quiero contate de mi…-I’m writing you because I want
to tell you about my…
Body: Make headings.? Use cohesive words to link ideas
e.g. The questions your sobrinos asked can be your
¿Cómo eras de niño/a?
¿Qué te gustaba hacer?
Remember to use cohesive devices:
sin embargo, además, pero, además
Time order words: frecuentemente, a veces, de vez en
cuando etc..
Conclusion: Tell your overall opinion.Give some
advice. Ask the reader some questions. Sum up.
Language to use:
Sobretodo… (overall…)
Creo que…
Pienso que…
Use some phrases of recommendation/advice:
Hay que + infinitive, Tienes que + infinitive, Debes+
Use a command. “Escríbeme pronto” “Pórtate
bien” (be good), Díme (tell me), etc.

How to write a blog