Things learned Discuss movies, museums, and theaters
 Cultural events
 Relate more past events/ actions
 Tell for whom something is done
 Discuss how dating in compares from the
united states to the Spanish speaking
 Tell about popular in events that happen in
Spanish speaking countries
El cine – film
El teatro – the theater
La taquilla – box office
La actriz – actress
La actor – actor
El telon – curtain
La fila- row
La pantalla – screen
La pelicula – movie / film
la butaca – chair
El escanario – stage
La escena - scene
el mural- the mural
la estatua- statue
el artista - artist
la escultora - scultpor
el cuadro- painting
el cine- film
La taquilla/ la boleteriabox office
La cola/ la fila- row you sit in
La pantalla- screen
El film/ la pelicula- movie/ film
La fila- row
La butaca- chair
El escenario- the stage
El teatro- the theater
El telon- the curtain
La escena- scene
La actriz- actress
La estatuastatue
El mural- mural
El artista- artist
La escultora- sculptor
El cuadro- painting
La fila
El actor
El telon
El cuadro
La pantalla
La actriz
La boleteria
I hope you leanred a lot and liked my
powerpoint (:

CHAPTER 10 - hcspanish