Repaso- Gustar
Today we are reviewing GUSTAR. Our current vocabulary includes chores and
what we think about them. The two verbs that we can conjugate like gustar are:
Tocar –
To play an instrument.
To take turns
To have to do something (quehaceres –chores)
Parecer- To seem, to think
Some phrases from our Flip charts (exprésate boxes & our textbook packet p. 3
definitions) that use parecer are:
1. Me parece bien- It’s (seems) alright with me.
2. Me parece injusto- It’s (seems) unfair with me.
Other phrases to say what you think about something
¡Qué lata! – what a pain
No es gran cosa.- It’s no big deal.
GUSTAR to say what you like.
Me gusta leer
/ Me gustan los libros.
Me gusta el libro.
Te gusta… / Te gustan…
Le gusta… / Le gustan…
Nos gusta… / Nos gustan…
Os gusta… / Os gustan…
Les gusta… / Les gustan…
Use Gustar to say what you like or what is
pleasing to you. Use Tocar to say what you
have to do. Tocar is a verb like Gustar.
¿Qué te gusta hacer? What do you like to do?
lavar los platos (wash the dishes). I like to ….
1. Me gusta __________
pasar la aspiradora (vacuum). They like to…
2. Les gusta _______________
sacar la basura
3. Te gusta ________________
(take out the trash). You like
¿Qué te toca hacer? What do you have to do?
Me ________
arreglar la sala. I have to ….
cocinar. They have to…
Les ________
cortar el césped. You have to…
Te ________
Now use PARECER the same way
to say how something seems or
what you think of it.
Me parece bien.
It’s alright with me.
Les parece
Nos parece mal.
It’s unfair to them.
It seems bad to us.

Me gusta