Conjugation Race
Dar (to give)
Decir (to say/tell)
Poner (to put/place)
Salir (to leave/exit)
Traer (to bring)
& Venir (to come)
Give the correct form of the verb for the given
subject. Then, TRANSLATE into English!
decir (él)
Él dice
He says/tells
dar (yo)
Yo doy
I give
decir (tú)
Tù dices
You say
poner (él)
Él pone
He puts/places/sets
decir (yo)
Yo digo
I say
salir (usted)
Usted sale
You go out/leave/exit
decir (ellas)
Ellas dicen
They say
poner (nosotros)
Nosotros ponemos
We put/place/set
salir (yo)
Yo salgo
I go out/leave/exit
traer (nosotros)
Nosotros traemos
We bring
venir (tú)
Tú vienes
You come
poner (ellas)
Ellas ponen
They put/place/set
venir (ellos)
Ellos vienen
They come
dar (ustedes)
Ustedes dan
You (all) give
poner (yo)
Yo pongo
I put/place/set
salir (nosotros)
Nosotros salimos
We go out/exit/leave
traer (tú)
Tú traes
You bring
traer (yo)
Yo traigo
I bring
venir (yo)
Yo vengo
I come
venir (nosotros)
Nosotros venimos
We come
salir (ellos)
Ellos salen
They go out/exit/leave

Dar (to give) Decir (to say/tell) Poner (to put/place) Salir (to leave/exit