-go Verbs
There is a small but very important
group of verbs that we call the “-go”
verbs. These verbs are:
Hacer: to make/do (not on worksheet so add it)
Poner: to put
Salir: to leave
Tener: to have (not on worksheet so add it)
Traer: to bring
Venir: to come
Dar: to give
Why are these grouped together??
Good question!
Remember the verb
tener. Do you
remember why the yo
form was special?
yo tengo: the yo form
ends in –go.
So what do you think the
yo form of venir is?
On the “go”
yo vengo
How about the yo forms
“Go” for it!
yo salgo
yo pongo
Wait! There’s more!
There are a few quirks:
hacer > yo hago
traer > yo traigo
decir > yo digo
What about “saber”?
Good question! It’s very
saber > yo sé
Notice the accent on sé
Let’s look at those “yo” forms again…
Decir: yo digo
Hacer: yo hago
Poner: yo pongo
Saber: yo sé (not on worksheet so
add it)
Salir: yo salgo
Tener: yo tengo
Traer: yo traigo
Venir: yo vengo
What about those other forms??
They are regular!!
For example: hacer
yo hago (irregular; not normal)
tú haces (normal)
él hace (normal)
nosotros hacemos (normal)
ellos hacen (normal)
VENIR changes its stem, just
like TENER:
E becomes IE
yo vengo
tú vienes
él,ella Ud. viene
nosotros venimos
ellos, ellas, Uds. vienen
Let’s take a look!
> saber
yo ______ (irregular; NOT normal)
tú ______ (normal)
él ______ (normal)
nosotros _____ (normal)
ellos ______ (normal)
yo sé
tú sabes
él sabe
nosotros sabemos
ellos saben
Saber is included in this
group because only the “yo”
form is irregular in the
Here’s a second helping!
> decir
yo ______
tú ______
él ______
nosotros _____
ellos _____
Yo digo (irregular, NOT normal)
Tú dices
Él dice
Nosotros decimos
Ellos dicen
One more for the road…
> salir
yo ______
tú ______
él ______
nosotros ______
ellos ______
yo salgo
tú sales
él sale
nosotros salimos
ellos salen
Una Mezcla (a mixture)
Cuando yo no _______ (tener)
quehaceres, yo _______ (venir)
al baile de Prince Charming.
Mi Fairy god mother , _______
(hacer) un vestido nuevo para
Una Mezcla
Cuando yo no TENGO
(tener) quehaceres, yo
VENGO (venir) al baile
de Prince Charming.
Mi Fairy god mother ,
HACE (hacer) un vestido
nuevo para mi.
In conclusion…
The –go verbs have an irregular
yo form: digo, hago, pongo, salgo,
sé, tengo, traigo vengo
The other forms are regular
according to their conjugations.
For example, traigo, traes, trae,
traemos, traen
Tener & venir are stem-changing
verbs and also change in the tú,
él, and ellos forms: tienes, tiene,
tienen; vienes, viene, vienen

-go Verbs - SraFerdinand