¿Dónde están los tres objetos? Escribe una oración
para cada objeto:
Possible answers:
1) La mochila está a la izquierda del libro
2) El bolígrafo está encima del libro
3) El libro está al lado de la mochila
• Final Quiz 4.2 – Tuesday 12/16
• Missing work is 10 pts off every day it is late
• Speaking Final- Thursday 1/8/14 (the
Thursday we come back from break)
• Con un compañero de clase - Choose an object in
the room and explain where it is located using
directional vocab
• Your partner must guess what object you are
talking about based off the descriptions –
• Ex: Está a enfrente de la puerta, a la derecha de
las computadoras, y enfrente de los estudiantes.
• Entonces (then), tell your compañero de clase
where to put their lápiz/bolígrafo using your
directional vocabulary
– Pon (put) el lápiz encima del escritorio
• Groups of two
• Write a scene for a conversation between two
people asking for directions in a cuty
• Use your famous places sheets from yesterday
• Each person should have at least 6 lines (not
including “hola” y “adiós”)
• 25 minutos para escribir
• PRIMERO – Each student will receive a reading
comprehension passage
• Read the email and answer the six questions on
your sheet
• SEGUNDO- Then, read the second paragraph and
draw the picture it is describing. Make sure your
objects are in the correct locations in your picture
• Turn this entire sheet in for a class work grade!

Calentamiento Recuerda!!- Vocab quiz tomorrow 12/10