Tequila Chavolla
History of Tequila
The History of Tequila
Chavolla start on the
begining of 1900, when
the Chavolla Family has
started producing
Tequila in their firts
facilities in Jacona
Michoacan, Mexico
History Tequila Chavolla
Tequila Chavolla was in the mexican market
distributed by Casa Pedrages in Mexico City, for
all the Mexican Republic and the world.
Tequila Chavolla History
Due to the decease of the old parents of the
Chavolla Family, in the year of 1965 the factory
has closed on their activities.
On 1999, 34 years later Tequila Chavolla re-start
with their activities in Guadalajara Jalisco,
Mexico, making a partnership with Destileria los
In the present time
Tequila Chavolla have 4
diferent presentations
Tequila Chavolla Reposado 100%
(Gold 100% Agave Black Label)
Tequila Chavolla Blanco 100% (Silver
100% Agave Blue Label)
Tequila Chavolla Reposado (Rested in
Blend Gold)
Tequila Chavolla Blanco (Rested in
Blend Silver)
New Presentation
Tequila Chavolla has
worked so hard to
introduce their new
presentation BLUE and
SILVER, that will be
available in the Mexican
Market in 2005
Tequila Chavolla it’s
manufactured with the
most selected Agave
Plants in order to comply
with the quality standars
that the market requires
Our Facilities
Our Facilities have more
than 2,500 square meters,
with 5 Stainless steel
Tanks of 50,000 liters,
250 wood barrels for
Tequila Reposado. Our
process comply with the
Mexican Goverment and
the CRT requeriments.
Production Capability
Our Facilities have the
capability of production
of 200,000 liters of
Tequila per month,
Values of Tequila Chavolla
Our Values are focused
in the in the total
satisfaction of our
customers, taking care of
the quality of our

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