Kristen Blosser
What is Indigenismo?
•Literature movement
• Focusing specifically on Peru
•Who was writing this?
• Middle-class, white or mestizo authors writing
about indigenous experience
• Represent the plight of the indigenous people
•Why is this important?
Phases of Indigenismo
1. Indianismo
Aves sin nido – Clorinda Matto de Turner
2. Indigenismo Ortodoxo
El mundo es ancho y ajeno – Ciro Alegría
3. Neo-Indigenismo
Todas las sangres - Arguedas
José María Arguedas
•Influential Childhood
• Raised by indigenous
kitchen servant
•Profoundly identified
with indigenous
• “But there is an aspect of the world in the sierra of
the people of the Andes, into which José María
Arguedas has penetrated like none other, neither
before nor after him. The pure simplicity of his basic
assessments grounding the subjectivity of his
characters with their objective reality, without
deforming or eliminating their profoundly human
mark, is his best and most original contribution to
Peruvian narrative”
- Alberto Escobar
Todas Las Sangres - Plot
•Don Bruno
•Don Fermín
•Rendon Wilka
Significance of Main Characters
Don Bruno
• Feudalism
• Religion
Rendon Wilka
• Andean Modernity
Don Fermin
• Modernity
• Capitalism
Wisther Bozart (Zar)
• International Capitalism
Todas Las Sangres
•Most polemic novel
•Represents the major conflicts within Peru:
•Coast vs. Sierra
•Capitalism vs. Feudalism
•Indigenous vs. White
•Modernization vs. Traditionalism
• Todas Las Sangres is one of the most representative
novels of the Peruvian indigenismo movement
because, not only does it draw attention to the cause
of the indigenous people, but it also inspires readers
to reach a solution to the question of where the
indigenous population fits into the future of Peru.
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Indigenismo and todas las sangres