İBienvenidos a día dos de español!
Trabajo del
Bell Work:
1. Saquen la tarea ‘LinguaFolio’. (Take
out the
Chiste del día
Nuestro horario:
Los saludos
La tarea y sistema de MWL/LWS
Los saludos y práctica y CC
Un círculo de conversación
El procedimiento con las computadoras
Una búsqueda de Weebly Tarea
Learning Intentions
2. Escriban una lista de
saludos en español
que ya saben en una
hoja de papel.
(Write a list of
greetings in Spanish
that you already
know on a sheet of
Success Criteria
We’re learning (to)…
We’ll know we’re successful when…
• understand essential vocabulary
for greeting people in Spanish
• we can brainstorm, repeat, and use a
variety of the essential vocabulary for
greeting people in Spanish
• how to do a circle conversation
•the laptop protocol for 203
• use a variety of web resources to
help us be successful in 203 & to
learn another language
• we can participate effectively in a circle
conversation using the procedures taught
• we know the laptop rules & procedures,
and we know our assigned laptop #
• we have completed our Weebly
Un círculo de conversación
1. To communicate with a variety of people
2. To communicate in pure Spanish
3. To provide kinesthetic movement for all learners
El Procedimiento:
 Srta. B. will assign each student an “A” or a “B”.
 All “A” students will form the outside of the circle, and all “B” students
will form the inside of the circle.
 Each A student should be paired up with a B student.
 Wait silently for Srta. B. to give final directions and
say,“¡Empiezan! (Start!)
 Practice the target language in your pair.
 When you hear, “Muévase, muévase, 3-2-1” it means
all “B” students (in the inside of the circle) move one to the right.

İBienvenidos a día dos de español! - El Sitio de Srta. Berndt