Curriculum Guideposts PreK-2
Where we are and
where we are headed…
Primary House
Tracy Carrigan
Tina DiStefano
Tina Hoyt
Patti Mackay
Lory Rollman
Nancy Shaul
Patty Taverna
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Loretta McCarthy
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Nancy Morgan
• As a house we are working to emphasize the English/
Language Arts (ELA) Learning Standards (reading,
writing, listening, speaking) in all grade levels and all
subject areas. We are linking our newly adopted writing
and reading programs, resulting in a comprehensive
standards-based ELA curriculum Pre-K-2nd Grade.
• We are also working to create strong home-school
•Discussed uses of curriculum guideposts
•Met with ELA specialist
•Discussed ways to integrate the ELA standards into our new
reading and writing programs
• Discussed and selected model
•Established guideposts by grade level
•Shared and reviewed material as a house to insure a continuum
of skills
NYS ELA Standards
Students will read, write, listen, and speak for:
• Standard 1: Information and
• Standard 2: Literary response and
• Standard 3: Critical analysis and
• Standard 4: Social interaction.
Standard 1
Examples of Language for Information and Understanding
•Reading of: anthology (daily reading instruction
incorporates phonics, spelling, grammar and
comprehension), textbooks, non-fiction books, magazines,
newspapers, encyclopedias, CD ROM encyclopedias, and
web sites
•Writing of: lists and outlines, summaries, research reports
•Listening to: classroom instruction, group discussions,
directions, news broadcasts, CD’s and DVD’s
•Speaking for: group discussions and presenting research
Standard 1
Grades PreK & K Samples
Standard 1
Grades 1 & 2 Samples
Standard 2
Examples of Language for Literary Response and Expression
•Reading of: picture books, stories, myths, fables, legends,
poems, plays, novels
•Writing of: personal responses, interpretations, literary
analysis, explications of texts, original stories, sketches and
•Listening to: oral readings of literature, stage plays, CDs
and DVDs
•Speaking for: oral readings, recitations of literary passages,
dramatic presentations, groups discussions of literature
Standard 2
Grades PreK & K Samples
Standard 2
Grades 1 & 2 Samples
Standard 3
Examples of Language for Critical Analysis and Evaluation
•Reading of: literature, advertisements, public documents,
book and movie reviews
•Writing of: opinions, persuasive writing, book and play
reviews, peer editing, literary critiques
•Listening to: book discussions, advertising, commercials,
political speeches
•Speaking for: story comparisons, play reviews, interviews,
opinion surveys, persuasive speeches
Standard 3
Grades PreK & K Samples
Standard 3
Grades 1 & 2 Samples
Standard 4
Examples of Language for Social Interaction
•Reading of: notes, friendly letters, email, journal entries
•Writing of: notes, e-mail messages, friendly letters,
•Speaking/Listening for: greetings, introductions,
conversations, group discussions
Standard 4
Grades PreK & K Samples
Standard 4
Grades 1 & 2 Samples
Looking ahead...
• We will continue as a house to refine and
enhance our balanced literacy program to
support the ELA standards.
• We recognize that our curriculum
guideposts are a work in progress.
• We look forward to our continued
collaboration with special area teachers to
provide an exciting and integrated
Language Arts program.
Resources Used
New York State Learning Standards
Macmillan McGraw-Hill Reading Series
Empowering Writers Resource Materials
New York State Early Literacy Guidelines
Teacher Plan Books and Year-Long Plans
Consultations with ELA Specialist, Dr.
Robert Fulmer

Primary House Presentation