Border Infrastructure
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What does the border represent in terms of:
Commerce and Investment
In 2004, the total commerce between Mexico and its
NAFTA partners was USD $284,000 million, which
represents about 74% of the total exports of Mexico.
This includes: 865 thousand tons of tomatoes, more than 1
million automobiles, and 33 million televisions.
Between 1994 and March 2005, Mexico received
approximately USD $100,000 million of Foreign Direct
Investment from the USA and Canada.
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What does the border represent in terms of:
300 thousand vehicles cross the US-Mexico border daily
(70 thousand trailers).
USD $720 million worth of merchandise.
9.4 million travelers depart Mexican airports yearly with a
destination in the US or Canada. 9.8 million arrive to
Mexico from these countries.
These represent more than 248,000 flights, or 86 per cent
of Mexico´s international air traffic.
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Actual Infrastructure
There are 52 Ports-of-Entry (POE):
14 passenger and commercial POE
7 Rail POE
30 Bridges
1 “Chalan”
• 49 Ports-of-Entry in operation
• 3 closed
Number of POE’s by State
Baja California/California
7 ports
9 ports
Chihuahua/New Mexico
3 ports
9 bridges
6 bridges
Nuevo León/Texas
1 bridge
15 ports and a “chalán”
• There are about 26 projects of new POE
El Chalán
Presa La Amistad - Amistad Dam
First Generation
Nuevo Laredo 1 – Laredo 1
(1848 - 1917)
14 Ports
Second Generation
Del Río - Acuña
16 Ports
Juarez - Lincoln
Third Generation
10 Ports
Reynosa - Pharr
Fourth Generation
8 Ports
Importance of Border Infrastructure
• 98% of the bilateral commercial
transactions between Mexico and the
US cross through the border (240,000
million dollars).
• 80% of Mexican exports (120 million
dollars) cross through the bridges
between Tamaulipas and Texas.
• 70% of passenger traffic takes place
in three ports-of-entry.
– Tijuana/San Isidro (Baja CaliforniaCalifornia)
– Córdova/Las Américas (Chihuahua)Texas)
– Nuevo Laredo II/Laredo II
Border Security
• Coordinate actions against
international terrorism
• Increase security at the
border communities
• Modernize border
practices in order to allow
more efficient crossings.
Border Partnership Agreement
• Action Plan 2001
• Critical Infrastructure
• Safe flow of people
• Safe flow of goods
• Action Plan 2004
• Safe, orderly and humane
• Strengthening of the Border
Liaison Mechanisms and Internal
Security and Prosperity Partnership
of North America
Develop a common security focus and ensure the rapid legal
movement of traffic of passengers and goods in North America:
Protect the region against foreign threats;
Prevent and respond to threats within the region;
Increase the efficient flow of low risk travelers between
our borders.
First Report
Initial Results and Initiatives…
Nogales, Sonora POE Expansion. All feasibility and
environmental studies have been completed to approve
the construction of two new commercial lanes.
Border Crossings
Develop methods to detect bottle necks at the U.S.Mexico border.
New Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid
Inspection (SENTRI) Lane construction for 2006.
Border Security
Customs Trade Partnership
against Terrorism
Free and Secure Trade
Secure Electronic Network for
Travelers Rapid Inspection
US Visitor Immigrant Status
Indicator Technology
7 international crossings with FAST
Mesa de Otay, Tijuana/Otay Mesa
Mexicali, Mexicali/Calexico II
Las Americas, El Paso/Ciudad Juarez
Zaragoza-Ysleta, El Paso/Ciudad
• Amanecer, Pharr/Reynosa
• World Commerce, Nuevo
• Matamoros, Matamoros/Brownsville
Safe Flow of People
Avoid excessive wait times at
the border.
Expansion of pre-existing
• Critical Infrastructure
• Safe flow of goods
• Safe flow of people
Introduction of US-VISIT
Program modifications
3 SENTRI lanes
•Tijuana/San Ysidro “Puerta México”
•Mesa de Otay/Otay Mesa
•Juarez Lerdo/Stanton
What is Mexico doing regarding
border infrastructure?
• Reengineering the approval process for new POEs.
• Regional meetings to analyze the current situation of
the POEs.
• One of the commitments of the Security and Prosperity
Partnership is to reduce wait times at the POEs by

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