¡Buenos días! Hoy es el
24 de agosto.
Chiste del día
Trabajo del timbre:
1. Saquen la hoja del alfabeto (blue sheet).
2. Practiquen a identificar los sonidos de las letras
con sus compañeros. (Practice identifying the sounds
of the letters with a classmate to prepare for the quiz).
Learning Intentions
Success Criteria
We’re learning to…
We’ll know we’re successful when we can…
 identify the correct letters and spell words
accurately on today’s evidence
 participate actively in the circle
 discuss patterns & exceptions with
 recognize, select, and complete the
appropriate tiered activities for our
personal levels using the correct numbers
in Spanish
 understand the procedures for taking
evidence & the assessment criteria for this
 correctly recognize each of the sounds of
the Spanish alphabet
 start, maintain & end conversations in both
formal & informal registers
 comprehend the essential vocabulary:
numbers 0-100+ in Spanish
El Procedimiento de evidencia
desks arranged in single file rows
all materials put away in binders (ex. ABCs sheet)
all materials put underneath chairs
no talking to anyone
raise hand if you need assistance
Important concept: Register
• How do you greet people you know in
• How do you greet people you don’t know in
Estudiante: ¿Cómo _____ llama ____?
Profe: Mi _____________ es Sr. Rojo.
¿Y ______?
Estudiante: Yo ________ Mario.
Mucho ____________.
Profe: ¿Cómo ___________ tú?
Estudiante: Yo _________ bien. ¿Y ______?
Profe: Yo estoy fabuloso, gracias.
Zack: ¡Hola! Yo soy Zack.
¿Cómo _____ llamas ____?
Ana: Me ___________ Ana. Encantada.
Zack: ____________________.
Ana: ¿________ pasa?
Zack: Nada.
Ana: ¿Qué ________?
Zack: Yo __________ muy bien. ¿Y
Ana: _____ estoy contenta, gracias.
Un Círculo de conversación
• I will give each student a letter – A or B! Remember it!
• I will count down from 20 and expect all students are in
the outside or inside circle across from another student.
• We will form 2 circles around the classroom –
one outside (afuera - A) and one inside (adrentro - B)
• You will have a conversation with the person until you
hear me say: ¡Muévase! ¡Muévase en 3-2-1!
• The INSIDE circle will move one person to the right. The
outside will stay put & a new conversation will start!
Los Números
• Remember our learning intention? We’re
learning to review/learn the numbers in
• Work with your groups to discuss the patterns
and exceptions you see in the numbers 010,000.
• Record your group’s observations in the blank
space & be ready to share out!
“Tiered Activities”
Actividades con tu nivel apropiada
• Look at your personal learning goals.
• Discuss the appropriate tier to begin working
with your partner.
• Participate equally and adjust levels (going
both up and down) as needed to provide an
appropriate challenge for each student. .

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