Unique Advantages of a Computerized
360˚ Process (and some disadvantages)
Keith Rettig
SIOP ‘99
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• Global access
requires participating employees to have a computer
This is changing. . .
• Standard presentation
browser wars
OS wars
individual configurations
Since content is king . . .
• Paper vs. Digital
SIOP ‘99
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• Better return rates
targeted reminders
multiple reminders
• Instant notification
alerting raters
ratee notification for report
• Decreased completion time
SIOP ‘99
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• Cost effectiveness
statistical analyses are done once (during programming)
vendor picks up most of hardware, network, and other
unseen costs
absence of postal costs
• Manageable workload
no need to send everyone through the process at once
decrease the time between the finished report and the
one-on-one coaching session.
• Easily updated
practically everything involved can be updated in a
continual and easy process
SIOP ‘99
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• Global accessibility
ratees, raters, coaches, and administration support can
be separated both in time and place
• ADA compliance
• Auto analyses
compute all analyses immediately
Auto trend analyses
• Paper reduction
• Easily redone
• Culture creation
global presentment of the dimensions
SIOP ‘99
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• AI coaching
expert knowledge can be built into the system
• Item branching
• Customization
of the development process
of the survey process
content can all be from the same source
different owners for the different parts
• Auto-build rater lists
SIOP ‘99
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Future Possibilities
• Linkage to other data sources
• Employee Training
Auto assign
Course choice
• Bonuses
SIOP ‘99
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SIOP ‘99
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