Internal Update
Inbound Marketing Plan
July 2013
Marketing Plan for Versant – Online & Print
• Internal Update – Create a new page for Versant Writing Test & Request a Demo Page
• LinkedIn Marketing - Intensify LinkedIn Marketing Efforts
o Create an Open Group for decision makers (HR/Recruitment/Training Professionals)
o Post to groups (Bi-weekly posts); Weekly Direct Messages
• Robust Email Marketing Campaign
o Build an exclusive database
o Set up bi-monthly email blast where we can up sell Versant or offer a free trial.
• Stronger Online Presence/SEO - Backlinks Campaign
o Blog submission
o Add Versant to product/business directories or B2B marketplace
o Affiliate Marketing – work with Corp marketing
• Webinars (requires research and resources)
o Informative, industry-relevant webinars where we can up sell Versant or offer
a free trial.
IBPAP & Business Newspapers (choose the most cost-effective)
- Create feature article and Banner Ads
III. Proposed Timeline
Revise Assessment Parent Page
Add new pages – (1) Versant Writing Test; (2) Option 1
Replace with keywords/
key phrase-rich copy
Staffing – Screening & Selection
Providing you with right people
at the right time…
Versant English Test
Versant Writing Test
The Versant™ English Test
automatically evaluates the
spoken English skills…
Versant Writing is an English
proficiency test which Learn more
measures writing skills…
Learn more
Learn more
Learn more
Learn more
•Language Assessment Test
•English Assessment Test
•Versant English test
•Versant test
•Versant English test demo
•Versant English test free
•Versant English test tips
•Versant English test sample
•Versant English test papers
•Versant English test demo
free download
•Versant English test sample
•Test and assessment
•Test of English
Option 2 - Layout
Staffing – screening & selection
Versant - Speaking
Versant - writing
Versant Writing Test vs.
Versant Writing Test
I. Product Overview
II. Test Details
III. View a Demo
Request a Demo Page
Create Open Group - LinkedIn
• Promote Versant Test directly or indirectly via LinkedIn open
• Target members: HR & Training practitioners, Top to mid-level
HR management, School administrators
Advantages of LinkedIn group:
1. Increase connections (features: share groups, send invites,
request to join)
2. Post resources (blogs, tips, news, research, Versant videos).
Post notifications are sent to member’s email.
3. Post Announcements/Promotions – promote product
directly to member’s email
LinkedInGroup Name Suggestions
and Sample Profile Description
The Recruiting Guru
– Your guide to all things recruiting: tips, tools, technology and beyond.
– a virtual campus of hot topics written by recruiters, for recruiters. Each topic offers basic
planning tools you can use right away to recruit the professionals you need.
Smart Recruiters
– Smart Recruiters group gives you awesome tips to make hiring cost effective and, easy.
HR Lounge
– Reposts of hot topics written by recruiters, for recruiters that offers basic recruitment and
assessment tools.
– The group offers all of the resources you need to be successful in one central place
including tips, tools, and industry news.
Mr. HR
– Mr. HR posts advice about the ins and outs of the HR industry and how to successfully carry out
the many varied responsibilities of an HR manager, from treating recruitment candidates right,
to instructing employees on proper health and safety measure.
HR Heroes
- Our group offers all of the resources needed by HR professional to be successful including tips,
tools, and industry news.
Email Marketing - Request a Demo Campaign
Create exclusive database for Versant (School/University Heads, Human Resources, CLevel executives with focus on BPO/KPO and Call Centers)
Content planning and schedule
Schedule blast out on a bi-monthly basis
• 1st blast – content focuses on resources (tips, guides, research) that will benefit
the target readers with the intention of selling Versant Test.
• 2nd blast –Content focuses on promoting Versant
ex. Versant videos, companies using versant, testimonials, benefits of using
versant, whitepapers, infographics and other resources
Call-to-action button: Request a demo
Email Address
Create ExclusiveDatabase for Versant
• Filter and compile list from existing TDS
• Data mining activities e.g. Cold calling,
networking (work with TDS offline marketing team)
• Create a subscription form on TDS Homepage
• Promote the subscription URL on social media
campaigns (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Stronger Online Presence/SEO - Backlinks Campaign
o Submit blog/ featured articles to high ranking, relevant blog sites;
o Add Versant to product/business directories or B2B marketplace/free ads
sites (e.g.,, Alibaba, EZ2)
o Affiliate Marketing – worth with Ms. Nette
Banner Ad & Featured Article - BPAP Breakthroughs Ad Rate:
• Quarter page – P35,000 (quarterly)
Jon’s comments/approval
•Create LinkedIn Open Group/s
•Send Affiliate plan/proposal to
Ms. Nette
100 members by May 30
Submit List of Blogs; free ads
site, B2B online marketplace
High ranking sites
Build exclusive database for
Minimum of 500 email
LinkedIn Group members
100 members
Email Content
For Jon’s Approval

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