Integrated Media
Action Plan
Need to do …..
Ensure the reach and effectiveness of
mass media campaign in rural areas/
target audiences especially the
beneficiaries in remote village areas.
Constant monitoring of campaigns and
evaluation to assess the outcome and
Action Plan follows……
Proposed action Plan
 Comprehensive Publicity campaign through
Television, Radio, Print Media and New and
Emerging Media, Innovative Media.
--it should reach the Panchayats.
 Mass awareness campaigns Integrated Action Plan advisable.
Broad Strategy to be adopted :
 Matrix of key activities, media to be used
and estimated cost (alongwith viewership)
be prepared by each Department keeping
in view the objectives and available funds
so that the Integrated Media Plan and
Action can be effected urgently.
Comprehensive Publicity campaign
Production of Spots.,
Production of good quality Training Films .
Production of 1 weekly programme on DD.
Production and Telecast of weekly programmes on
state DD Kendra’s and local private cable networks.
Rigorous campaign through DAVP/NFDC on Private
Regular Spots on DD News and Lok Sabha Channel.
Regular Video magazine ( weekly) program on DD
National and Regional Kendra’s.
One day Tele-bridging program , where Hon’ble
Minister can talk to the gram sabha participants
through DD Link- 15th Aug 2010/ or any convenient
date in near future.
Empanelment of private TV Channels
 Private TV channels can also play an important role
in dissemination of the intended messages.
 CEOs of all the private channels and LSTV to be
requested to telecast the already produced training
films, documentaries and promotional video spots
free-of-cost in the larger public interest as part of their
corporate social responsibility.
 Ministries are in the process of collecting State-wise
information for all important channels regarding
coverage, cost and TRPs.
 AIR.. Audio Production- Spots, weekly radio
magazine in Hindi and local dialect.
 Campaign on FM Private channels .
 Interactive and participatory discussions
Q/A session / debates.
 Dedicating one day of the month to PRIs in
popular programmes like Yuvvani and Mahila
manch .
 Setting up of exclusive Community Radio
Hoardings…with Mahatma Gandhi’s messages.
Through Wall paintings.
Street Plays ( Nukkad Nataks/ kala pathak Dals)
Contact Programmes.
Distribution of Print Material -leaflets /
pamphlets/ guidelines in easy and local
Bills on local medium of conveyance- Buses,
Rickshaws etc.
Messages on Milk Packets.
Screening of documentary films, spots in public
Through Press..
 Advertisements / Articles / Supplements etc on
Newspapers, weeklies, fortnightlies.
Press conferences and briefs.
Regular column in local dailies, Interviews with field
workers/ stakeholders.
Field visits of developmental journalists for compiling
success stories
“Awareness drive“ Abhiyaan” in association with
leading Newspapers of various states.
space (pages) could be bought in leading
national/regional newspapers to bring out special
features on various schemes/issues relating to both
the Ministries.
 Newsletter
 Workshops
at block /district / state
level of stakeholders.
 Distribution of Print Material -leaflets
/ pamphlets/ guidelines in easy and
local language.
New and emerging media ….
 Messages on railway tickets/reservation forms,
Airport trolleys to create awareness.
 CCTV on railway platform.
 SMS/ Voice Mail/ internet pop-ups.
 Association with Milk Co-operatives,Farmers
 Hiring of agencies for impact studies.
 Talk-shows through private channels.
Toll-free national helpline number:
 Toll-free national helpline number be set up to
enable people to raise questions, submit
grievances and seek assistance/guidance.
The operations will use the latest ICT.
 Dedicated persons based on BPO format
would be identified for the management of the
helpline. The matter is being pursued with
the Department of Telecommunications NIRD.
Educate/create awareness through a tie-up with
IGNOU ( Edusat). Remote village connectivity
Community Radio channel could be setup (in
association with BECIL, I & B Ministry)
Program Quiz/ Essay and various competitions in
educational Institutions, to generate awareness.
Production of Documentaries based on success
stories- to be presented by celebrity / well known
news anchors.
“Discussions forums….Interactive
sessions…seminars etc at village / District levels.
Create awareness through Media Exhibition Vans,
Octonorm counters
 Brand ambassadors)- Mr. Om Puri , Mr Aamir
Khan, Shabana Azmi Ji or high profile NGO
activists who would willingly offer their services
for social developmental cause.
 Online help to Village Panchayats through Call
centers with toll free numbers – an initiative
through NIRD..
 May tie up with cellular phone service
providers for news/updates / information
regarding Gram Sabha meeting, new names
of beneficiaries.
 Constant monitoring and evaluation of action
plan implementation .
 Impact…whether goals achieved!
 Feedback through NGOs.

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