Writing An Essay Outline
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What is an outline?
 An outline is a part of the writing
process called “Pre-Writing.”
 It is a list that outlines all of the
information that you would like to
include in your paper.
 The list helps you to put all of your
information in order before you begin
It is the best way to get your mind
when writing any major paper!
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How does it do that?
An Outline Organizes The Major Parts Of Your Essay:
Your Thesis Statement-The sentence that tells your reader your
ultimate point and what they should expect.
You Major Points-The facts that you are using to prove your main
Your Supporting Details-The examples, facts, quotations, etc. that
further explain and back up each major point. You should have
several for each Major Point.
Your Transitions-The statement or information you will use to
transition form one major point to the next. This stops your
paper from sounding jumpy or disorganized.
Concluding Thoughts-Any thoughts that you would like to include
at the close of your paper to wrap things up and tie it all together.
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Why Write An Outline?
It will help you organize all of the ideas running
around your brain!
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Why Write An Outline?
It will allow you to find any gaps in your
research or ideas early enough to fix them.
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Why Write An Outline?
It will make writing you essay less stressful
because you will KNOW what you have to
work with.
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Why Write An Outline?
Professors are often willing to look over an
outline for you to make sure that you are on
the right track!
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Do I Have To Use Roman
You can organize your outline any way that you would like.
• Use Number or Letters
•Use signs or simple pictures (- * √ ◊ ●)
•You can even do it on the computer and use the bullet
NOTE: If you do your outline on the computer, you can use it as
the basis for your essay. Just remove the bullets when you are
ready and edit what you have already typed!!
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Where do I start?
1. Gather all of your research or notes on the
topic that you are writing about.
2. Review it all and decide what your
research/information is telling you about
your topic.
3. Form a working thesis statement that
describes the point that you want to make
about your topic.
4. Begin to select what information you would
like to include in your essay based on what
proves your point.
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Then what?
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An Outline Organizes Your Information Into 3 major parts
in Preparation For Your Paper:
Your Conclusion
Your Body Paragraphs
Your Introduction
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What goes in the
intro. section?
The Same Information That Should Be In Your Essay’s
Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Statement
Your 1st Major Point
Your 2nd Major Point
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Your 3rd Major Point
What about the
Body section?
The Body Section Outlines The Following Information
On Each Of Your Major Points:
Major point
Supporting Details
relating it back to your thesis
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And the conclusion section…
Your Conclusion Section Does The Following:
NOTE: You do
not have to
rewrite the
thesis or major
points in your
outline if you
do not choose
to, but they
should be in
your essay’s
your thesis statement
your major points
Adds any
final thoughts
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How Will My Final
Outline Look?
Your Final Outline Should Look Something Like This:
 Thesis Statement
 1st major point
 2nd major point
 3rd major point (etc.)
 1st major point
 Supporting details
 Transition
 2nd major point
 Supporting details (35)
 Transition
 3rd major point
 Supporting details (35)
 Concluding Thoughts
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