Bulgarian School System
The Bulgarian educational system covers:
Pre-school education – not compulsory
School education
Includes basic (compulsory), secondary & higher education
Pre-school education
•For children between the age of 3 and the start of basic
education 6(7) years
•The state doesn’t have, the necessary number of kinder
garden for all the children yet.
•Pre-schools, both private and state are for children
aged 5(6) years
In elementary school exists an option called “zanimalnya”.
The pupils do their lessons under the control of a teacher
Pre-school education
 Stimulate the children’s skills, and encourage their
Promote integration in different social groups
Develop expressive and communication skills
Encourage hygienic and healthy habits
Basic education
It's universal, compulsory and free of charge and
directed to children aged 6(7) and 14 years.
It lasts 8 years and is spread over 2 cycles:
 1st cycle – for 4 years – one teacher
 2nd cycle – for 4 years – 8/9 teachers
The School day begins at 8am and finishes at about 14pm
(for Junior and Secondary school)
Basic education
The aim of the compulsory education in Portugal is not only to impart
knowledge, but also to promote personal development.
Great emphasis is placed on developing practical skills, on creativity
and critical evaluation.
The school is based on humanistic and democratic ideals and aims to
promote values like tolerance and freedom of thought, equal status.
It guarantees the student basic learning in Math, History, Geography,
Music, Art, foreign languages ….
Subject-based teaching, changing of teachers and subjects each class
Leads to the diploma of basic education
Secondary education
•For pupils who have completed basic education
•Lasts for 4 years
•Not compulsory (but the state intends to extends
the compulsory education up to 12 years schooling
The Secondary education can be devided into :
-Secondary general (4 years)
- Profile oriented (5 years )
Students can enter the profile-oriented schools upon
completion of grade 7(8) after passing extra examinations
(according to the profile of the school).
The beginning of the school year is September 15
It ends:
-24May for grades 1 & 12
-30May for grades from 2 to 4
-15June for grades from 5 to 8
-30June for grades 9 to 11
Bulgaria uses the numerals grading system of which:
The top mark is a six(6)
The lowest mark is a two (2)
Higher education
Higher education comprises university education and
polytechnic education
Access –Is submitted to number restrictions (numerus clauses)
and admission is done by competition.
Students must have a diploma of Secondary education and do
Exams in specific subjects

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