Pellonpuisto Comprehensive
• The school has roughly 340 pupils.
• The pupils go to grades 7 - 9 and
are 13 - 16 years old.
• There are 29 teachers.
• Pupils in Finland have compulsory
education. The education in Pellonpuisto
Comprehensive School is organized by
the town of Huittinen. A part of the costs of
education is funded by the Finnish
• The school year begins in mid-August and
ends at the beginning of June. There is a
two-week Christmas Holiday and a oneweek Autumn Holiday in October and a
Winter Holiday in February.
• A Finnish speciality at school is a free
school lunch for pupils. It is served for
everyone and it includes a hot meal, bread
and milk or water.
The ninth graders eating meal on the Independence Day in December 2009.
• Health service for school children in
Finland is free of charge.
• Statutory
• Includes annual medical examinations for
each age group.
• Clinical tests
• Health education
Grade Compulsory
Optional Subjects
30 hours / week
2 hours / week
24 hours / week
6 hours / week
23 hours / week
7 hours / week
Art made by pupils.
• There are 2 official languages in Finland:
Finnish and Swedish. The pupils start their
1st foreign language, English, at the age
of 9.
A Swedish lesson.
The language lab.
• A lesson lasts 45 minutes and a break 15
minutes. During the break pupils go out to
the school yard. Girls and boys study
together, except in Physical Education.
Finnish baseball.
• It is also possible to study in a small group
at our school.
• In a small group the student gets
intensified support in his studies.
• There are three different kinds of small
groups in our school.
• (tekninen) (tekstiili) kuvat
Technical work.
Information technology.
Domestic science.
A Chemistry lesson.
An Art lesson.
A Math lesson.
Celebrating Lucia day.
A Concert.
Connecting seventh graders
• Teachers teach 20 - 30 lessons / week
depending on the subject they teach.
• There are usually 2 - 4 exams / year in
every subject. Teachers supervise breaks
and school events.
The Staff at our school 3.9.2010.
Our Comenius group
Welcome to
our school!

Pellonpuisto Comprehensive School