ADA Diabetes-On-Demand and
ADA Living Well with Diabetes
Innovative Patient Education Resources
for ADA Recognized Program Staff
Innovative Patient Educational Resources for
Education Recognition Programs
ADA Diabetes-On-Demand & ADA Diabetes Go-to-Guide™
The American Diabetes Association in collaboration with Krames Staywell is providing this complete
suite of self-management and curriculum resources at no charge to all ADA-Recognized Program
staff. These resources include web-based tools, print, and interactive Go-to-Guides™ you can use
with your patients.
These patient resources were created by Krames Patient Education
in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association and sponsored
by Merck via their Journey for Control Program.
Krames Staywell worked with health care providers, researchers and diabetes educators to select the
most appropriate and helpful information for diabetes self-management, presented in reader-friendly
format. Arranged in folders for easy, print on-demand access to support your busy practice these tools
are accessible from any computer, tablet, or smart-device with internet access.
The information is consistent with all ADA-approved educational content.
The next few slides will guide you through the resources and provide linkes to additional support as
you incorporate these innovative self-help tools into your practice.
Thank you for all you do in helping people with diabetes and their loved ones!
ADA Diabetes-On-Demand & ADA Diabetes Go-to-Guide™ Staff Resources
• Comprehensive print workbooks available in English and Spanish
• Interactive multi-media workbooks
• Print-on-demand educator interface capability through Krames On-Demand
• Deliver diabetes-educator-dispensed content that will promote overall diabetes self-management
• Facilitate direct access of diabetes health content to educators and their patients
• Provide an innovative delivery system for diabetes content that will promote awareness, action,
and behavior change among patients
• Support educators and healthcare professionals with a well respected diabetes education
Diabetes Health Education at Your Fingertips…
• 181 HealthSheet titles
arranged in easy to use
• Library of 3000 English
and 3000 Spanish sheets
• Search by “diabetes”
to see all titles, or view
the “custom content”
folder under “Browse”
• Create you own folder
with your favorite titles
• Most HealthSheets are
available in multiple
The ADA Recognized Program & Diabetes-On-Demand
Language Options
Language Key
•EN - English
•SP - Spanish
•AA - Arabic
•AR - Armenian
•CH - Chinese
•FA - Farsi
•FR - French
•HM - Hmong
•KO - Korean
•PL - Polish
•PO - Portuguese
•RU - Russian
•SO - Somali
•TA - Tagalog
•VI - Vietnamese
Diabetes Health Education at Your Fingertips…
Simple Web interface
Quickly search or browse for HealthSheets by topic
Arranged in folders to save time and support ADA
accreditation process
Allows you to personalize sheets for the patient
Print individual sheets or in batches for individual
plans or to create custom education brochures
E-mail HealthSheets between education sessions or
as goal-setting & reminder tool prior to classes
Enhances communication and increases patient
Available in multiple languages
ADA Diabetes-On-Demand
Login to the ADA Recognized Program Diabetes-On-Demand by pasting the link above into
your browser, then enter:
Account Name: ADA1
User Name: (last 4 digits of your program ID number)
Password Name: password
Or, you can link directly into your KOD account from Chronicle Diabetes at
ADA Diabetes-On-Demand
To access the Quick Start Guide go to
ADA Diabetes-On-Demand Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide includes tips on personalizing education with your program
name and contact information as well as printing multiple handouts in one easy step.
Where to find the ADA Diabetes Go-To-Guide™
ADA Recognized Program Staff have access to additional handouts, DSMS resources,
easy order for print books, and more…bookmark these sites
The ADA Diabetes Go-To-Guide™
The ADA Diabetes Go-to-Guide™, created by Krames Staywell in collaboration with the
American Diabetes Association and brought to you by the Journey for Control Program
sponsored by Merck & Company, is a 64-page, self-care, interactive workbook to help
your patients make the daily decision to manage their diabetes.
The ADA Diabetes Go-to-Guide™ Includes…
Additional information encouraging a pro-active approach to managing risks
associated with Diabetes and Print Tools (hand-outs) inside the Go-to-Guide
and on
The ADA Diabetes Go-to-Guide™ Features…
Easy to follow Quiz at end
of each section to test
Unique page-turning format is familiar
and comfortable to a wider audience,
even those less web-savvy.
Intuitive navigation
bar allows users to
move through the
workbook with
ease. Users may
return to the
workbook again
and again,
continuing where
they left off.
The ADA Living Well with Diabetes Go-to-Guide™ Features…
Audio voiceover of the
text improves
comprehension for
patients at all reading
Videos and animations
help patients visualize
physiology and other
medical concepts.
Click on RED highlighted
medical terms for easy to
understand explanation.
ADA Living Well with Diabetes Go-To-Guide™ Navigation and Special Features
Easy to read,
listen, watch,
and learn
Easy to
& Smart
ADA Living Well with Diabetes Go-To-Guide™ Feedback
“This is a much appreciated tool that I use every day, thank you!”
“I am a Diabetes Educator and this material is wonderful.
The information is trusted and saves me a lot of time.”
“Great resource!!! I use the Go-to-Guide™ in my classes and it is
easy for the patients to follow.”
The next two slides include instructions on how to login from any
computer with Internet access or create a shortcut from your desktop…
This shortcut is created the same way as the intranet link, except for the creation of
an icon on your desktop.
To create a shortcut on your desktop:
1. Go to Windows Desktop
2. Right Click on Desktop – Choose New/Shortcut
3. Copy and Paste the url path below
4. Click NEXT.
5. Insert Account Name, user name, and password.
User Name = (last 4 digits of your program ID number)
Password = password (password is case sensitive and cannot be changed)
6. Click next example
7. Name Shortcut “Krames Patient Education”
8. Click Finish
9. Test Shortcut
Comprehensive Print Workbooks
The Living Well with Diabetes print edition workbook is designed and formatted in collaboration with
the ADA and Merck & Company, Inc.
This workbook is an integral part of the ADA’s efforts to promote awareness,
action, and behavior change among patients.
The workbook is available in both English and Spanish print.
Convenient and easy to order using on-line order form at
Questions and Support
For technical support with Krames On-Demand, please email the Krames Help Desk at: or call 1-800-203-7902 option 1 for Help Desk.
Training, guidance and how-to-support available at:
or call Kellie Brogden to schedule a training webinar for your program staff.
We value your feedback and are here to help! For questions and comments
please contact your support representative below:
Kellie Brogden
Program Coordinator, Specialty Division
Krames Staywell
407 Norwalk St.
Greensboro, N.C. 27407
Phone: 336-547-8970 ext 3334

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