Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About
Presented by Jamie Edrich, Reference Librarian
Sachem Public Library
1. Web
2. Images
3. Groups
4. News
5. Froogle
6. Local
Simply select the search method you want, enter any terms into the field and
hit return (or the “Google Search” button)
Searching Fundamentals
Isolate the essence of what you are looking for into a few
“keywords” ex: book review blink
2. Try most obvious words first. For information on Picasso,
enter Picasso rather than painters
3. Make your keywords specific. antique lead soldiers gets
more relevant results than old metal toys
Sample searches
Use the search terms that would reveal the perfect site you are looking for.
ex: 15th president united states
ex: passport application
apply for passport
Advanced Operators
(to control your results)
“ ”
EXCLUDE a word from results with the “minus key”
- To find the fish:
bass -music
- To find the instrument:
bass -fishing
- To find the patriot (not the beer): samuel adams -beer
RELATED words and synonyms with the “tilde”
ex: ~humor returns sites on humor, comedy, fun, jokes
Quotations to find an exact phrase
ex: “that was the year that was”
Wildcard (asterisk) to find missing word(s) but not letters
ex: “apple has * calories” or “Four * and * Years ago”
The Wildcard command does Not perform stemming or truncation.
Google uses stemming by default.
A search for children labor will find ‘child labor’ also.
Advanced Search Page
• Languages
– Search for sites in any of 35 possible languages
• File Formats
– search for specific file types (pdf, ps, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, swf)
– ex: map filetype:pdf google filetype:ppt
• Dates
– Search for sites updated in past 3, 6, 12 months, anytime
• Domains
– Search a specific domain (.org, .edu, .gov) or even a specific website
– ex: psychology site:utexas.edu avian flu site:cnn.com
• Similar sites
– Find web sites with similar content to your favorite ones
– ex: related:cnn.com
• Links
– Find out what pages are linking to a given site
– ex: link:suffolk.lib.ny.us
Query Modifiers
• intitle:
– lets you search for terms in the title of a webpage
– ex: intitle:museum
• allintitle: all words you enter must be in title
• inurl:
– Lets you search for terms in the url of a webpage
– ex: inurl:gallery
• allinurl: all words you enter must be in url
• cache: shows google’s stored page (search terms highlighted)
– ex: cache:www.yahoo.com
• info: information about the page
– ex: info:www.yahoo.com
“Hidden” Features of Google’s Web Search
basic math
roman numerals
ex: 87 * 22, 4**3, 8*(24+17) , 7! , square root of 64
ex: 1983 in roman numerals
ex: how many teaspoons in a tablespoon , ounces in 7.5 cups
ex: feet in a mile / inches / cm / lightyears
ex: 1 usd in pounds / yen / euros / pesos
You can enter the conversion in either direction. ex: 1 foot in inches or inches in a foot
You can use proper abbreviations as well.
ex: tsp in a tbsp or ft in a yd
Spell Checker/Dictionary
Google automatically looks at your terms to see if you’re using
the most common spelling of a word. If not, it makes a suggestion.
ex: hemorage, bramuda, speilberg
Search By Number
UPS, FEDEX and USPS tracking
ex: 1Z9999W99999999999
Area Codes, V.I.N. #’s, UPC codes
ex: 631, 073333531084
Search By Number Range
ex: willie mays 1955..1960
More “Hidden” Features
For Residential and Business listings
Enter last name and state
Enter last name, city and state
Full name and city/state
Business name, city/state
ex: phonebook: Smith CA
ex: phonebook: Smith Los Angeles CA
ex: phonebook: John Smith Los Angeles CA
ex: phonebook: pizza Holbrook, NY
When you enter either a full name or a city and state ex: John Smith, NY
you don’t need to include “phonebook:” in the search. ex: Smith, Holbrook, NY
Reverse phonebook lookup
Enter a 10 digit number (doesn’t require dashes)
Zipcode lookup
Look up a listing by last name and zipcode
ex: 631-588-5024
ex: Smith, 11741
(Even More Hidden Features)
Stock Quotes/Mutual Funds
Enter any NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX symbol for financial info
ex: IBM, MSFT ex: stocks: ibm mco msft
Street maps
Enter a street address, city, state and zip code,
then select “Google Maps”, “Yahoo Maps” or “Mapquest” for your Map
ex: 150 Holbrook Rd, Holbrook, NY, 11741
Note: Provide as much of the address as you can, though often the street
address and city (or zipcode) will be enough
ex: 165 University Ave Palo Alto , 150 Holbrook Rd, 11741
Provides a list of definitions found on the web, for almost any word, idea or concept…
ex: define:tsunami , define:trade winds,
ex: define:habeas corpus , define:peripheral neuropathy
Music Search – enter a musical group to get links to albums, songs, lyrics, etc.
Google Image Search
(over 1 billion images indexed)
• Set “filtering” in preferences (to exclude explicit material)
• Uses same basic search rules as web search.
• Images are indexed according to image filename, text on
the same page and other factors.
focus your
Term Used
pointer dog
pointer breed
Number of Results
2,770,000 images
221,000 images
7710 images
3090 images
Advanced Image Search lets you specify the SIZE, FILE TYPE and COLOR
Sizes: small, medium, large
File Types: jpg, gif, png, any file type
Colors: black & white, grayscale, full color, any colors
Google Local / Google Maps
Search for maps, directions, businesses
Google Labs
• Google Scholar (scholar.google.com)
– search for academic articles, books ex: cloning
– search for books in library ex: molecular cloning
• Book Search (books.google.com)
– search contents of books, peek inside
ex: book lust
• Google Video (video.google.com)
– search tv programs and videos
• Google Sets (labs.google.com/sets)
– ex: donner, blitzen -- mets, yankees -- earth, venus
Google News Search
(search 4500 news sources)
News Searching uses same basic search rules and operators
Advanced News Search
News Source
select a newspaper or TV channel to search
ex: CNN, New York Times, Washington Post,
Boston Globe, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, etc.
search a news source by a country or state
ex: Texas, Russia, UK, Turkey
Search the article text, the headline only, the
body only, the url
Search any time period within last 2 months
You can use an “advanced news search” to find all
articles with “Alito” in the Headline of articles in the
Washington Post from the last week.
Language Tools
1. Search for web sites in any language
2. Find pages located in any country
3. Translate between languages
**You can translate selected text
or entire web pages **
Chinese (beta)
Japanese (beta)
Korean (beta)
(Google Product Searching)
1. Enter any product name to finds photos of relevant products and
links to the stores that sell them.
2. Browse categories on the Froogle homepage
3. Limit your search by price range and sort results by price, product
or merchant rating.
4. Search for products located near you (NEW)
Number of Results
Search on just the model number to quickly find a specific item
Google Toolbar:
•Add a search box to your browser
•Highlight search terms on results page
•Search from any webpage
•Block annoying pop-ups
•Automatically fill in online forms
•Browse by name
Google Earth: (earth.google.com) *requires a moderately powerful PC
•Zoom into locations around the globe, get directions, locate businesses, schools,
parks, churches, banks, etc.
•3d buildings for 40 cities
•3d terrain
•Measure distances from your house to a whole country

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