Search Techniques for the
Search Savvy
What to use?
• Search Engines
Very complete
Harvested by BOTS
Generally sites do not
pay to be on search
– Google
• Search Directories
– Encyclopedia like
– Organized by topic
– Often sites pay to be
– Yahoo
Other vehicles to use
• Invisible Web
– usually organized like
a search directory
– Behind a database
and therefore
unsearchable by
another database
– Often yields
specialized information
– Beaucoup
• Meta Search Engines
– Compile results by
searching other search
– Can be limited by the
engines being
- Vivisimo- clustered
meta search engine
Be sure to put the search criteria in
the correct location
Enter key search
words here
What can you learn from an item in your list?
Some of site
content taken
verbatim from
• - World of Math Online Free
math lessons and math homework help
from basic math to algebra, geometry and
beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and
everyone ...
(URL) - 22k - 16 Aug 2004 Cached - Similar pages
Other related sites
Saved on Google
Refining your search
Time to apply Advanced Search
• The words- math fraction lesson plans are
yielding results of a word by word search
• By looking in the large category of math and
then by grouping fraction lesson plans together
we will get very different results
• Put fraction lesson plans in the exact phrase
section of the advanced search in Google
• By the search button- click on advanced search
Math “fractions lesson plans”
• Use quotations for exact phrase- helps with refining search and also
when checking for plagarism
Other ways to refine your search
• Use a tilde ~
to get
synonyms of
your search
(you don’t
have to
know the
synonyms to
use this
• Use symbols
• + means you
want one
word and the
other word to
both be
included in
your search
• Or if you want
dogs but do not
want any
references to cats
use the – symbol
• Be sure that the –
symbol does not
have a space by
the word you want
to leave out
• And, or, but,
not are used
in Boolean
ctories and
are very
much like
the symbols
• An example
of this EBSCO
You have been there before and know what
you want but not quite where to find it?
• Search by
• Curriculum
Need some numerical information?
• A price range, dates,
or other sequential
• Put in what you want
followed by the
number range. The
numbers will be
separated by two dots
• Olympic records
Key words to help your searching
• Define - define pesticides
• Related- or use similar in page-specific search
section of advanced search
• Info
• Inurl (to get a URL with what you want in the
title) or use Occurances in advanced search
• Link (to similar websites or to check validity of
site) or use links in page-specific search section
of advanced search
Other Advanced Search Functions
By date
By where key words
appear on page
Filtering results
Google Search Tabs
A closer look
• Google Images
• Google News
Google Services
Other ways that Google can
help with answers
• Calculator/ Converter
• Travel Information
• And more on their information and search
By refining your search
techniques you will…
• Save time
• Find more accurate
• Become more search

Search Techniques for the Search Savvy