How the MoversPOE
E-Tracking System
Works for You!
Without an E-Tracking System
Following a shipment is an exhausting and tedious process
because you need to frequently:
 Manually type all the information about the Customer
 Manually fill all the Shipment related documents (Instructions,
CBP/ISF, etc.)
 Verify the dates with the Shipping Company, the Agent and the
 Continually update your files, your Agent, your Customer…
Also, you need to be available to answer Customer enquiries
whenever they call, even at the busiest and most inconvenient
What Will E-Tracking Do For Me?
 E-Tracking is a great way to service your
Customers and provide them with a state-ofthe–art moving experience
 Our E-Tracking System provides the tools
that will help YOU track your shipments
accurately and efficiently from start to finish
with minimal typing
E-Tracking: Communication
Easily send a Welcome message, a request to fill in their
personal details, Time Table and other information updates to
the Customer
Customers fill in their details (addresses, dates, etc.)
Easily send messages to Agents and Partners: Pre-Alert,
Delivery Instructions, Booking, CBP/ISF 10+2 (for shipments to
the USA) and Time Table update
Schedule, Messages and attached files reside on-line,
accessible to the Customer, the Agent and YOU, 24/7 from
anywhere in the world!!
Supports 9 Languages!!
E-Tracking: Reminders
With MoversPOE’s E-Tracking System, you do not need to
check the status of your consignments every day!!
 You get a reminder a few days before every Consignment Milestone
 The Shipping Company receives an email reminder to check and update
the Time Table of your consignment a few days before its arrival and
 Destination Agents receive an email reminder a few days before the ETA
and any other activity that is their responsibility
 You receive notifications by email every time the Customer, the Shipping
Company or the Agent modifies any information related to the shipment
MoversPOE E-Tracking System Means More Efficiency
With the MoversPOE’s
E-Tracking System you don’t
have to check status daily and
you won’t forget any Shipping
And, your Customers enjoy 24/7 Internet
access to their most updated information
How It Works
Mover/Customer Synergy
You send a Welcome message to the Customer,
asking them to fill in their personal details
You fill in the Shipment Information and the
Consignment Schedule
Your Customer receives updates by email and can
monitor their Shipment Status and Schedule on-line
24/7 at their convenience
How It Works
Mover/Agent Synergy
You select the Agent from the MoversPOE list of
Agents. Contact information is uploaded from the
MoversPOE database with one click
With one click the E-Tracking System generates an
email to the Destination or Origin Agent
The Agent modifies the information directly into the
E-Tracking System and the system notifies you of
the Agent’s changes by email
Supported Types of Shipments
 Individual
 Groupage
 Sea
 Air
 Land
 Import
 Export
 Move Management
MoversPOE E-Tracking System Works for You!
The MoversPOE
E-Tracking System
Works for You!
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