CAP - Implementation Update
(Implementation Workshop – Geneva, Switzerland 9-10 December 2008)
Norm Paulsen (
Meteorological Service of Canada (Toronto)
- Information Strategy Section
December 9th, 2008
National Public Alerting System (NPAS)
• Canada building a National Public Alerting System using CAP
• Involves
– Governments at all levels
– Media at all levels
– Some private companies
• Meteorological Service of Canada (part of Environment Canada)
– Estimating 100,000 weather alerts annually (250 most critical level)
• Natural Resources Canada
– Estimating 100 geo-hazard alerts annually (25 most critical level)
• Numerous other jurisdictions
– Estimates not yet available (Issuer and event list growing and open ended for
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CAP - Canadian Profile
• All parties jointly have built a Canadian Profile of CAP
Canadian events
Canadian locations
Canadian interpretations
Canadian rules
▪ Languages
▪ Issuer rights
• A valid CAP-CP file will also validate to CAP
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The Most Critical Alerts…
• are the main interest of the political leaders
• are defined as “Broadcast Intrusive” within the Public Alerting
• Distributors are to apply intrusive measures in getting the message
out (pushing with bells and whistles)
• The Intrusive setting will be handled with the use of a <parameter>
tag in the NPAS layer of the CAP files
• NPAS to aggregate, validate, modify where necessary, and act as a
dispatch centre for the distributors within the NPAS community
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Met. Service of Canada (MSC)…
• has built an implementation of CAP-CP as a guide to all other
Canadian efforts in public alerting
• Over 32000 MSC CAP-CP messages produced since June 2008
• So far…6 different “Feeds” (message conduits) created to
demonstrate message targeting…
Targeting by Location (city, location)
Targeting by Urgency (immediate, future, etc..)
Targeting by Event Kind (tornado, blizzard)
• This MSC implementation is known as the CAP Canadian Profile
“Reference Implementation”
• We see it as a template for Canadian public alerting stakeholders to follow for
interpretation and guidance of CAP and CAP-CP.
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Web Site (
• Sections Include
RSS alert feeds
Reference Implementation
CAP examples
Alerting Scenarios
Supporting Documents
Site Change log
Future Change log
• Access filtered to those who self identify to EC
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