GSM 126 –Introduction to
Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (#MCCSM)
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• What is Yammer?
• Why Yammer?
• 4 easy Steps to Get Started
• Once You Are Signed up
• Other Features
• Helpful Links
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What’s Yammer?
• Social network and collaboration platform for companies
• Like Facebook but for work
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Why Yammer?
• Not just social but a collaborative platform for organizations
• Great for managing/sharing documents
• More efficient work unit communication
• Can help reduce the amount of email you send & receive
• Can help reduce face-to-face meetings
• Puts faces to processes and activities….makes work more
• Integrates well with SharePoint
• Mobile friendly
• Paid versions of Yammer allows secure collaboration with
people external to your organization
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4 Easy Steps to Get Started
Creating Your Account
1. Go to
2. Enter your work email address and click “Sign
3. Check your work email for a confirmation link
from Yammer. Follow the instructions to
complete your account activation.
4. Complete Your Profile!
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Once You’re Signed Up
Create or Join Groups!
• The ability to create Groups for collaboration is a key benefit of
• Groups can facilitate projects that span campuses or departments
• Can help staff share files and discuss issues within departments or
work units.
• Browse existing groups to connect and learn from others outside
your work unit.
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Once You’re Signed Up
Set Your Notifications!
• Select "Edit Profile" from the “Account” dropdown menu located in
the upper right corner. Notifications will be located on the left side of
• Daily or weekly email digests gathers all the activity that may be
relevant to you in a single message.
• Email notifications can be set by action or by group. Click “Save”
when you’re done.
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Once You’re Signed Up
Set Your Home Feed!
• Select “Top” “All” or “Following” on the top left side of your home
feed page.
• Select “Remember my feed selection” from the gear dropdown menu
on the right side of your home feed page.
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Once You’re Signed Up
Search for Relevant Content!
• Typeahead Search
• Find content as you type in the search bar.
• Search results are categorized by content type (people, groups, files,
Notes, topics, links, integrated apps, etc.)
• If the item you’re looking for is not in the suggested results, click on
“See All Search Results” at the bottom.
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Once You’re Signed Up
Search for Relevant Content!
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Once You’re Signed Up
Follow People and Topics!
• To follow a person, click the "follow" button underneath their profile
• To follow a topic, click Topics > [choose the topic you would like to
follow] > click the “+ Follow” button.
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Other Features
• Notes/Wiki
• Private Messaging
• File Sharing
• Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
• Instant Chat
• Integrations
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Helpful Links
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• Find out if your company is using Yammer
• Go to and register using your
work email address
• Start Yammering!
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Questions & Discussion
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