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User Group Kickoff
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Your presenters today:
 David Myers (RDz Product Line Manager)
 Jon Sayles (RDz ecosystem team)
 Larry England (Rational Architect)
 Russ Courtney (PD tools technical sales)
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Before we begin…
 This is the third virtual user group!!
 Thanks for coming
 Growing Great!! Over 150 registered!
 Based on your feedback we plan to hold 1 per quarter
 Current thoughts on topics in COBOL café – RDz hub
 Please provide comments if you have sessions you want to see
 Next user group planned for 2Q
April 20th - Enterprise Modernization - Bringing your teams into the 21st Century
 RDz and Team Development
 Rational Team Concert for System z (RTCz)
 RDz and SCM (Source Control Management Systems) Deep Dive
 CA-Endevor
 Changeman
 ClearCase for System z
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Enterprise Modernization solutions
A smarter way to maximize the value of your applications, people and
Reduce application
maintenance costs, increase
agility to respond to change
and increase overall quality
Consolidate team
to increase efficiency,
and governance across
software lifecycle
Achieve greater business
agility and productivity
by leveraging existing
domain knowledge
and new talent
For more information, visit:
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Rational Developer for System z (RDz) overview
What is RDz
 Eclipse-based IDE speeding modern composite
(SOA) application development
RDz supports Enterprise Modernization
 Links WAS and core system z processing
 Supports common IDE for COBOL, PL/I, C,
C++, HLASM, Java, EGL and web services
 Transforms UML to COBOL source code
Data set
USS Command Shell
TSO Command Shell
JES subsystem view
 Provides interactive access to z/OS for
development, debug, job generation,
submission, monitoring, command execution
 Supports new and existing runtimes (CICS,
IMS, Batch, USS, DB2 SP, WAS)
Service Flow
RDz supports SOA
 Enables CICS and IMS applications for web
services and SOA
 Supports for J2EE, JCA, XML, web services
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Agenda for today
Traditional z/OS Maintenance - Bringing your Development Organization into
the 21st Century
 RDz and z/OS Traditional Maintenance and Support
 PD Tools and RDz
 RDz - PL/I and HLASM Development
 RAA - for Traditional Maintenance and for producing more efficient COBOL
 Menu Manager and HATS to front-end ISPF tools
 The Data Perspective
IBM Software Group | Rational software
RDz and PD tools for a single developer desktop
RDz workstation
Displaying Fault
Analyzer report
Editing data with
File Manager
application with
Debug Tool
Developing System z
Application with RDz
 RDz works with the existing PD tools on the host; not different versions
 RDz accesses the PD tools function as you would see it on the green screen and
exposes/enhances it through the windows client
 RDz facilitates easy access to all three tools at the same time for an integrated
desktop development experience
IBM Software Group | Rational software
Bridging Development and Analysis in the IDE
 Bring application analysis information into
the IDE to aid in program development and
 Link code to data and runtime resources
 Visualize code structure and flow
 Understand the effect of changes made in
the IDE when deployed into production
 Run impact analysis on code changes to
determine effected production modules
 Size testing efforts and
create workspaces for
IBM Software Group | Rational software
RDz Adoption Patterns for success
1. Start small and get the tool installed and configured
 Pick a project (Enabling for Web Services, Need for more productivity, etc)
 Integrate your common tools. source code management systems, and the IBM Problem
Determination tools (Debug Tool, File Manager, Fault Analyzer)
 Configure the tool according to your shop standards (templates, code libraries, build
process, etc)
2. Try out RDz using your software development process
 Find out what works and what does not work, develop recommendations
 Work with the IBM teams, we want you to be successful
IBM Software Group | Rational software
RDz Adoption Patterns for success (cont)
3. Get trained!!
 Don’t expect 40 year mainframe veterans to adjust from green screen to GUI overnight
 Learn all the capabilities in RDz you can take advantage of, there are many things to
either supplement or replace manual steps you have today
 Teach people the common usage patterns of the tools to best save MIPS and money
4. Setup mentor groups, power users, or a support organization
 Have a go-to person/group for guidance so as to not discourage new users
 Power users can help train others and drive adoption ensuring success
IBM Software Group | Rational software

Rational Developer for System z