By Charlotte, Marie, Merve
The 31st day of November I went to Turkey.
Just before the departure, I didn't want to go
there anymore because I was scared to be
hosted by a family whom I didn't know, didn't
ever meet, and I was scared to be alone more
than all.
The third day, I was terrorised about the idea to
have someone with whom I could exchange in
my family. But I was really welcomed so this
terror went far away.
I had come back to Turkey from France on 30th
of November and on the 31st a student whose
name was Marie, was coming. When I was in
France I had stayed in a host family so I knew
that it’s hard to live with foreign people. It’s
hard because you can’t communicate because of
speaking different languages and it’s
completely different culture so foods are
different, people are different. If you live with
people that you don’t know, after a while you
start to get bored. That’s why I would try to
make Marie have fun. Finally I arrived to
airport to meet with French students. We were
waiting for them but they weren’t around. We
didn’t know how to find them. I didn’t know
which girl was Marie.
I was embarrassed by the behaviour of
Merve’s mother. Her mother was very
motherly toward me, I got used to it after.
I really liked visiting Istanbul by night
with Merve and her mother. When I had
done with the visit, I got on well with
Merve and her mother, I found their
company very cool and exciting and I felt
as if I was a member of the family.
One week passed so quickly with Marie
and I think she had a good time, even
though I couldn’t be with her when they
were on trips. As I said before I tried to
make her have fun. We went to Ortaköy
and Taksim. When we were in Taksim,
we met Sezen and Marine. Actually our
aim was to be all together. Another day
she went to some places with her friends
and their correspondents. I think I also
bored her because I had to study for my
exams. However when I was working,
my mother took care of her. I hope she
had fun and liked us because we liked
her so much. She is a pretty good friend
and person.
I spent a good time with Merve and her
family. It was a good experience and I liked
it so much but unhappily I couldn’t
welcome her in my home in Grenoble, so
my friend Charlotte did it. Now it’s
Charlotte’s turn.
Hello my Diary Kitty!!
Like Marie, I have been to Turkey, to Istanbul and I have been hosted by
Dilara, another Turkish girl but she is not a friend of Merve that’s why I
didn’t spend any time with her and Marie, it was SUCH A SHAME! When I
was at Dilara’s home it was like a dream. Her family is very friendly and rich,
her parents are architects so their home is very beautiful … When I came there
for the first time, I was ashamed because where she lives is so different from
But Dilara and her family made me feel good, not stressed. And I got a small
cake, a representation of welcoming for a foreigner. It touched me. Day after
day, I felt better and better there, the family was so friendly and I went back
to France with ideas and dreams in my head…
What good holidays!
Projet Comenius ‘Regards Croisés’ 20082009.