Welcome to the School of
Business, Economics and Law
University of Gothenburg
Founded as a private Business School in 1923
Public institution within the National Ministry
of Education in 1960
Became a part of the University of Gothenburg in 1971
Became an independent unit within the University in 1986
Moved to an expanded campus in 1995
Independent Faculty Board in 1997
The founder's vision was to provide an academically based
education with a combination of business administration,
economics and law with a strong emphasis on languages.
Sweden’s largest Business School
• 440 staff - 40 professors
• 4,700 full-time students
• 550 exchange students
• Income 2008: 350 million, of which
55% government-financed
45% external grants
Business Administration
Economic History
Economics and Statistics
Human and Economic Geography
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Bachelor and Master programmes
Bachelor Programme in Business and Economics
Bachelor Programme in Logistics
Master Degree Programme in Law
Bachelor Programme in Environmental Social
Graduate School
Master of Science in Accounting
Master of Science in Economics
Master of Science in Enviromental Management and Economics
Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Industrial Management
Master of Science in Intellectual Capital Management
Master of Science in International Business and Trade
Master of Science in Logistics and Transport Management
Master of Science in Management
Master of Science in Marketing
Master of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Partnership Programme
• Agreement of co-operation between business companies,
public administration and the School
• Long-term relationships
• 42 partner companies
• A partner for further education
• Career Service – meeting point for students and employers
• Alumni – relationships with former students
An international School
• offers over 400 international exchange opportunities within
exchange network of 146 partner universities in 36 countries
• hosts 350 international exchange students every year
• sends over 200 students on exchange per year
• 200 international students are enrolled in Graduate School
• 220 students experience a short programme abroad
• was granted a full accreditation by EQUIS in 2004.
EQUIS Re-accreditation 2009
What is EQUIS?
An international quality stamp of higher education in the fields of Business
Administration, Economics and Management.
Important elements are: Internationalisation, Corporate Connections and
strong Research. The School has been accredited since 2004.
Why is EQUIS important for you?
EQUIS is an internationally recognised, respected quality stamp.
It is a competitive advantage to receive a degree from an EQUIS
accredited School.
An international evaluation team will visit us Sept 29th – Oct 1st
Consists of four persons. May visit lectures.
Will interview a selected group of students during their visit.
International Office
Located in building C, 4th floor (C4)
Visiting hours:
Monday - Thursday
10 am – 12.30 pm
Internet: www.handels.gu.se/international
E-mail: exchange@handels.gu.se
International Office
For questions regarding
Letter of acceptance
Course registration
Course changes
Certificate of attendance
contact Chie Inoue, exchange@handels.gu.se, room C418
Course Information
New course
FEA476 Intermodal Freight Transport 7,5 ECTS
GM1020 Continuous – Time Finance 7,5 ECTS
Cancelled course
FEA449 Change Management 7,5 ECTS
GM1011 Asset Pricing: Fixed Income 7,5 ECTS
Schedules for the second quarter will be available in
the end of October.
Last day for course changes
Autumn 1: Monday 7 September (3 pm)
Autumn 2: Monday 16 November (3 pm)
Please note: you are not able to change courses
(add or delete) online.
Ta make changes, send an email to exchange@handels.gu.se
or fill out the yellow form and hand it in to the International Office
in B 41 before 2.30 pm today.
Computer Account
To connect to the wireless environment at the School please use
the password in your information package. This is valid for one
month, until 30 September 2009.
You will receive a user name and password for the School’s
computers after your registration have been completed. We will
keep you informed.
• Plagiarism and other forms of cheating is not tolerated at
the University of Gothenburg
• The student’s home university will be notified
• Students risk their results being withheld
Letter of Acceptance
Dear Student
ID No: 000000-P000
This is to advise you that you have been accepted for studies at THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
(1 September – 18 January) under the auspices of an exchange agreement.
This letter of acceptance has been issued on the understanding that:
no tuition fees will be charged for your studies at the School;
all residence, or other housing fees incurred during your stay in Göteborg will be
paid by you;
upon arrival, you will be in possession of all necessary documentation for your
entry to and sojourn in Sweden;
the authorization of an extension of the study period shown above is subject to
approval by your home institution and the undersigned.
Feel free to contact me, if you require further information.
Access Card
Within a few days you will receive an Access Card to the School.
To get the pin code to your Access Card; take the four last digits in
your ID-number (found on your letter of acceptance)
– change P to 1.
If your ID-number is 821102-P373 your pin code will be 1373
Swedish Language Course
If you have questions regarding the Swedish
Language Course, contact Ann-Marie
All exchange students are covered by the
University’s insurance policy
A claim form can be downloaded from
Monday 31 August
10 – 12 am
Information Meeting for New Exchange Students
Malmstenssalen, A2 (Building A, 2nd floor)
12 – 2.30 pm
Registration and sightseeing
Students are grouped according to Family Names
Group 1: A-D (Adamcakova – Dufief)
Group 2: E-K (Eissenberger – Kugler)
Group 3: L-R (L´Hostis – Rüggeberg)
Group 4: S-Z (Saari– Zimmermann)
Group 1
12 – 12.45 pm
12.45 – 1.15 pm
Group 2
12 – 12.30 pm
12.30 – 1.15 pm
Group 3
1.15 – 2 pm
2 – 2.30 pm
Group 4
1.15 – 1.45pm
1.45 – 2.30 pm
4 – 6 pm
Course modifications Room B41 (Building B, 4th floor)
Library Card Room D42 - D45 (Building D, 4th floor)
Sightseeing, Reception Desk, (Building A, 2nd floor)
Sightseeing, Reception Desk, (Building A, 2nd floor)
Registration for Courses Room B41 (Building B, 4th floor)
Library Card Room D42 - D45 (Building D, 4th floor)
Registration for Courses Room B41 (Building B, 4th floor)
Library Card Room D42 - D45 (Building D, 4th floor)
Sightseeing, Reception Desk, (Building A, 2nd floor)
Sightseeing, Reception Desk, (Building A, 2nd floor)
Registration for Courses Room B41 (Building B, 4th floor)
Library Card Room D42 - D45 (Building D, 4th floor)
Welcome Reception
Hyllan, E4 (Building E, 4th floor, above the restaurant)
A: Dean’s Office (6th floor), Economics Library (EKB)
(3rd floor), Reception ( 2nd floor), Malmstensalen,
B: Human and Economic Geography (5th - 6th floor),
C: Law (5th - 6th floor), “Handelsboden”(3rd floor), ICU,
GBS and Career Services (4th floor), International
Office (4th floor)
D: Finance (5th - 6th floor), Computer rooms (4th floor)
E: Economics (5th - 6th floor), Volvo-salen (4th floor),
SEB-salen (4th floor), Handelsrätten Restaurant (3rd
F: CG-salen (4th floor), SKF-salen (4th floor),
Caretaker’s office (3rd floor), Computer room (2nd floor)
G: Lecture Hall,
H: The Student Union (HHGS)
J: Business Administration ( 3rd floor), IT- Service (2nd
Economic History: Skanstorget 18
Welcome Reception
Monday 31 August
Time: 4 - 6 pm
Location: Hyllan, E4 (building E, 4th floor)
(above the restaurant)