Professional Network Forum, Graz
Institut des langues
officielles et du
bilinguisme (ILOB)
Research expertise, research networks:
• Second language learning, teaching and testing
• Linguistic and social aspects of individual and societal
• Language policy and planning, and the politics of
OLBI (CCERBAL) acting as the Canadian representative
Partners’ highlights
Past year:
A year of anniversaries!
• 20th anniversary of our Second Language Teaching
• 40th anniversary of the Concours de français langue
seconde d’Ottawa Carleton
• 50th anniversary of the Royal Commission on
Bilingualism and Biculturalism Commission
– Series of lectures and symposia across Canada to
celebrate this important milestone
Partners’ highlights
• Colloque LATINUS
– La norme linguistique en classe de FLE/S (25-27
octobre, 2012)
• CCERBAL symposia
– High Functioning Bilingual Scholars (February 15,
– Littéracies universitaires des francophones de milieu
minoritaire (25-26 avril, 2013)
• Language without Borders (CASLT conference)
– Éclairage de la recherche sur la pratique en
apprentissage des langues assisté par ordinateur
(April 18-20, 2013)
Partners’ highlights
• Canadian experts on ECML 2012-15 program
– CARAP, D. Moore and L. Ambrosio
• Workshops, conferences in Canada and in Japan
– CLIL 2.0, R. Lyster
• Mapping pluriliteracies development (Graz Group,
May 2013)
- International research project on the challenges of
multilingualism in cities
- Direction of the RIFL (Réseau interuniversitaire de
formation en langues) of the OUI (Organisation
universitaire interaméricaine)
Partners’ highlights
• OLBI Working Papers
– Innovative practices in Computer Assisted Language
Learning, Vol. 5, Mai 2013
– French Immersion at University Level, Vol. 6,
November 2013
Other news:
• OLBI Research Chair in New Technologies and
Computer Assisted Language Learning
– M.-J. Hamel, Dir. CCERBAL (2012-2017)
• Master of Arts in Bilingualism Studies
Partners’ highlights
Forthcoming year:
• CCERBAL conference
– Literacies and autonomy of Advanced Language
Learners (April 24-25, 2014)
• MA in Bilingualism Studies
– First cohort (Academic year 2014-2015)
• FIPLV World Congress of Modern Languages and
Language without Borders conference (March 2628, 2015)
– Collaboration to this event in partnership with CASLT
Burning issues (and action point!)
1. Language acquisition, learning and teaching
– Teaching and Learning Language with Technologies
• Teacher and learner (lifelong) autonomy;
Multimodal language classroom; Focusing on the
task process online
– Multilingualism at post-secondary level
2. Testing & Evaluation
– CEFR in the Canadian context: why and what for
3. Language policy and planning
– University literacies (of minority language learners;
of international students)
– Decentralisation of education
Viele danke!
Richard Clément, Director of OLBI: Official Languages
and Bilingualism Institute
Marie-Josée Hamel, Director of CCERBAL:Canadian
Centre for Studies and Research on Bilingualism and
Language Planning
University of Ottawa
70 Laurier Av.
Ottawa, ON

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