CMNS 362
Sylvia Roberts
Communication Librarian
Advertisement translations
English version
Punjabi version
Possible research questions
What is the effect of using ethnic / minority content in advertising?
What’s the motivation for the advertiser?
More specifically, language, perhaps other cultural content, casting decisions, framing
If not advertising, programming such as news, hockey games commentary
Is this a policy related issue? CRTC? requirements Advertising standards council? Local
content / advertisers?
Is it an enculturation strategy? Who’s behind it?
What does the differing content and representations tell us about social mores?
Why the subtitles?
Specific research question(s)
 How are “ethnic” language television commercials received by the consumer /
viewer in the South Asian community of Vancouver
 What are the ethnic media consumption habits of English speaking white middleaged librarians – too specific?
Do any of these look useful?
La Ferle, C., & Wei-Na, L. (2005). Can English Language
Media Connect with Ethnic Audiences? Ethnic Minorities'
Media Use and Representation Perceptions. Journal Of
Advertising Research, 45(1), 140-153.
Hollerbach, K. L. (2009). The Impact of Market
Segmentation on African American Frequency, Centrality,
and Status in Television Advertising. Journal Of Broadcasting
& Electronic Media, 53(4), 599-614.
Koeman, J. (2007). Cultural values in commercials: Reaching
and representing the multicultural market?. Communications:
The European Journal Of Communication Research, 32(2),
Finding academic articles: Review
How would you find the cited article?
 How do you find articles on similar topics?
 Based on this abstract, how might you use this
article for exploring our topic?
 What databases might you use?
News Sources
Why news sources?
Key databases:
 Canadian
 LexisNexis
 PressDisplay
Key research guides
 News
 Alternative
 Communication: Associations & organizations
Finding specific newspapers
How would you find news sources for a content analysis
Where could you find advertisements published in the
Globe & Mail newspaper from 1995?
Why would it be important to look at an image of a
newspaper page where the story was published?
Where can you find current issues of the Ming Pao Daily
(Vancouver edition) in Vancouver?
What about the last few months?
 Older?
CARD online to ID ethnic newspapers in Canada
Statistics / Demographics
Statistics Canada, especially the Census, The Daily
NOTE: NHS in 2011 instead of long form census
Statistical agencies for specific countries
Market research sources for consumer information, e.g.
Print Measurement Bureau
More in the Communication Research Guide, under the
Facts & Data tab
Demographics / Socioeconomic data
How many people of South Asian ethnicity live in
Canada? In the city of Vancouver? Recent immigration
trends, increasing or decreasing? Languages?
Can you find out how many people of South Asian
ethnicity live in other countries, such as England or
What is the audience for Bollywood movies in Canada?
What is the ethnic television advertising market worth in
Public Policy
Key databases
 Canadian
Public Policy Collection
 Canadian Research Index
 Pew Research Center
Key research guides
 Communication:
think tanks & research centres and
government agencies
 Public Policy think tanks, research centres & associations
 Government resources
Sage Research Methods Online
Library books search (e- and print)
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social
Research (ICPSR)
PLUS: All the scholarly articles that you found in your
literature review should include a methodology section
AND sometimes the instrument in an appendix
Thanks for your participation!
Research guide:
Sylvia Roberts

CMNS 362 News, statistical and policy research