The West Carrollton School District’s sportsmanship policy’s most
recent revision was on November 28, 2007
The policy addresses ethics and integrity in all areas of
sportsmanship. The policy addresses administrators, coaches,
athletes, cheerleaders, student groups, spectators, and announcers.
Here is a copy of the board adopted policy and guidelines. WCSD
Sportsmanship Policy_Guidelines.doc In addition to these policies
and guidelines we post signs that remind those in attendance at
our contests the consequences for choosing to behave
inappropriately. SEI Consequence Poster.doc
The WCSD has an administrative team that is committed to
modeling and holding all stakeholders to a standard of excellence
with regards to Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity. Each team
member helps to supervise athletic contests and regularly interacts
with students to
ensure expected behavior and promote good sportsmanship.
The WCSD is committed to the 40 Developmental Assets and
our leadership team uses these assets as a basis for forming
relationships that promote the behavior expectations that we
have of our students and community. Asset Builder.jpg These
assets are one of the seven building blocks that define our
district. WCSD 7 Puzzle Pieces.xls Also, the West Carrollton
High School “Student Code of Ethics”, a document framed
and displayed in every classroom, as well as, in the cafeteria,
is part of the faculty and staff’s formal review with students
and emphasizes continued support of RESPECT of other’s,
their talents, their needs, and their diversity. Student Code of
Ethics.jpg The Athletic Department has created a report sheet
to document any occurrences of inappropriate behavior. It is
our goal to communicate to our fans that their price of
admissions is not their permission slip to act in a negative
manner. SEI Incident Report Form.doc
D. Our policy and guidelines are posted on the district website.
We have three publications in our district. The “Parrot”
which is a district level publication, the “Flagship” which is
high school
level publication. And finally “The Hook” which is a student
level publication. We share information with our students,
parents, and community members in these publications
concerning our expectations at sporting events. We also have an
athletic program at our fall and winter events that has a message
from the Superintendent, Principal, and Athletic Director clearly
communicating everyone’s responsibility in creating an
environment of sportsmanship. Athletic Director Message.doc
Finally, at the events that we have announcing we provide our
announcer with a template that clearly communicates the
expectations to our fans. We often allow cheerleaders from each
team also make these announcements. Pregame
Announcements.doc sportsmanship being read by cheer.jpg
In conclusion, I have shared with you many of the ways that we
communicate our commitment to sportsmanship, ethics, and
integrity. This process has really become a way of life for us and
we all play a role in improving and maintaining that process
which makes it very difficult to choose what areas to highlight.
The WCHS SEI Committee is an independent organization that
meets for the sole purpose of planning and implementing our SEI
process. When this committee meets our agenda revolves solely
around our SEI process. SEI Committee Meeting.JPG
As you can see our committee membership has representation
from many areas. The key to our success is that our
Superintendent and High School Principals have made this a
priority as exemplified by their membership and participation in
this process. 201112SEI Committee.doc
All of us play a key role but having our district leaders on board
shows the true commitment we have to this process.
C. We meet formally four times a year beginning in February. I have
attached the agendas from our four meetings this year. 2011SEI
Agenda 1.doc 2011SEI Agenda 2.doc 2011SEI Agenda 3.doc
2011SEI Agenda 4.doc SEI Committee Meeting.JPG
As was mentioned before, we are intentional, deliberate, and
repetitious as it relates to promoting SEI. It is a way of life for us, but I
will highlight a few programs that have been implemented recently.
1. Each month all the schools in the district recognize an “Asset
Builder of the Month”. This student is presented a plaque and
recognized in the local paper as a person promoting SEI.
Asset Builder.jpg
2. At our Pep Rallies, our student leaders take a role in ensuring that
our students are cheering appropriately during the rally. The
students hold each other accountable. The principal awards a
spirit sword to the class that cheers the loudest and demonstrates
our expected SEI.
3. Each season each of our sports teams honor an athlete with an
SEI award. This award is for grades 7-12. These athletes receive a
special award at awards night and are celebrated for their positive
attitudes and commitment to demonstrating SEI. Here is an article
from this past Spring that was printed in our local paper and is
currently on our athletic website. 2011 Spring Awards Night.doc
The Athletic Department has a mandatory meeting for all coaches,
athletes, parents, and support groups prior to the start of each
season. I have attached the schedule for next year’s meeting that
are included in our school calendar. ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES 20112012 (2).doc These meeting are held in our high school
auditorium(Guiler Auditorium) and the meeting are for grades 712. The following is the PowerPoint presentation that we go thru
and you can see the information that is shared concerning our SEI
process. MEET THE TEAM.ppt(pgs. 18 & 21)
We have a very high percentage of our teachers that are also
coaches so by default many of our faculty attend the Parent
Meeting/Meet the team nights. However, I attend all of our
faculty meetings at the high school and am on the agenda for each
meeting. I often share with our faculty updates concerning the SEI
committee as well as the status of the Harold A. Meyer award.
This process is part of what we all do.
As far as the student-body is concerned, our principals open the
year by meeting with each individual class. I am a part of those
meetings and at each of those meetings I have been able to
announce our Harold A. Meyer Award and share with them the
role that they played and will continue to play in this everimproving process. We leave little doubt in anyone’s mind that
this is not an award, it truly is the way we do business.
The presentations are planned by the Athletic Director, Principals,
Coaches, and the SEI Committee. Data is collected from each
meeting and the presentations are adjusted accordingly. We have
added topics based on suggestions from these groups as well as
feedback from the people in attendance. MEET THE TEAM.ppt
The most recent presentation was from this past spring. These
meetings are well attended. Player’s, parents, coaches, and
supports groups are all in attendance. Our sports medicine
department is also present.
Those in attendance are given a hard-copy of the PowerPoint
presentation, along with handouts from sports medicine, and the
OHSAA student-eligibility guide. After my presentation teams are
moved to assigned areas to meet individually with their coaches
where additional
information may be shared by the coaches to the players and
At the conclusion of my presentation I ask those in attendance to
please fill out an evaluation of the presentation and drop off in the
box in front of the Athletic Office or bring back at their earliest
convenience. I also encourage those who would like to just email
me their thoughts. I want them to understand that the presentation
is designed to educate them and that their suggestions will be
considered. Here is a copy of the evaluation form that is used.
Parent Meeting_Meet Team Evaluation Form.doc
These meeting have been well-attended. We were considering
giving a discount to those who came for our pay-to-participate.
But to be honest the attendance has been so good we have not felt
the need to initiate such a plan. The following are pictures of this
past year’s presentations. Parent Meeting_Meet the Team.JPG
We are continuously sharing our story as it relates to our commitment
to the SEI process. At every home football, basketball, soccer,
volleyball, wrestling, and softball game our announcer reminds the
athletes, coaches, and fans about their role in displaying good
sportsmanship. Pregame Announcements.doc sportsmanship being
read by cheer.jpg We supervise our students to ensure that their
cheers are appropriate. AD with Students.jpg Off season Coach posted
at BB game student section.JPG Our gymnasium proudly displays our
banner that lists the years that we have won the Harold A. Meyer
award. HAM Banner.jpg Edward Jones Investments recognizes an
athlete of the month and each month that athlete gets a plaque and
their picture in the paper. The athlete chosen for this award has as one
of the criteria that he/she must demonstrate proper SEI. At our parent
meeting each season we lay the groundwork for our expectations at
sporting events. When our teams celebrate their senior night, we are
sure to recognize the senior athletes from the visiting school. Senior
night flowers for opposing team.JPG I could go on and on and on.
B. We currently have many successful campaign programs, however I
will speak to the what I consider are our top two. First, we have a
very heated and at times volatile rivalry with a school right next
door to us. This season that rivalry was beginning to become more
about the student section cheers than the play on the field/court. It
was for sure approaching an unhealthy level. The administrations
could obviously see this problem becoming worse so the principals
of each building got together with the student leaders from each
building and together they decided to work together and put all
the energy from the rivalry to good use. Both schools love the
rivalry and realize that when healthy provides a forum for very
positive results. The student leadership decided to do a joint
fundraiser that would be donated to each community on a
rotational basis. This year the funds went to a West Carrollton
family whose son is a 2008 West Carrollton graduate who has stage
four cancer. The ceremony was wonderful and each student leader
talked about displaying good sportsmanship and allowing the
rivalry to be used to bring about some positive changes within
each community. Here is the video from that ceremony. WC_MHS
Secondly, I have to speak to the positive spirit that exists here at
West Carrollton High School. Our administrative team has done a
fantastic job of convincing our students to cheer positively for our
team and not against our opponent. I cannot take credit for this,
but somehow we have created a culture in which our fans cheer
with our cheerleaders and for the most part do not cheer against
our opponent. Our principal speaks each year to our students
about our expectations and we recognize their spirit on
announcements after games in which they have been exemplary.
Our student leaders speak to these expectation and our student
body responds. We have received numerous phone calls, emails,
and comments from fans who will just come up to me and
comment on how well behaved our students are and how spirited
they are. I know this is not easily documented but it plays such a
huge role in our campaign. The adults see the students being held
to a standard and responding to that expectation so it makes it very
difficult for them to make excuses for their behavior. Our students
set the tone. Pirate Spirit.jpg
C. The planning and execution of our SEI campaign involves our SEI
committee, staff, student leaders, support groups, and coaches.
D. The target of our campaign is our school community as a whole.
We have eternalized this process. This is how we do business and
the SEI process has been identified as one of our key processes. We
target everyone who experiences events in the WCSD as well as
those who read about them. We are very proud of our results and
continue to work to improve the process.
The Athletic Director meets with all coaches grades 7-12 prior to
the start of every season to go over information. During this
meeting all coaches are reminded of our expectations as it relates
to SEI. Preseason Coaches Meeting.doc At the end of each season I
meet with each head coach to go over the WCSD Head Coach
Expectations. WCHeadCoachExpectationsForm.doc Each head
coach then meets with all of their assistant coaches to go over the
assistant coach expectations and returns those forms to the
Athletic Director. WC Asst. Coach Expectations Form.doc
Many of our coaches are on the SEI committee and all of them are
aware of our SEI process. Again, this is not an award that we go
after it is an expectation that we live by day to day. Our coaches
have a clear understanding that they are the leaders for their
programs as it pertains to SEI.
The WCSD does have a coach’s handbook. That handbook address
our expectations as it relates to our coaches and athletes in the SEI
The guidelines are clearly discussed in the coaches handbook on
pages 3, 5, 7(awards), 14, 16, 17, and 19-22. WC Handbook 2010.doc
However, our process and on-going campaign centered on SEI has
made it possible that a coach could never see our handbook and
still understand our commitment. We also have a student
handbook that addresses our expectations of our student-body at
sporting events.
Again, we have many examples of great sportsmanship
demonstrated by our coaches. I will reference two such examples.
Our programs make it a point to recognize visiting seniors with a
gift when we are having our senior recognition nights. The
coaches, players, and fans of the opposing teams are always very
appreciative. Senior night flowers for opposing team.JPG Also,
our tennis coach has the opposing team line up opposite of who
they will be playing from our team. Each player has to introduce
themselves and discuss how they will compete with integrity and
good sportsmanship. Tennis Intro.JPG
We do not have an official board adopted procedure in place,
however, we treat every complaint seriously and do our best to
resolve any issues. We do not choose to ignore the situation, but
rather choose to error on the side of being over aggressive in our
pursuit of ensuring that complaints concerning SEI are acted upon.
We do have signs at our events reminding the fans of our policy
SEI Consequence Poster.doc and we do have a form that I use to
document any infractions. SEI Incident Report Form.doc I am
happy to report that we did not any documented cases this year.
We did have three parents that I received complaints about
concerning their language and negative comments being made
during varsity boys basketball games. I called each of these
parents to explain to them that I had received a complaint and
asked them to please correct their behavior and I never heard
another complaint and they seemed to have understood the
B. All complaints concerning SEI are brought to the attention of the
Athletic Director. The Athletic Director reports directly to the
Head Principal and the Superintendent. I almost always make sure
that the Principal is in the information loop, however, if the
incident was easily resolved I may not involve the Superintendent.
I know that I have the complete support of the Principal and
Superintendent when it comes to handling issues concerning SEI.
C. As I had mentioned above we had a situation where some of our
varsity basketball parents were cursing and yelling negative
comments during a game. I am with our students so I can rarely
hear our adults. A staff member happened to be sitting near these
parents during a game and came to see me the next morning to
inform me of what was going occurring. I immediately called all
three parents to inform them of what I was told concerning their
behavior and none of them denied the claim. They all apologized
and agreed to fix the problem. They all did exactly what they said
they were going to do. The clincher was the fact all of them were
aware of our SEI award and completely understood why I was
asking them to change their behavior.
Our main strategy for dealing with these issues is the fact that the
entire administrative team works together to ensure that we are in
a position to handle all of these situations. My greatest asset is the
fact that I always have help and administrators that are willing to
help in any way they can. Having all of the principals, staff
members, and coaches all chip in and help me with game
management allows all of these issues to really never be a problem
for us. We have the ability to always keep the crowds separated at
football games and upon exited at basketball games, so that is a
huge help. Our students are constantly monitored by
administrators, teachers, or coaches so they understand that we
know who they are. AD with Students.jpg Off season Coach
posted at BB game student section.JPG Also, our students are
aware of our camera system which can see almost everything. We
do have a plan in place the handle crowd control WC Handbook
2010.doc(Pgs. 15-16) but we have always been so proactive that we
have never had a problem.
The athletic director, building principals, and the site manager are
responsible for implementing a proactive approach with the help
of law enforcement at certain varsity events. We hire security for
all home varsity football and boys basketball events. We also ask
the West Carrollton police department make frequent stops at our
events. We also use our announcer at events to make sure to
communicate important information and to help educate the fans
on how to exit and to constantly remind them of their
responsibility to always practice good sportsmanship.
We do not involve administrators or members of the visiting
schools in the formulation of our plan, but we certainly ask them to
help in the implementation of the plan. We will make sure that we
touch bases with the visiting administrators and make sure they
are aware of our expectations and assure them that we are here to
help them in any way possible. We ask them to please support our
efforts to create an environment rich in sportsmanship, ethics, and
Our rival school visited our gymnasium this past winter and won a
hard fought game by three points. Their student-body were not
gracious winners, chanting racial chants, spitting on our players,
and yelling
curse words as they were leaving the gym. We kept the crowds
separated as they left the gymnasium, forcing their crowd to go out
different doors, and our administrators went to the parking lot to
ensure that the student bodies did not get together out there. We
also called the West Carrollton Police Department and asked for
their presence in the parking lot. We were able to avoid any
escalating events after the game. This incident is what led to the
two schools partnering to help use this rivalry in a positive
manner. This was as ugly a scene as I have ever witnessed but I
was very proud of our students and fans for taking the high road
and not engaging the other crowd. I know that part of the reason
for that was the fact that we had so many teachers, coaches, and
administrators being proactive about the situation and not waiting
to respond to an incident but rather ensuring that there was not
going to be an incident.
The West Carrollton Athletic Department recognizes a
Sportsmanship award winner from each of our athletic teams
grades 7-12 at the conclusion of each season. At the awards
banquet we honor these athletes for representing the WCSD in a
positive manner by displaying tremendous sportsmanship, ethics,
and integrity. Each coach submits a name for this award winner.
Some coaches just choose the winner while others have their
athletes take a vote. 2011 Spring Awards Night.doc We also award
the OHSAA Archie Griffin Award to one male and one female
athlete at our all-school Honors Assembly in May. These winners
are selected by our head coaches at a meeting in which we
nominate and choose our major award winners. Honors Assembly
We utilize all the awards from the OHSAA. We follow the
recommended guidelines from the OHSSA as far as criteria is
concerned. I meet with all of my head coaches in Late April/early
May and they nominate athletes
for these awards. We vote for a winner. All of these awards are
presented to our student/athletes at our all-school Honors
Assembly that occurs in late May. Honors Assembly .pdf
Our head principal at the high school awards the “Pirate Spirit”
award each year at our all-school Honors Assembly to the student
fan who has best exemplified all the characteristics of great
sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity. Honors Assembly .pdf Our
Board of Education invites the Athletic Director to a Board Meeting
each year to give an Athletic update. I am expected to always
comment on our SEI award and where we are with respect to that
process in the current year. Our board meeting are televised so
that information is seen by many.
As I mentioned before, we have an Edward Jones Investments
Athlete of the month. Each month this athlete receives a plaque
and has their picture and an article put in our local newspaper.
The main criteria for this selection is that the athlete represents the
school in a positive manner with respect to Sportsmanship, Ethics,
and Integrity. I also post articles and information on the athletic
website. www.westcarrolltonschools.com/athletics/athletics.cfm
We also have the ability to post videos on our district website and
we will be posting our OHSAA SEI Public Service Announcement.
Community service is simply a way of life at WCHS. I could go on
and on describing the community projects that our school is
involved in, however, I will just highlight those that involve
mainly our student/athletes.
Our Varsity Football and Varsity Boys Basketball teams both
participate in Jamboree games in which food is collected for the
West Carrollton Food Pantry. Canned Food.jpg Athletess Taking
Canned Food to WC Food Pantry.jpg
Our athletes serve breakfast to our senior citizens as a thank you
for all of their support. Athletes Serving Breakfast to Senior
Citizens.JPG Taylor and Alex serving at Senior Breakfast.JPG
Our football program volunteers at “Relay for Life” Relay for Life2011.doc
Athletes helped to raise money for a West Carrollton family who
has a
2008 graduate that is fighting stage four cancer. Athletic Raffle to
support graduate.JPG
WCSD Administration participated in a wheel chair basketball
game to help bring awareness for the Miami Valley Association of
Disabled Athletes. All proceeds were donated to the MVADA.
Thank You Letter Rob.doc MVADA Basketball 109.JPG
We have many bigger community service projects within the
school that involve entire classes in which our athletes obviously
participate. As I mentioned before we are a district that prides
itself on exposing our students to the 40 Developmental Assets
and asset number 9 is “Service to Others.”
It is our hope that this PowerPoint allows you to see our
commitment to the SEI process. As has been mentioned many
times throughout the information presented that we do not view
this as an award, but as an ongoing process that can be improved
each year. We feel that we have a program in place that is second
to none. We appreciate your time and efforts in reviewing our
program and welcome any input and are willing to share our
story with anyone that may be interested.