P ro ject T itle
S tren g th en th e C o m m u n icatio n
th ro u g h IT
S tartin g D ate:
Jan u ary 2005
D u ra tio n o f
P ro ject
O n e year
P ro ject L an g u ag e
P rep aratio n d ate10/4/2015
E n g lish / B ah asa
30 N o vem b er 2004
• communication is important & powerful tool for Trade union
movement to build their organisastion;
• -protect & promote the rights & interest of their members in the era
of globalisation; (internal & external solidarity)
• MTUC communication through IT:
- tool for official work, such as publication, keeping records on
membership and cataloging book in library, internet access with dial
up system
- File Maker Pro and Microsoft Office (80% of the software were not
-website- not regularly update, lack of information from Aff.
• MTUC communication through IT:
-two channel: 1) direct contact (face to face with person in charge,
telephone communication and fax)
-2)indirect through mail. (longer time). Those tools only served
information to the single receiver.
• not really contribute information to the organisation (MTUC).
• MTUC leaders recognise the need to keep their affiliated
organisations and members up to date with new trends and
developments in technology,
• but it needed to be improved in many aspects. To lead to an
improvement in the quality to benefit the trade union movement as a
NEED of IT Communication
• IT becoming more accessible true electronic highways
(combination of new tecnologies)-achieve solidarity and unity
of the workers;
• trade unionist should know how to utilise the technologies for
better communication;
• Leaders exchange ideas, information and documents-join
decisions for solidarity and unity support.(different locations in
the world);
• Create own publication & material-posting it-email/websiteastonishing speed & at low expense
NEED of IT Communication
• IT- three main role factor is important:
-the information
react immediately, communicate ideas and at
the same time receive answers and suggestions
• to make relations within the trade unions more efficient
• reduction in costs and time expenditure & more effective
• Computer: create files,store information-useful during wage
negotiations, references for handling cases on trade disputes in
court, for the writing of documents and memorandum to government,
employers, press release, & 4 learning.
Present Problems & Desires Target Situation
• IT not yet available to majority of working people nor 2 all
TU organization( IT has not becoming TU policy yet)
 lack of financial resources, (networking, internet access,
software pirate, equipment, infrastructure etc.
 trade union leaders have not yet understood the importance
and potential of electronic communications.
• no external communications & often the information stays
within the TU movements(affiliates);
• regular technical supports - constrains-unable to have
internet access to distribute ideas, documents & subject
matter through the electronic instruments to MTUC (Internal
information flow and solidarity must improve here).
Target Group
MTUC principal officers (working
committee) which consist of 13 members
(role as policy maker)-background,
general council members
(200 members) target - 10 to 15 pt &they
will be regulate to other group;
Staff & resources person of the union
(the actor and administrator for the
movement)-easy to approach
Objective (Long Term)
communication network & on progress
strategies which can address the basic functions and
services of National centre (MTUC) and workers'
organizations, such as the promotion of trade union
rights & collective bargaining;
also designed to assist trade unions & members in
strengthening their capacity of utilizing IT within their
organizations Activities;
capacity of national center for the
development of policies in the area of IT & for their
effective participation in national/regional/international
tripartite discussions & decision-making processes on
issues concerning the TU movement.
Objective (Immediate)
of the affiliated unions will be using free open office
software for word and solicomm and mozilla for internet.
MTUC Website will be update regularly and posting all
publication to web-infor from trained members
will have core group of IT expert to participate in
updating MTUC information especially MTUC Website. labour
will have Computer Training department with 5
computer to provided training
raising on IT programme
-Publicity through newsletter and website (Jan – Dec 2005)
-Political Commitment /endorsement (Jan -Mac 2005)
≯Secretary general
≯Research comt. (influence the working comt
≯political support fr. ILO Actrav
Training (April-Dec 2005)
≯ 10-15 participants, 1-3days (depend of facilities)
Distance learning Education (September 2005)
MTUC / affiliated union depend on request;
ILO books, handout, CD & some local doc.
MTUC working comt & Finance comt.
assistant - ILO ACTRAV
Achievements & Monitoring
union -email 2 National Center- 10 to 20 per week
emails & providing information about their activities to MTUC.
their own newsletter, brochure for campaign ;
Questionnaire form to the members
Personal contact
Budget Proposal
Local Currency US$
(5 unit x RM3,500)
Furniture & Equipment
Networking & Internet
Other miscellanies

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