After School
A Complete Learning Solution for
Extended and After-School Learners
Best-selling Scholastic Titles
Over 300 of our best-selling paperbacks
Best of Scholastic
ALA winners
Provides centers with ability to give books to
students that need them most.
Can be utilized as a lending library
Can be utilized as a way to give kids books in their
1. Non-Fiction Books
Reading of non-fiction text improves student achievement.
(Palmer and Stewart, 2005)
Non-fiction text motivates students to seek answers to
questions about the world.
(Guthrie 1996, Sweet and Guthrie, 1996)
“Non-fiction can facilitate students’ understandings of a
wide range of topics, thereby providing an important
complement to textbooks.”
(Moss and Hendershot, 2002)
Interactive reading of nonfiction texts improves children’s
(Oyler and Barry, 1996)
Independent Reading
Promotes Academic Achievement
Independent reading outside of school has been found to
correlate to improved vocabulary and reading
(Guthrie and Greaney 1991; Taylor, Frye, and Maruyama 1990)
21st Century Print Library
Fun and factual hard cover
book library that supports
literacy programs and ties
into the themes of:
Reading/Language Arts
Social Studies
All books are reinforced
library bound and are
made to last for years.
Correlated Lesson Plans
50 lesson plans and activities, for Scholastic’s
elementary and middle After-School Learning
Each lesson plan is paired with a single title.
Before-, during-, and after-reading activities with
options for different learning styles.
Many creative extended activities.
Post-assessment options enabling reporting to
teachers and parents on student progress.
Reproducibles and graphic organizers included.
Each package contains 50 books (5 titles, 10 copies each) plus corresponding lesson plans.
Price per package: $849
Gr. K - 1 (Machines)
Concrete Mixers
Dump Trucks
Earth Movers
Gr. K - 1 (Ocean Life)
Gr. K - 1 (Health)
Sea Turtles
Price per package: $1149
Gr. 3 - 5 (Music and Art)
Gr. 3 - 5 (U.S. Presidents)
Da Vinci
Duke Ellington
Johannes Brahms
Gr. 3 - 5 (Social Studies)
Healthy Eating
Keeping Fit
Milk, Yogurt and Cheese
Gr. K - 2 (Language Arts)
Willie's Word World
Fall Leaves
Harry's Hats
I Like Shoes
Jordan's Silly Sick Day
Gr. K - 2 (Counting,
Numbers, and Shapes)
A Circle in the Sky
Monkey Math
Number One Puppy
Pumpkin Fever
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Woodrow Wilson
You Wouldn't Want to Be an American Colonist!
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Gladiator!
You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Pirate's Prisoner!
You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Titanic!
Price per package: $899
Gr. 1 - 2 (Science – Animal Studies)
Bats and Other Animals With Amazing Ears
Chameleons and Other Animals With
Amazing Skin
Monkeys and Other Mammals
Snakes and Other Reptiles
Chick Grows Up, A
Gr. 1 - 3 (Social Studies –
Latino Culture)
Mi Musica – My Music
Mis Abuelos – My Grandparents
Mis Amigos – My Friends
Mis Bailes – My Dances
Mis Comidas – My Foods
Gr. 3 - 5 (Science - Animals)
Big Cats
Birds of Prey
Snakes Alive
Gr. 3 - 5 (Science - Weather)
Price per package: $1039
Gr. 3 - 5 (Science - Dinosaurs)
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Gr. 3 - 5 (Language Arts –
Mixed Subject Chapter Books)
The Secret Lives of Animals
Ancient World
Natural Disasters
Extreme Sports
Kids in Sports
Each package contains ten books of each of the five titles plus corresponding lesson plans.
Price per package: $1039
True Tales Chapter Books (Science)
Natural-born Killers
Awesome Science
High-tech Inventions
Medical Marvels
Up Close
True Tales Chapter Books (Exploration
and Discovery)
Ancient World
Mysterious Creatures
Mysterious Nature
Mysterious People
Natural Disasters
B Chapter Books (Animals)
True Tales
The Secret Lives of Animals
Animal Mysteries
Animal Encounters
The Scoial Lives of Animals
Tracking Animals
Scary Creatures (Animals)
Big Cats
Birds of Prey
Snakes Alive
Price per package: $1075
My Health Series (Health/Human Body)
What Makes You Cough, Sneeze, Burp,
Hiccup, Blink, Yawn, Sweat, and Shiver?
Pains and Strains
What on Earth (Weather and Biomes)
Life in the Desert
Life in a Rain Forest
High Interest Books (Way of the Warrior)
High Interest Books (Mixed Subjects)
Extreme Sports Stars
Racing Through History
Wildlife and Ocean Studies (Science)
Predators of the Sea
Survival Secrets of Sea Animals
Life on a Coral Reef
Golden Eagles of Devil Mountain
The Search for Poison-Dart Frogs
Price per package: $1149
Countries and Cultures (Social Studies)
Puerto Rico
Costa Rica
You Wouldn’t Want to Be (History)
You Wouldn't Want to Be an American Colonist!
You Wouldn't Want to Be on Apollo 13!
You Wouldn't Want to Live in a Wild West Town!
You Wouldn't Want to Be at the Boston Tea Party!
You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Titanic
Getting B
to Know the U.S. Presidents
(Biography / U.S. History)
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Herbert Hoover
Getting to Know the World’s Greatest
Artists (Biography / Art History)
Frida Kahlo
Georgia O'Keeffe
Henri Matisse
Jacob Lawrence
Van Gogh
Importance of Read Aloud
Children in families with incomes below the poverty line are less
likely to be read aloud to every day than are children in families with
incomes at or above the poverty line. 38% of children in families in
poverty were read to every day in 1999, compared with 58% of
children in families at or above the poverty line*
Read aloud:
 Models reading fluency for students and introduces them to new
 Encourages making inferences as children anticipate and listen
for an outcome
 In addition, studies show that children who are read to regularly
outperform others in decoding, comprehension and active
language abilities.(Cobb County Schools website)
 Has the ability to reach students with multiple learning styles.
*Family Reading. NCES Fast Facts. National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education.
Listening Library for Elementary
Beloved titles provided in a
read aloud format.
Package includes a
listening center
Plus a starter package of
20 CD/Book packages.
Easy-to-use CD/Cassette
player with four headsets
1 CD in package with
5 books.
Correlating activity guides
for each title
Scholastic Audio for Middle School
High Interest
for Middle Grades
Package includes
a listening center
Easy-to-use CD
player with four
Homework and Learning Center
Powered by Grolier Online
Provides a dynamic online
learning environment that
engages students!
Students will improve critical
thinking skills, reading skills
and research skills while
working through Grolier
Online learning portal.
Instructors will love the
customized lesson plans
with step-by-step instructions
to access kid-friendly online
Three Great Sections...
1. After School Fun
- Projects
- Multimedia
2. Play!
- Games
- Links to screened
- Online lesson
plans & activities
3. Look it Up!
- GO Kids
- Dictionaries/Atlas
- Homework Hub
- Scholastic News
- Science Fun
SOAR Homework Center
Powered by Grolier Online
h ttp ://g o be yo n d .g ro lie r.c om
F un to R e a d
S tu d en ts c a n s am ple
litera ry s elec tio n s,
in clu din g leg en d s
a n d fo lk tales , b es tlo v ed fa iry tales ,
s h o rt stories , p o em s,
e xc erp ts from c la s sic
litera ture— ev en
im p o rta nt historic a l
d o c um en ts .
D a ily B ra in te a se r
A q u es tio n a da y p ro vid es a fu n
c h a llen g e— a n d a n o pp o rtu nity to a s s es s
g en era l k n o wled g e. O n c e stu d en ts h av e
a n s w ered th e m ultip le c ho ic e qu es tion ,
s u g g es t th at th ey follo w th e lin k s to rela ted
a rticles to lea rn m ore.
W h a t h a ppe n e d on th is d a y in h istory ?
F in d o ut w h at h a p p en ed o n to d ay ’s da te
5 , 10 , o r ev en 2 0 0 y ea rs a g o . T his
fea tu re, wh ich ch a n g es d aily, hig hlig hts
im p o rta nt historic a l ev en ts , a n niv ers aries ,
a n d birth d ay s a s s oc iated with ea c h da y o f
th e y ea r.
G rolie r O n lin e K id s
A c c es s to referen c e to o ls,
in clu din g o nlin e dictio n aries ,
a tla s a n d p o w erful s ea rc h
to ols .
G am e s a n d P uz z le s
A v a riety o f
ed u c a tio na l g am es
a n d p u zzles , w ord
s ea rc h es , tim e lin e
b u ild ers , pictu re
s c ram bles , an d m ore
h elp stren g th en
g eo g ra p h y , m ath ,
s c ien c e, a nd
la n g u ag e s kills.
G rolie r O n lin e P a ss p ort
F ea tu res a m ore s o p histic a ted
d es ig n fo r old er rea d ers , with
en h a n c ed s ea rc h c ap a bilities
a n d c urren t ev en ts .
H om e w ork H ub
A c c es s in n o v ativ e to ols,
res o u rc es , a n d top -n otc h
tips to s u p p ort stu d en t
h om ew o rk s u cc es s w hile
s tren g th en in g th e h om es c h o ol co n n ec tio n.
C o ol S ite s
S tu d en ts c a n s urf
th e w eb s a fely with
th es e c a refu lly
s elec ted , a g ea p p ro pria te sites ,
in clu din g a s elec tio n
o f S pa n is h -la ng u a g e
s ites .
L e ss on P la n s a n d
F or E d uc a tors
L in k s to After S c h oo l
L ea rn in g les s o n
p la n s a n d a ctivities
a n d a c om plete
ed u c a to r’s res o u rc e
fo r G rolier O nlin e.
H is pa n ic H e rita g e a n d
F ie sta C a le n d a r
S tu d en ts w ill dis co v er th e
c o n tribu tio n s a nd ric h
c u ltu res of H isp a nic s in th e
U n ited States a s w ell a s a
c a len d a r of glo b al H is p a nic
c eleb ra tion s a n d ev en ts .
S c h ola stic N e w s O n lin e
A c c es s n ew s , s p ec ial
rep o rts, en terta inm en t
tidb its, gam es , q uizzes a n d
m o re!
M u ltim e d ia F e ature S h ow c a se s
V id eo s , text, au d io text, p h oto s, a n d q uizz es , alo n g w ith
rela ted en c y clo p ed ia res o urc es , c om b in e to c rea te b oth
in fo rm ativ e an d en terta inin g in terac tiv e lea rnin g.
P roje c ts a n d E x pe rim e n ts
S tu d en ts c a n a c c es s m a n y a ctiv ities
a n d h an d s -o n exp erim en ts d es ig n ed
to prom ote in d ep en d en t lea rnin g.
C lic k h e re to v ie w in
S pa n ish
Homework Hub
Organization and time
management techniques
Math, Science and
Vocabulary activities
Writing and Grammar
Test-Taking techniques
And more!
Professional Development
Scholastic After-School
Learning packs are easy to
use and implement.
A user-friendly utilization
guide for instructors
included with every package
so they have a game plan of
how to put it all together.
Optional fee-based training
covering literacy techniques,
lesson plan modeling and
online overview.
Scholastic’s After School Learning Program
Customized for the Needs of 21st Century Learners
5 Components:
Complete 21st Century Print
300+ paperback package
from Scholastic’s Award
Winning Lists
Listening Center with CD’s
and books
After-School Homework and Learning Center
Powered by Grolier Online
Easy-to-use lesson plans, support materials, teacher
guides and professional development
Differentiated Instruction
“The more learners are situated at the center of their
own learning process, the greater the extent of their
understanding and mastery of desired outcomes.”
(McTighe, Jay and Brown, John L., 2005)
The Scholastic After-School Learning Center provides
instructors with varied resources to help students
succeed regardless of their reading level and learning
The Scholastic After School
Learning Team Thanks You!
Alex Downing
Regional Account Executive
(800)825-4579 x4658
Victoria Baker
Director of National Accounts
(800)825-4579 x4434

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