Today we will use
foreshadowing to help us
make predictions
RC 2.3
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• Make a prediction of what will happen
Jane got to school and realized she left her
homework at home…
What will Jane do next?
You Just made a prediction using context
What Is…
• Foreshadowing?
• In this presentation, you will learn
how to predict using foreshadowing.
• Foreshadowing: looking at events that
already happened to predict what will
happen next.
• A shadow is a picture of an object or a
• By looking at the shadow we can usually
name the object or person
• The prefix “fore” means happening earlier.
An Example…
• And now you will see portions from
the well known children’s story Little
Red Riding Hood.
Little Red Riding Hood
• Once upon a time, there
was a little girl who lived
with her mother. Her
mother asked her to take
her old and lonely
grandmother some food
one day. "Don't stop along
the way. Go straight to
your Grandma's house and
back. Don't talk to any
strangers and watch out
for the wolf in the woods!
Now get along!"
• The first set of underlined words is
an example of foreshadowing. Little
Red Riding Hood’s mother is warning
her about the wolf in the woods,
which hints at what may happen next.
Little Red Riding Hood
• While she was walking
through the woods, a wolf
was walking past her. "I
bet I could convince her to
take the long way. Then I
could get to her
grandmother's house first
and trick her into thinking
that I was her grandma.
That way I could have her
and her grandma for a
large feast,” he thought.
• Sniffy and Fluffy
Look for foreshadowing clues as I read the story.
Match the sentence with the prediction and tell what
foreshadowing clues helped you.
1. Jenny was swinging on the
swings when she heard a “SNAP!”
a. She had to go
home with nothing
2. Jan wanted to buy some candy
at the store, but she forgot her
money at home.
b. She fell to the
3. Beth was all alone in the
basement and it was dark. The only
thing she could hear was a small
scratching sound.
c. She got scared
and ran out
Match the sentence with the prediction and
tell what foreshadowing clues helped you.
1. In the beginning of a movie, a well dressed
woman is traveling by ship. She stares out at
the ocean, daydreaming. As she stares, she
hums the tune, “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life
for Me”
a. The children are soon
visited by Peter Pan and
whisked away to face a
dangerous situation.
2. A character in a story behaves in an odd
and irregular way and complains continuously
that he has a headache.
b. There will be a
terrible event involving
3. A boy and a girl drop breadcrumbs as they
travel deeper and deeper into the woods.
c. The boy and girl
become helplessly lost.
4. A character says, “It would be a bad idea
to break any laws at this point in time”
5. "But, George, do you think the children
will be safe without Nana? Safe? Of course
they'll be safe. Why not?
d. A crime is committed.
e. A character becomes
very ill.
When an author mentions or hints at
something that will happen later in
the story, it is called Foreshadowing
Teacher note: Print Independent Practice “Making
predictions foreshadowing.”

Foreshadowing and Flashback