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The Department of Education
The Department of Education
Undergraduate and Graduate
Pillars of Excellence
Teacher Education Programs
NCATE Accredited & State Approved Programs
The CUA Reflective Teacher Model
4-year BA Teacher Education Programs
5-year BA/MA Programs in some areas
A Caring Community for Learning
Integrated Course-Field Experiences
Study Abroad for Education Majors
Accredited Programs
Our Department of Education Unit has been
accredited by the National Council for the
Accreditation of Teacher Education since 1975.
Our programs have been state approved for
licensure since 1989.
Most of our programs are nationally recognized by
Specialized Professional Associations
A Sophisticated
Teacher Education Program
CUA’s nationally accredited teacher education unit
and state approved Teacher Education programs
are rigorous and require that students formally
apply to major in Teacher Education. Each
candidate’s performance is systematically
monitored according to CUA’s unit assessment
The CUA Reflective
Teacher Model
CUA’s Reflective Teacher Model, developed and
refined through research and practice by CUA
faculty, is carefully aligned with program goals,
objectives, and national standards.
Candidates complete an electronic portfolio and an
action research project that integrate the CUA
Reflective Teacher Model.
Action, Reflection,
The CUA Reflective Teacher Model helps
prepare pre-service teachers to consider the
moral and ethical issues in teaching students
with regular and special needs.
4 - Year Undergraduate
Teacher Education Programs
Early Childhood Education (Pre-K-3rd Grade)
Elementary Education (1st - 6th Grade)
Secondary Education (7th - 12th Grade)
Secondary Education Programs
Joint Programs in the Departments of:
Modern Languages: French, German, and Spanish
Minors in Education
Education Studies
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
 Students may choose to complete a minor/
subconcentration in Education typically requiring
six or seven 3-credit courses.
 Students may choose to major in Education and
minor in another discipline.
Education Studies Program
4 - year Program
The Education Studies Program is designed for
students who are interested in working in the field
of education but not in a school setting, e.g.,
industry, businesses, hospitals, museums,
curriculum development and technology centers,
or after-school programs.
5- year BA/MA Programs
5-year programs leading to a Master of Arts
Degree in Education in some areas
Pre-Professional Program towards a Master
of Arts in Special Education
Teacher Education Programs
Secondary majors who qualify may pursue
a 5-year program that leads to a B.A. in a
specific content area and a Master of Arts in
Pre-Professional Program in
Special Education
Early Childhood and Elementary majors
who qualify may pursue a 5-year program
that leads to a B.A. in Early Childhood or
Elementary Education and a Master of Arts
in Special Education.
Teacher Education
Secondary Education
Special Education
Our Special Education Program
Our Special Education program leading to a Master of
Arts degree was developed through a federally funded
grant from the U. S. Department of Education.
It provides a unique model of partnership with several
schools serving people with disabilities.
The program has already received recognition as a
model for the development of special educators for
Catholic and urban schools, and this reputation is
Graduate Teacher
Certification Program
You already hold a Bachelor’s Degree and you are
interested in obtaining teacher certification in any
of our programs. If you are not interested in
pursuing a Master of Arts degree, the GTCP nondegree program is the program for you.
Please visit our department website for further
information on the GTCP Program.
A Caring Community
for Learning
Small classes taught by highly-qualified,
dedicated, full-time faculty - 100% hold doctorate
and professional degrees
Advisers available throughout the year
Joint supervision for secondary education student
teachers by professors from education and content
Interdisciplinary courses
Field Experiences
Integration of coursework with fieldwork
throughout each candidate’s program of
A variety of internships in diverse settings:
Catholic, private, charter, and public
Weekly supervision by CUA faculty
Service learning opportunities
Study Abroad for
Education Majors
The Study Abroad Program has been specifically designed
to meet the educational needs of various education majors.
Candidates may complete distribution requirements and
education electives abroad.
Early childhood and elementary education majors can study in
Australia and several other countries where CUA has established
Secondary candidates may study in Europe, Mexico, or
Chile. Foreign language majors regularly take advantage of this
Secondary candidates should meet with the Coordinator of
Secondary Education to plan for completion of coursework.
CUA’s Study Abroad Office continues to expand its
programs in other countries.
License and Reciprocity Agreement
Reciprocity Agreement – Definition
Reciprocity Agreement with 44 states &
Additional tests (in rare cases, additional
Contact Information
Teacher Education Programs
Dr. Agnes Nagy-Rado, Director of Teacher Education/
Coordinator of Elementary Education:
Dr. Sarah Pickert, Coordinator of Early Childhood
Dr. Joan Thompson, Coordinator of Secondary Education:
Dr. Thomas Long, Coordinator of Education Studies and
Special Education:
Ms. Elsie Neely, Director of Field Experiences:
Ms. Jennifer Kusnierczyk, Assistant:, 202-319-5801
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