Veni Vidi Convinci!
Does Dan Brown debunk da Bible?
Or Jesus’ Deity?
No way, José!
Jesus hits the news AGAIN!
 Jesus refuses to go away!
 Or rather..His enemies refuse to let
up in their attacks on Him.
 Recent attacks:
 “Jesus made love with Mary
Magdalene” (Scorcese)
 “Jesus never existed! There is no
historical proof!”
 “Jesus & Mel Gibson are antiSemites!” (The Passion)
 And Brown? “Jesus got married
with Mary and sired a child!”
 Well, as someone said, “There is no
such thing as ‘bad publicity!’”
Why this presentation?
 Is there something wrong with being
 No!
 Is there something wrong with SEX?
 No!
 Is there something wrong with having
 No!
 So, is there something wrong with
JESUS being married having sex or
having children?
 NO!
 It’s just that there is no record of it
whatsoever! So what’s the big deal?
Dan Brown’s novel tells us lies by the
person of “historian Sir Leigh Teabing:”
 “To fully understand the Grail, we must first understand the Bible.”
 The Bible doesn’t talk about any ‘grail’ at all! The grail is a legend!
 “The Bible did not arrive by fax from heaven … it is a product of man,
not God …evolved through countless translations, additions &
My KJV Bible today is 99,9 % the same as the Dead Sea scrolls!
“History never had a definitive version of the book.”
We do, but there were thousands of Dan Browns throughout history!
“Jesus Christ was a historical figure of staggering influence … his life
was recorded by thousands of followers … more than eighty gospels
were considered for the New Testament.”
There are 1000’s of websites on Dan Brown! ALL CORRECT?
“Who chose which gospels to include? … The Bible, as we know it
today, was collated by the pagan Roman emperor Constantine.”
A historical fallacy! Wrong! Untrue! A LIE! Where does he get it?
The book’s fallacies continue, but one-page of lies suffices me thinks!
Why the outcry?
 Well, one reason is that the first page makes a bold
statement that the novel is based on historical fact.
 “all descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents
and secret rituals in this novel are accurate”
 The docs, art, architecture & rituals may be accurate,
but what’s that got to do with Jesus and Mary
Magdalene’s supposed marriage & child?
 The novel creates a non issue “scandal” out of art,
architecture, rituals and documents? HOW?
 So what does Dan Brown say?
Brown doubts ‘unknown’ history
 Brown said that he doubts scholars will ever reach a consensus over
whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene married. (Underlinings are
 "There is simply too much contradictory documentation in
existence... much of which seems to spring from reputable sources.
At the same time, it's interesting to note that since the beginning of
recorded time, history has been written by the 'winners' (those
societies and belief systems that conquered and survived). Despite
an obvious bias in this accounting method, we still measure the
'historical accuracy' of a given concept by examining how well it
concurs with our existing historical record. Many historians now
believe (as do I) that in gauging the historical accuracy of a given
concept, we should first ask ourselves a far deeper question: How
historically accurate is history itself?"
— From Brown’s website
So what’s Brown really saying?
 Brown doubts scholars will ever reach a consensus over whether
Jesus and Mary Magdalene married.
Until Brown there was never an issue among real scholars!
Brown says “History was written by the victorious religions!”
WHICH ONES? 2000 years of competing Paganism, Islam, Holy
Romanism, Protestantism, Humanism, Rationalism, Deism, never
made an issue about a non-event until Da friggin Brown Code!
Brown really says Historians are all stupid parrots compared to
Are you a historian, Brown? Or a money making novelist?
Brown: “Many historians now believe (as do I) that in gauging the
historical accuracy of a given concept, we should first ask
ourselves a far deeper question: How historically accurate is
history itself?"
I AGREE! How historically accurate are Brown’s sources for this
non-issue, non-event of Jesus having children?
At least Jesus exists again!
 Listening to other Jesus critics, there is no historical
evidence that Jesus ever even existed!
 According to Brown, Jesus did exist,
but He “was married & had offspring!”
 So what IS the truth here? Or is that the wrong
question? Maybe we should be asking …
 Why the questions? Why the fuss?
 Why are they bringing Jesus into question,
 Again, and again, and again, and…again!
 Why do they always pick on JESUS?
Why question Jesus so much?
 Whoever questions Plato, Caesar, Herod,
Pilate, Augustus, Kajafas, or Ananias the
high priest?
 Whoever showed interest in whether
Caesar, Nero, Pilate, Herod, Ananias, &
Kajafas the high priest got married? Or
whether they sired children?
 Nobody doubts their existence. Nobody
wonders whether they were married or
sired children or not.
 What really is Brown’s agenda here?
They just love to question Jesus’ deity!
 No One else ever claimed
to be the extradimensional, Creator-God
that the Bible preaches!
Except Jesus!
 Pharisees in Jesus’ day
didn’t like it, and…
 Pharisees today, the
Zionists, still don’t like it.
 But it’s they who control
the World’s media &
paperback publishing!
Another big propaganda push
 It is just another big propaganda brainwashing
stint to deny that Jesus was God, as He himself
 “Before Abraham was, I AM!”
 “I am that bread from Heaven!”
 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word
was with God, and THE WORD WAS GOD!”
There’s no record Jesus had a child
 That is, except DAN BROWN’s false record!
 There’s no historical evidence whatsoever that Jesus sired a
child. The Bible is one of the most honest books and reports
with candidness on EVERYthing. Be it good, bad or ugly!
 Whether or not the Catholic church controlled history has
no bearing on the first 300 years of the Early Church, which
was not Catholic, although they like to say it was.
 IF Jesus had had a child, the early apostles and disciples
would have known it & would have told us in their Gospels.
 Marriage & having children was no sin to them!
 Not even His Jewish enemies reported his marriage or child,
which would have disqualified Him in their eyes as God!
 The Talmud doesn’t even deny Jesus’ miracles, but says He
could do them as a magician of the Devil! Everybody knew!
There is NO record Jesus was married!
 The Bible is a very honest book reporting very candidly
EVERYthing, good, bad or ugly! It, nor any other
historical document reports Jesus’ marriage or children.
 The New Testament even states St. Peter had a wife!
Which is a problem for the Catholic church’s first pope!
 Whether Catholics controlled history or not has no bearing
on the first 300 years of the Early
Church as they weren’t Catholic!
 If Jesus had married & had a kid we’d
have known about it!
 We know Clinton almost had one with
Monica! Except it went on to her dress…
 And he wasn’t even married to her!
The “Holy Grail Church” likes to believe it
& offers this as their best “direct evidence!”
Underlinings & stresses are ours! Remember these are the best direct evidence of believers in the theory
 1. Hippolytus, Christian leader from 2nd Century and Origen in the 3rd, said the Song of Solomon was a
prophecy of a marital union between Christ and Mary Magdalene. Although they believed Mary was
symbolic of the Church, nevertheless, the notion presupposed a real, albeit a spiritual (meaning nonsexual) marriage between Mary and Jesus. WOW! REAL PROOF OF SEX & A KID!
 2. There are hints in the Gospels of a special relationship between Jesus and Mary. If she is the same
Mary of Bethany in John 11, then we can explain why Martha arose to greet Jesus and not Mary. Some
scholars say she was sitting shiva according to Jewish custom, when a woman was in mourning. Married
women were not allowed to break-off from their mourning unless called by their husbands. Mary does
not come to Jesus, until He calls her. WOW! REAL PROOF OF MARRIAGE & A KID!
 At the Resurrection, when Mary meets Jesus in the Garden, there is a degree of intimacy which one
would expect between lovers, not friends. WOW! REAL PROOF OF MARRIAGE, SEX & A KID!
 Greek for "woman" and "wife" is the same. Translators must rely upon the context in deciding how to
translate it. Sometimes, the translation is arbitrary. When Mary is referred to as a "woman" who
followed Jesus, it can just as easily be translated as "wife". WOW! REAL PROOF OF MARRIAGE!
 4. Mary with the alabaster jar anointing the feet of Jesus is cited by some scholars as the most direct
witness to their marriage. It is in all four Gospels and was a story in which Jesus gave express command
that it be preserved. This ancient ceremony of many royal houses in the ancient world sealed the marital
union between the king and his priestess spouse. It’s mentioned briefly in the Song of Solomon.
Although we may not understand its significance, Jesus and Mary knew exactly what they were doing.
To be the valid Messiah, He had to be anointed first by the Bride. WOW! PROOF OF SEX & A KID!
 There is more support for the marital status of Jesus. However, it involves a discussion of the Old
Testament prophets which would be too tedious to undertake, here. It is important to realize, however,
that belief in a married Jesus does not require any more faith than a resurrected Jesus. And if you know
where to look, you can find just as much biblical evidence for both. WOW WOW! SUCH PROOF!
Did Jesus make love?
 Why not? It’s no sin to have sex! Especially for the
One who created sex!
 So He could have had a child if He did make love.
 Yes! He could’ve, BUT, there is no record of it
anywhere, nor of sex or any children.
 Not that it would have been a problem, but it’s a
non issue! It’s like saying…
“Jesus played harp in a music group.”
 He could have! Maybe He did, but there is no
record of it anywhere! So why make it an issue?
 It does say that He sang a hymn with his disciples!
What’s the real issue in all this?
 A murder mystery that pits the keepers of the Holy
Grail against Opus Dei—the ‘keepers’ of the
Catholic church and debunks the BIBLE?
 NO! It’s rather this… Yet another character
assassination, defamation mystery that pits the
keepers of the Holy Bible against Secular
Humanist, anti-religion, anti-Bible, anti-Jesus, antiChristian forces—the ‘keepers’ of the New World
Order trying to debunk the origins & foundations of
your fast disappearing Christian civilization, and
with it LOVE, mercy, kindness & civil rights
disappear as well. As was said by Jesus himself...
Signs of the EndTime…
 “There shall be wars and rumors of war
and there will be famines and pestilences
and earthquakes in many different places.”
 “These are only the beginning of sorrows”
 “Then they will begin to deliver you up to
be afflicted and kill you.”
 “And many shall be offended and betray
each other and kill one another.”
 “And the love of many will grow cold”
 “And the Gospel of this Kingdom shall be
preached in all nations and then … shall
the End come!”
 “He that will endure to the end will be
saved!” (Matthew 24: 5-14)
Whose side are you on?
 Are you on the side of hate-driven men
trying to find fault with a man that, as
the Bible says, “went everywhere doing
good, healing those that were oppressed,
blind, crippled, deaf and dumb, and
preached the Gospel to the poor?”
 Or are you on the side of the meek, the
lowly and unpretentious Jesus, who
loved everyone that came to Him, even
His enemies who finally killed Him.
 What a man! There is no other in history
like him! This is why the darkness
cannot stand the light and tries to put it
out. Would you like to have the light?
If you wish to, you can sincerely
pray this simple prayer:
“Jesus, I want to know You and receive
you into my heart. I know that I’ve
made mistakes and have done many
wrongs – and I’m sorry. I know I don’t
deserve it, but I accept Your love and
ask that I can be with You forever.
Please come into my life and give me
your gift of Eternal life. Amen”
For more powerpoints visit:
Extra added info to prove that the
so-called “Bible Fraud” is a Fraud!
 There are centuries of both real and unsubstantiated accounts of
church malfeasance (some authentic, most invented, almost all
irrelevant to the issue of Biblical veracity).
Most such doctrinal defects wound up in 'catechisms', not in Holy
Scripture (though sadly, some to this day regard the two as equal).
The essential story of Christ is backed by more than 12,000 existing
manuscripts, which literally stack neck high, whereas for often blindly
accepted sources and resources of detractors and enemies of the
veracity of scripture, there exists either no or little empirical data by
which to authenticate.
The means of properly examining both Biblical and Historic truth has
been turned completely upside down. Say something loud enough,
repeat it on enough websites, and it becomes part of the fabric of
Truth? My foot!
Constantine didn’t embellish Bible!
 We have copies of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that are
significantly earlier than Constantine and the Council of Nicaea.
Although none of the copies are complete, we do have nearly
complete copies of both Luke and John in a codex dated between
175 and 225 A.D. -- at least one hundred years before Nicaea.
Another manuscript, dating from about 200 A.D., or earlier,
contains most of John's Gospel. Why is this important?
1. We can compare these pre-Nicene manuscripts with those that
followed Nicaea to see if any embellishment occurred. None did.
2. The pre-Nicene versions of John's Gospel included some of the
strongest declarations of Jesus' deity on record (e.g. 1:1-3; 8:58;
10:30-33; etc.). So the most explicit declarations of Jesus' deity in
any of our gospels are already found in manuscripts that pre-date
Constantine by more than a hundred years!
So much for the theory that they were embellished.
Nag Hammadi is Gnostic Heresy!
 The New Testament predates the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts.
 Gnosticism preaches salvation through secret, esoteric knowledge.
 As a result, the Gnostic “gospels”, in contrast to the New
Testament place almost no value on the death and resurrection of
Jesus. Gnostic Christology tends to separate the human Jesus from
the Divine Christ, seeing them as two distinct beings. It was not the
Divine Christ who suffered and died; it was merely the human
Jesus -- or perhaps even Simon of Cyrene.
 It didn't really matter much to the Gnostics because in their view
the death of Jesus was irrelevant for attaining salvation. What was
truly important to them was not Jesus’ death, but the secret
knowledge brought by ‘the Divine Christ’.
 According to the Gnostics, salvation came through a correct
understanding of this secret knowledge. In other words: A Heresy!
Nag Hammadi is Gnostic Heresy!
 According to Teabing, Mary was the wife of Jesus, the
mother of his child, the one whom he intended to
establish the church after his death (244-48).
 In support of these theories, Teabing appeals to two of the
Gnostic gospels: The Gospel of Philip and The Gospel of
Mary [Magdalene].
 Gnosticism is a heresy! That means it is not scriptural,
not backed by the Scriptures in the Bible, and disavowed
by most Bible believing Christians.
Did disciples proclaim him God!
 Why is the Da Vinci Code's claim that Jesus was married such an
issue? Mark Roberts observes "most proponents of the marriage of
Jesus thesis have an agenda. They are trying to strip Jesus of his
uniqueness, and especially his deity.“
This is certainly true of The Da Vinci Code. Teabing calls into
question Jesus' deity by alleging that He was married, it also
maintains that His disciples never even believed He was divine!
According to Teabing, the doctrine of Christ's deity originally
resulted from a vote at the Council of Nicaea, and that Jesus was
viewed as a mortal prophet and powerful man, but a man
True or false? Did Jesus' earliest followers really believe that He
was just a man?
Did disciples proclaim him God!
 Jesus' followers had already been proclaiming His deity
for nearly three centuries before the Council of Nicaea of
325 A.D. Our earliest written sources about the life and
teachings of Jesus are found in the first century New
Testament. It affirms the deity of Christ. For instance, in
his letter to the Colossians, the apostle Paul declared,
"For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily
form" (2:9; see also Rom. 9:5; Phil. 2:5-11; Tit. 2:13).
And the Gospel of John says of Jesus: "In the beginning
was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word
was God . . . And the Word became flesh, and dwelt
among us" (1:1, 14).
Did disciples proclaim him God!
 In addition to the New Testament, there are also affirmations of
Jesus' deity in the writings of the pre-Nicene church fathers. For
example, in the early second century, Ignatius of Antioch wrote of
"our God, Jesus the Christ."
 Similar affirmations can be found throughout these writings.
There's also non-Christian testimony from the second century that
Christians believed in Christ's divinity. In a letter from Pliny the
Younger to Emperor Trajan, dated around 112 A.D., Pliny said the
early Christians "were in the habit of meeting on a certain fixed
day . . . when they sang . . . a hymn to Christ, as to a god."
 Christians believed in the deity of Christ prior to the Council of
Nicaea. It's also clear that most of The Da Vinci Code's theories
about Jesus and the early church are false.
 If you'd like to explore these issues further, I highly recommend
Darrell Bock's Breaking the Da Vinci Code.
End of Stargazers Presentation.
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