The 2014 Population and Housing Census of Myanmar
(March 30-April 10, 2014)
Communication Unit,
LWF Myanmar, Yangon
Population Census?
• A snapshot of a country at a particular moment
in time
• Socio-economic and demographic information
• 29th of March 2014
• Pilot census including 12,000 households and
50,000 individuals from 30th March to 10th April
• Ongoing reforms and good governance
• To develop appropriate policies and
programmes for the improvement of living
standards of all people in the country
• 1983
• Almost 30 years
• (10) years
Who will be counted?
• All persons present on the 29th March 2014 in
Myanmar regardless of citizenship or where
they are
• The ones who are died after the census night
• Myanmar citizens who are living abroad
including Myanmar ambassadors
Who will not be counted?
• The baby who is delivered after the census
• Foreign ambassadors and their families who
are working in Myanmar e.g
Census Categories
Regular households
Institution or collective households
Special population groups
In temporary shelter
How will census be done?
• People will be counted where they are at a
particular point in time. “census night”
• Interview takes approximately 25 minutes
• Enumerators will inform to each household in
• The household registration list
The Census Law
• Confidentiality
• Participating in the census is a civic duty
• As a respondent, the Census Law enacted in
July 2013 protects you (vice versa)
What information will the census provide?
Education (literacy rate, education level, etc.)
Health (Mortality & fertility)
Empowerment of women (access to education,
work, social amenities, etc.)
• Housing
Your role
1) Know the correct information about census to convey to
the general public
2) Create general awareness of the census among people
3) Make people understand the census and overcome any
4) Be ready for any questions by general public
5) Serve as good example/role model for the accuracy,
reliability and acceptability of census
Publication of results
• Preliminary results in August 2014
• Main result in first quarter of 2015
• Analytical reports from November, 2015
Census in Numbers
• Budget for the census is approximately USD 60
• 100,000 enumerators, 20,000 supervisors and
5,000 trainers
• Census questionnaire contains around 41
questions (Myanmar and English)
• Pamphlets have been prepared in 17 local
A Nation-wide Census!
Let us all Participate

2014 Census in Myanmar