Presented by
Toni Raptis
November 28, 2006
 Genealogy as Legitimate Research
 Reference Interview
 Document Types
 Components of Genealogy
 Methodology
 Ancestry Chart Standards
 Steve Morse Website
Genealogy as Legitimate Research
More than just a hobby
Mathematical components
Scientific components
Historical components
Reference Interview
Welcome the Patron
Determine Level of Expertise
Ask Critical Questions
Select Resources
Educate the Patron
Types of Documents
 Primary – documents created at or very near
the actual event
 Secondary – documents created after the fact
 Primary/Secondary Documents
 Original Documents
 Derivative – documents extracted from the
Components of Genealogy Research
Vital Records
Passenger Lists
Declaration of Intent
Naturalization Records
Military Records
Cemetery Records
Land Deeds
City Directories
Wills/Probate Records
School Records
Employment Records
Voting Records
Name Changes
Common Question #1
I’m interested in genealogy – but I don’t
know where to begin…
Getting Started Packet
Standards in filling out an ancestry chart
Family Record Sheet
Importance of Documentation
Census Records
Common Question #2
I can’t find my family on the census…
 Ancestry/Heritage Quest Database
 Spelling variations
1850+ - Every name census
 Check print indexes
 State Census Records
Census Records
US Federal & State Census
1890 Police Census
Special Censuses 1850-1880: AIMS
DDD Census – 1880
Canadian & British Census
European Census Records
Common Question #3
I don’t know where my grandparents
were buried…
 Death Certificate
 Obituary
 Ecclesiastical Record
 Municipal Cemeteries
Vital Records
 Birth
 Marriage
 Death
 Adoption
 Divorce
Marriage License
Common Question #4
I want to know when my great-grandparents
immigrated to this country…
 Castle Garden/Ellis Island Website
 Passengers & Immigration Lists Index
 Declaration of Intent/Naturalization Papers
 Census Records – 1920
 Military Records
 Alien Registration/Passports
Passenger Lists
 US/Canada
 Border Crossings
 Print Lists
Common Question #5
My grandfather’s last name was changed at
Ellis Island…
Petition ( 9 June 1864) of Henry, Charles,
Henry, Jr., William and Albert Steinweg,
natives of Germany, naturalized U.S. Citizens,
engaged in making and selling pianofortes
under the name of ‘Steinway and Sons’. Weg
in German means ‘way’ in English. They all
wish to assume legally the name Steinway.
Naturalization Records
 Declarations of Intent
 Females – Pre 1922
 Military Naturalizations
Common Question #6
I don’t know the name of the town where
my grandfather was born…
 Birth Certificates
 Census Records
 Military Records
 Passenger Lists – 1906+
 Naturalization Records
Common Question #7
My mother-in-law’s passenger list says she came
from Austria but her naturalization papers say
she came from Poland…
 Historical Atlases/Gazetteers
Where Once We Walked
Genealogical Gazetteer for the Kingdom of Hungary
Place Names of the World
Placenames of Russia & the Soviet Union
 History books about the area
Common Question #8
I found this document but I don’t know what it
says – I think it’s written in Polish…
 Following The Paper Trail: A Multilingual
Translation Guide
 Language Dictionaries
 Translation Services
 Cyndi’s List – Languages & Translations
 Local Community of Polish People
 Steve Morse Website
Common Question #9
I think my great grandfather served in
the Civil War…
 Request military records
 NARA Website
 Print Sources