Founded in September 2002
First private and non-profit university focused on
medical education, and many other disciplines
Licensed by the Royal Government of Cambodia
under Sub-decree 122 dated 16 December 2002 by
H.E Sam Dech Hun Sen, PM of Cambodia
Collaborated with Ministries of Education, Health,
Environment, Rural Development, Agriculture, and
other concerned government and non-governmental
Top Administrators & Founders
Prof. Uon Sabo
Sabo Ojano, MD, Ph.D
Vice President for Admin.
Seun Sambath, Ph.D
Vice President for Academics
Organizational Structure
Advisory Board
Science Council
Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Director for Academic Affairs
Quality Assurance Office
Lecturer Affairs Office
Student Affairs Office
Admin. & Registration Office
Research & Planning Office
Faculties & Schools
Vice-President for Admin. & Finance
Director for Admin.& Personnel
Admin. Office
Personnel & HR Office
Public Affairs Office
Director for Financial Affairs
Finance Office
Logistics Office
Vice-President for Inter. & Public Liaison
Director for Inter. & Public Liaison
International Affairs
Public Affairs
Academic Structure
Advisory Board
Science Council
Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Department of Academic Affairs
Department of Foundation Studies
Post-Graduate Institute
Faculty of Health Sciences
- Depart. of Secondary Nursing
- Depart. of Midwifery
- Depart. of General Medicine
- Depart. of Pediatrics
- Depart. of Dentistry
- Depart. of Pharmacy
- Depart. of Postgraduate Medical
Faculty of Humanities and Languages
- Depart. of English Literature
- Depart. of Educational Management
- Depart. of English Language Teaching
Faculty of Science and Technology
- Depart. of Architecture
- Depart. of Civil Engineering
- Depart. of Environmental Management
- Depart. of Construction Informatics
Faculty of Agriculture and Rural
- Depart. of Rural Development
- Depart. of Agronomy
- Depart. of Veterinary
Faculty of Law
- Depart. of International Law
- Depart. of Commercial Law
- Depart. of Public Law
- Depart. of Private Law
Faculty of Social Sciences
- Depart. of Sociology
- Depart. of Political Sciences
- Depart. of Journalism & Media Mgt.
- Depart. of Socio-Hygiene & Public Health
Faculty of Business & Economics
- Depart. of Business
- Depart. of Economics
- Depart. of Hotel-Tourism
Administrative Staff: 40
Teaching staff: 191 (not
including part-time staff)
- Professors: 8
- Ph.D.: 30
- Master’s degree or equivalent:
- Bachelor’s degree or
equivalent: 15
Total number of Students: 1237
- Females: 222 (18 %)
- Males: 1015 (82 %)
Undergraduate: 1023 (F: 207;
M: 813)
Graduate: 214 (F: 14; M: 200)
International Affiliations
& partners
Asian Medical Education Association (AMEA)
Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)
(From June 2005)
Involvement in several consortiums in the framework of the Asia-Link
Partnership Activities with:
- Rangsit University, Thailand
- Christian Medical College, Vellore, India
- Leiden University, The Netherlands
- National University of Malaysia
- etc.

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